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  1. Homedawg Homey Chilleratzi Homegirl M*************** (*) Means space
  2. All i can say, i HAVE PLAYED TO MANY VIDEO GAMES TO EVEN say anything!!!!
  3. Salaam, I wish to have an online job. Can anybody tell me of a site that employs 13 year olds? FOr writing articles and such??
  4. Salaam, I live about 10 minutes away from the hotel they are holding it in. I encourage all to attend. It is in a fancy hotel, and the speakers and informative and thought provoking. And the food is amazing ^_^
  5. Yes, this is usually successful.Amazon is a company with credibility, and they deal with complaints quickly, and effectively.
  6. Already done 350,000. I'll do another 100,000. Inshallah wassalam
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