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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks. Please give me the references if you can. And as for the hadith on neighbours, I've seen sunni moderates using it as a refutation of terrorists and I liked it. I find it succinct and poetic.
  2. Salam, I'm looking for a Shia reference specifically for the following Hadith, but would appreciate full references for any other Hadith that reinforce Islam's anti-extremist stance too. 1-Prohibition of Harming Neighbor: It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him said: "By Allah, he is not a believer! By Allah, he is not a believer! By Allah, he is not a believer.'' It was asked, "Who is that, O Messenger of Allah?'' He said, "One whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil" (Sahih Bikhari: Volume 8,
  3. I think we spoke a week or two ago on facebook, and you pd off one other Iranian off so much with this fantasy talk he went wild at you. I've seen a hundred guys like you bro, I used to be one of you, people from secular families who've never lived in Iran then convert and start thinking they know it all. You have not lived properly in Iran, you are not Iranian, you are a foreigner of Iranian descent, please stop insulting Iranians with this nonsense talk. Stop insulting your parents by denying the very real oppression that they have seen with their own eyes. People like our families are wrong
  4. ^The cruelty and repression of our regime is a delusion is it aziz? I am again gathering I'm speaking to a person who has never lived in Iran. Tell our tens of thousands of murdered political prisoners that their fates were all a delusion. Tell the Sayad that conducted my parents' wedding and was stabbed to death by Khomeinists AFTER going into exile that its all a delusion. Tell my cousin arrested and executed for handing out leaflets in the street that the only thing he suffered was a delusion. Tell my uncle whose tongue was cut out, eyes gouged out and head severed for the crime of telling
  5. Reading all this I am gathering: 1)You are not Iranian 2)You have never lived in Iran 3)You do not speak Farsi and have little recourse to Persian media or other popular views from within Iran am I correct?
  6. why is shiachat trying to be facebook??????

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      Billions of Re$on$ bro, Billions...


  7. its zhikr Allah same way shias do zhikr hussein aka matam have some shame stop making fun of them
  8. sunnis if they were consistent would admit that the Leader of the Ladies of Paradise Fatima Zahra (as) died the death of a jahil for her lack of bayah to Abu Bakr. sunnis why will you not be consistent why always the twisting and turning????
  9. Khalid murders a sahaba its cool, shias curse sahabas its qiyamat. stupid hypocrite
  10. and so is seperation of religion from state...
  11. no, the health of society is more important than outsiders' perceptions of that society. its better to explain hudud punishment simply along the lines of the secular harm principle that nothing should be criminalised unless it harms another.
  12. the secularist counter-argument is that if i, for example, dont want to view pornography, then i dont have to buy it, whether other people are viewing it or not should be of no concern for me. i feel this is very short sighted and oblivious to social realities, if, to give another example, i dont want to build a toxic cancer causing smoke plume, then i dont have to and noone can force me, but if my neighbours build such a plume and ruin my health and that of my children and descendants, then that absolutely is my business and arguments of personal liberty and autonomy cannot defeat my right to
  13. further to my above amazing post, i also think that as the hudud system is meant to protect the moral health of society rather than create that moral health, which is obviously something that it cannot possiby do, it should not be applied, or applied in an appropriately watered down form, in any society that operates at below that moral ideal. islam is not supposed to be oppressive, whereas in todays world most of our so called 'shariah' courts are nothing but oppressive, and by creating hatred for islam in the people create more corruption than they combat.
  14. yes thats the point, people have a right to behave as they wish and you cant force them to be moral, but you can force them to limit their immorality to the private sphere and prevent them corrupting public morals. i personally dont think these punishments should be looked at in terms of spirituality, but rather as utilitarian social protection
  15. On what basis do they think raping women of non-believers is allowed btw???! its what Omar "radianlahu anam" Khatab did in Iran
  16. no there is no major disagreement amongst the majority. the hadith is correct it refers to the altered meaning that people derive from the text, the text itself is protected but people are taking allsorts of false nonsense from it. today some are even claiming that the Qurans author is a thing with arms and legs and a donkey that it rides and a chair that it sits on, when the Quran is being used to support this glorified idolatry then clearly it is not being read as it was revealed
  17. typically beautiful adhab from the one who would have been Prophet after the Prophet had there been another Prophet; speaking in ignorance, making accusations on matters over which he had no knowledge, taking to violence and threats as a first resort, walah if such a person was alive today we'd all call him a thug and despise him and stay away from him but we're supposed to believe he'd have been the next Prophet! which Prophet behaves like this?!!! and i was taught we accept the 7 recitations by a shia mollah :squeez:
  18. i cant wait to go to this amazing conference feesabillah!
  19. no im serious. id also request shiachatters and AAers stop using the word nasabi every 5 posts its completely ridiculous youre making the word lose all meaning, youre slandering many people who are innocent of this accusation, and youre making us look very very bad
  20. btw ur signature is silly , if as you say the imamate is not mentioned in the Quran, either in the positive or the negative, then which of Allah's words are we disobeying on the imamah? although you are a very silly man please do help me explain that bad AA and Shiachatter adhab is hindering our cause! toodles xxx
  21. ^but i DO realise this!! help me spread this truthful message so we stop embaressing ourselves Mr Justice!!!
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