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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow, well allow me to relieve you of your ignorance... The verse he used as 'proof' is taken out of context. It doesn't apply to marital laws! It specifically applies to those who violate the sanctity of the sacred months! Go check the tafseer if you don't believe me... Also you didn't respond to my other points. You're so stubborn, I bet you're just trying to score points like everyone else.. The Sayed is either lying or ignorant or mistaken ... Your pick..
  2. Ok, so I watched the videos and read the post on that link.. I want to quote a couple of parts of that post and comment on them:- But it's still 'permissible' .. See, The discouraged avenue is still there, in the Koran, for the man to use against me.. So I don't understand why God didn't omit the 'beat' part from the 'get go' if He wanted to actually prevent it from the 'get go'..? Didn't God know that there are plenty of ignorant people out there and that most illiterate Muslims would misconstrue this word for actual beating? The Koran could have elaborated on this dangerous act, but it didn't. Oh ok, so the procedure is specifically for violent men? .. Erm, well that just makes it worse!! Do you think violent men could give two monkeys about what the Koran commands in this circumstance? And even if they did, they'd still see that beating 'is' allowed as a last resort, so they would do it ANYWAY... Because the green light is there!! It's not condemned.. See what I'm talking about.. ?Patriarchy. Wife is totally reliant on the husband. She's either stuck with the man to provide for her, or thrown out on the streets like a destitute. Nowadays, women can work and feed themselves independent of men, so why incorporate 'punishment'? Why even go there? Why even allow it in the first place? What's the point? Husband fears Nushuz = Take preventive steps.. But you can beat her in the end, Wife fears Nushuz = sort it out via discussion. If the husband can hit the wife in the end, wife should have the same right. Obviously she wouldn't be able to have that right in a patriarchal marriage.. But in these times, she Should be able to.. OR The husband should sort it out via discussion, just like the wife would do if she feared Nushuz from her husband. This way it is reciprocated fairly both ways. ........ Let me take this chance to point out how ridiculous and illogical it is when these scholars say its a 'light beating that shouldn't hurt' ... Well it's not really a beating then IS IT? Begging the question, why would the verse use the actual word 'Beat' then ? It's a wrong word to use. Can God make mistakes? Also, what purpose would such a beating serve? Absolutely nothing. It would do one of two things: 1. Aggravate the situation, add salt to the injury. 2. Lead to divorce. So is there an explanation to all of this, or are you going to go back to your typical rants on how 'blind' and 'arrogant' I am.. Whilst completely ignoring the blatant errors and problems? That means 'beating', even lightly, is highly discouraged. But the Koran allowed it for bad men to use, even when it actually serves no purpose.
  3. You should never leave regardless..! I'm really fond of your posts on this forum, dude..
  4. Enough regurgitated rhetoric, tell me the reason for legislating hitting the wife. What's the so-called 'wisdom' in that law, huh? Islam respects women by allowing husbands to slap up their wives? In this case, the West respects women more by making that illegal!'
  5. I think i'm ok with mut'a.. At least the man has no control over me yay! The only thing I detest is that 'rent' concept. Its so stupid lol
  6. The Koran. Everything else you said was irrelevant and vacuous ...
  7. Funny how we Muslims condemn western consumption, but embrace Hollywood movies with such passion and delight..
  8. LOL at your logic.. let me put my response in bold for ALL to read.. IF BEATING WILL END LOVE, RESPECT AND FAIL TO FIX ANYTHING THEN WHY ALLOW IT IN THE FIRST PLACE??? I mean for god's sake, what is the flipping point? It's just like adding salt to the injury! Terrible interpretation , because essentially what you're saying is that God gave Man a CHOICE to be a weak embarrassment and failure by legislating the act in the Koran.. Number of problemz: 1. Here, the Ayatullah is speaking of wife beating, for any reason whatsoever, in a NEGATIVE light. Why would God allow such a negative act against women? 2. I agree with the Ayatullah (although its rather obvious advice, ya know, 'defend yourself') but he doesn't realize that God 'legislates' this in the Quran, and through his advice to us women , he is violating the Koran and infringing the right of the man. Just pointing out the contradiction. 3. According to Islamic tradition, woman are not allowed to even disobey their husbands.. And now we're talking about hitting the husband? Can any sane person here notice the logical power struggle? Patriarchy disallows striking the husband. 4. If women were allowed to defend themselves and hit men back , why didn't the Quran explicitly allow this? Why not give women steps to sort of bad behaved men??
  9. Oh ... Well thank you for correcting me... Are you going to tackle my other reponses too, or did you just respond to this simply to score some points?
  10. Don't even bother watching the movie then..seriously lol Have any of you watched The Dictator yet? I watched it in cinema. A lot of recycled slapstick humour, some outrageous.. But there was a brilliant final speech which had a layered meaning .. I didn't even realize it until I watched it again!!
  11. Believe me, you don't need to have a grip on the celestial realms in order for you to comprehend YOUR world! If something doesn't work, and you can see it, and it's destructive... This gives me the ability to judge the pros and cons of that thing. I don't accept this sort of dumb rationale: 'there is wisdom behind it.. But don't ask me what exactly..' Try that in a real academic debate.. You'd get ripped apart LOL I like to bring the beating issue forth to convince others. In a time where women are now valued and their importance to humanity is seen on a global scale, why should we accept beatings? You know what I find quite eccentric about you conservative people is that if the Koran said 'it is forbidden to hit women' .. You would be condemning anyone who condoned such an act.. Religious laws just makes you blind and impairs the intelligence faculty. Too afraid to go against religion, in case they get burned in hell, even though they strongly know and feel a law like 'beating' isn't right ... Except in extreme circumstances where a steroid built woman attacks ...!
  12. Ugly Jinn How is Hezbullah a terrorist organisation...?
  13. You make it sound nice and fluffy, it does sound plausible, but can you provide an Islamic backbone for your perspective? Also why does the guy 'buy' the girl? Why not join hands in an equal union? Isn't it because it's all linked in with patriarchy? It's not really about taking the opposite gender roles, that's not what I'm demanding at all.. It's the fact that there exists inequalities in various facets of the marriage, the man has an upper hand over everything in the Islamic tradition. I'm demanding equality, that's all. If the woman wants to be a housewife, then that's fine. If she wants to work, that's fine. But I want to make sure her inheritance isn't lessened and that she doesn't have to be forced into bed by her husband and not cursed by a bunch of angels. (if there is no mutual respect and love and passion in the household, it's only then you realize what a nightmare patriarchy really is...!) I'm sure 'Islamic marriages' would be exactly like civil secular marriages if the wife wasn't suffocated under her tyrant of a husband, and if the husband didn't have unilateral power of divorce!... And you're just making a blanket generalisation so... Women are not objects of sale? But it's ok for the man to buy her, right..? So ironic.. Anyway, I don't know why you're babbling on about the hijab? That's a separate topic and nothing to do with what this discussion's about.. And if you cannot understand my argument, maybe you should solve a more simpler puzzle on another thread.. This one seems a bit over your head, with all due respect. You were 'told' this was Islamic without checking the source? Well let me break the ice... You're not going to find such a thing in Islamic tradition... It is cultural..! I have no problem with pampering and the good aspects of culture, but don't take your Islamic ideas from any average dude ! Learn to check your sources... Please..Alot of these 'noble, practising' men and women hardly examine their faith properly , trust me.. Stop with this regurgitated rhetoric, really... Don't you think $hit happens in Islamic marriages?? Must be living on another planet.... Thanks for your one big emotional rant bubble , whilst completely missing the point AT the same time.. If Islam really honoured women properly, as an example..it wouldn't give the husbands the right to hit their wives .. Ah yeah, not to mention female genital mutilation is Islamic narrations.. But that's just an off topic example
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