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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamu Alaikum Sister,, Congrats on the birth of Imam Ali AS,, and welcome to shiachat :)

  2. now thats the problem, my parents have always told me that i have to get my education, before i think about all that with the marriage and stuff, and in general we just don't discus marriage or anything here at home, i don't have big siblings, so it's kinda new for me and them .. My parents do not know him or his family...
  3. Salam alaykom sisters.. (salam) I am 16 years old ( but very mature) , and i meet a boy who is 18 years old ( Also very mature) .. we started to learn each other to know, as normal friends but later on he told me that he was interested in a serious relationship of course serious in the halal way with future and marriage ... In that time i was not looking for a '' relationship '' to anyone especially because i was only 15 at that time and because I'm not that type of girl who would have these relationships to any one, but he was really different, he is Alhamdulilah a religious boy, who knows his boundaries he respects me, and he wouldn't hurt me in any way, he always stood beside me when i needed it, it's like he's sent to me exactly how i want my future husband should be like - and the most important of all , i can trust him like i trust myself! We don't talk or see each other that often because we want to keep it in a halal way and Alhamdulilah we are. My parents found out about us, and of course they don't think that it it acceptable that i talk to this guy, and i couldn't tell them that this is serious, and that we are not doing anything wrong cause they would not understand that anyway. His parents also knows about us, especially his mother - she don't think its okay but she trusts her son, and she knows that he wouldn't do me anything wrong ... He have a big sister, who is my friend, i went to her wedding and there i meet his mother, she's a really good person and she was very kind and sweet to me i liked her a lot.. him and I had agreed that he will come to my parents and ask for me about approx. 2 years when I'm turning 18 and he will be 20 Insha'Allah... Now my QUESTION is , is it right what we are doing right now with the planning about the future - or is it totally harram and should I just keep away, from all that .. ?????????( i know that its harram that i even talk to him - but its about the future ) i don't know what to do, because i know that talking to him behind my parents back, IS NOT RIGHT at ALL! but i also think that its ok because we are not talking 24/7 , just one time in a month or something just to hear about one other, and how we'r doing.. WS. (wasalam)
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