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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, happy birthday to you. may Allah bless u

  2. (bismillah) (salam) very desapointing... but what to do... i was hoping to see him in USA. but Allah kareem... thank you for your relpy brother. i appreciate it. your sister, Ba7rainiyah
  3. (bismillah) Adham Allah lakom al-Ajr... hom al-sabekoon wa na7noo al-la7ekoon... They say that while they were carrying his jenazeh they were saying: "Ya Allah, Ya Ali....jebna lak Waeli" May Allah have mercy on his soul... and ours. your sister in Islam, Ba7rainiyah
  4. (bismillah) Salam 3aleycum jamee3an, How is everyone doing? I pray Allah that you are all doing well... I was wondering when is going to DC? and when will he be going to NY? because my brother and I, want to go.... so please if anyone has right info (not rumours please let me know everything with details...) i don't want to pay an air ticket and then nothing. Al7amdul'Allah i was blessed with his father's constant presence during my childhood. he affected my life in many ways.... he actually red the athn in my ears when i was first born... al7amdul'Allah rab al-3alameen... Sayed Mahdi truly reflects his father's ambitions and his fathers determination in religion... no surprises... he surely comes from one of the most respected religious families. May Allah bless them All. I think i should trust brother: Abdulhijja on that, since i know for a fact that he is the one most aware of his moves and his speeches. thank you once again and sorry to take your times, your sister in Islam, Ba7rainiyah
  5. (bismillah) (salam) I am sorry but ihave to desagree with you. so now that the gvt. won;t the store have them, don't you think that they could still go to someone who can custumize their clothing!! plus, they should have all styles in the stores... you are married and you are sitting at home with your hubby... what do you wear!?? chador? give me a break! i am alll for chador and everything (i for myself wear 3abaya all the time) yet their should be moderation and freedom of choice. believe not cuz the store won't have those tight jeans that it means that they girls in Tehran will stop wearing them, they will go to another contry, make a business with others and sale them in home and whatever!! its just stupid to impleament a law about what kind of clothing should be sold!! ok salam i know that some of you will attack me by saying: "sayed al-ka2ed said so and so" hehe i will laugh!
  7. (bismillah) (salam) hehe nice cars guys! but these are cars we would get if we could afford it. honest to God, i like my hubby's car... i honestly do. it simple, nice and blue! :wub: and it takes us alll the way to montreal! so i am satisfied with his car! :) yallah salam for now... and btw, bro El-Haje i truly hope that one day you can get your dream car, i know that you will one day, if you work hard for it... you will get it! (dit "je peux" et tu sortira victorieux!) your friend's wife, Ba7rainiyah
  8. (bismillah) (salam) thank you very much brother, this is very interesting... wal salam
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Salam, The things that he saw, were such as Sayedah Zainab's role... it is absolutely true that in his time, the ulema were simply mentioning how she was opressed and how, she was left alone, how her mother died. and so on... same with the life of Fatima Al-Zahra the only thing that the scholars and speeckers mention was always how she had a miscarriage behind the door, how she was in bed for three days, how she was mazloom... never back then did any of these scholars mention how heroic Sayedah Zaynab was... no one mentionened how Fatima Al-Zahra changed the point of views of many "keebar AL-Madina" with hr couragrous and faboulous speech!! He had amazing ideas... I am soon going to graduate in sociology, he is certainly a person i look up too and many times i was sick of Karl Marx and hengel, Durkheim... i simply would go read Dr. Shariati... and was feeling that absolutely i can use anything in the best interest of my religion! many ppl find his ideas "not appropiate" but you have to read his life (which i believe you have, since you have an idea of his historical life" but think like a sociologist and you will see that he was bringing shocking ideas to capt and catch ppl's attention and then do some tawjeeh.... i hope some of you can go read "the Islamic modest dress" an amazing book, written in a very simple way, yet extremely interesting! khair basheh insha;'Allah... khoda hafiz your sister in ISlam, Ba7rainiyah
  10. (bismillah) (salam) well sisters, i guess you have your way of thiking and others have their own... i didn;t say that if you don't wear hijab... that was not the issue!! What i was saying is girls who wear skanki clothing! (plz forgive my language) a guy will not start having thaughts in his head unless the girl gives him the chance to do so.... just like the cases of rape. of course there are cases were the guy is simply disturbed... but in general its the way the woman is. like Imam Ali said: "woman is a scorpion whose grip is sweet" I am a woman, yet i have to say that he is right.... now i have paraphrased what he said... you guys have to also keep in mind that there was a certain contexte. in which he was talking. so this is how i based my judgement. It might have been wrong of me to simply paraphrase what he says... but i was simply pitching my two cents. Karl Marx says: "religion is the opium of society" i say: "ignorance is the opium of society" khair insha'Allah your sister, Ba7rainiyah
  11. 1-Arabic 2-English 3-French 4-Farsi 5-a bit of spanish and Italian (few words here and there cuz they are similar to french)
  12. Salam bro. the link does not work. i was wondering anyone in Ottawa have it??
  13. Salam a long time ago i heard of a book about woman and their rights... can anyone tell me where to find it plz? salam for now. Ba7rainiyah
  14. (bismillah) (salam) Salam 3aleycum to everyone the name of the topic truly catched my eyes. and i will have to add something, according to me the most poisinous poison of all times (according to a well respected speaker, Sayed Jassem Al-Karbala'i) he says that the way a woman dresses up, the way she walks with her tight pants, the way she wear make up with her hijab. the way she flirts with a total starnger in the streets, ruins our societies... i thaught about it for very long and i believe that it is absolutly true... it starts with the girl looking at the guy and next thing you know they have kids and with a messed up life because the man tells her you were cheap and you were that! or that the girls a left with no one to marry them because of their rep. so our men then go and marry kafirs, in their heads the hijabis are not any better. at least these girls don't hide it! khair insha'Allah... your sister, In Islam, Ba7rainiyah
  15. (bismillah) (salam) I was simply wondering, what is the point of view of the shia scholars about "khotba iftekhareeyah"?? that imam Ali says: "ana al-ba7ru ana this.....so on" i heard many shia say that his is shirk and kufur... and that Imam Ali is muntaha il gharoor was takabur!!! yet i do not agree... after he is IMAM ALI! that Rasool Allah was too afraid to say everything about, because ppl will say that he is God. so plz i would like an explaination for a person who has knowledge about this matter. thank you your sister, Ba7rainiyah
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