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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi all I remember when I read 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho as a youngster, and the impact it had on me because of those interesting and insightful notions of destiny and spiritualism that was fresh to me at the time, reading it again now doesn't seem to resonate with me as much, but I wish to read something that will have a lasting impression as that novel did then... Please any suggestions of books that you feel have impacted you, given a spiritual lift or changed / shaped your views on something, I'm open to suggestions Thanks
  2. Thanks! The first poem I actually managed to finish !
  3. Before my bloom, upon all my wonder The sky I did search, divine blue yonder Seasons merged , truth was known the essence of oneness , these eyes shan't own Lush to auburn Auburn to white, A lunar greeting Was again in sight Started, ended and Ended and started want of raising my eyes, To the heavens had parted What use was beyond? when you said you were near A promise so awing, yet This vow so unclear I contemplated those birds, Chittering praise filled words , At the evening dusk, and the early Morn Guidance sang back, 'all created by him, to that I be drawn' To the peaks I called, staunch, upright Only Knowledge of him can give you such might Bold with a faith, solemnly Replied, A certain our fall direct of his light Oh fire of the sky, in your burning submission, Your dutiful dance, Fuelled by love, Your passion , your mission The certainty of your creation! Chant your names, in the essence of Mere existence Mercy! I am the inheritor of Adam , With only these senses , so caped with resistance As What use is for ears, not aware of your sound And my strides that are aimless, on the riddled paths of the ground. this speech of mine; so ineloquent inadequate Then Hear this heart of mine, a sincere advocate Was A whispered prayer On a starry night , Reflecting A Wisdom born from my plight throat so heavy, Heavy like coals, An effect of the connection, to a once angelic soul , It was a mercy gifted, from the divine source, Was my Soul, An inner light so revealing As if Illuminating a bottomless Hole And Again as I searched the sky once more for You, as I did time before, Early in my youth, ...Yes...my senses may, have aged, and scarred, But As I Capture the light , of the distant stars, Now I am reading from a sheet my beloved composed, secrets do sparkle And lie beautifully Exposed For it is now that I understand What is that cannot be understood And for that I shall be grateful As I searched best I could
  4. Yh everything comes from Allah swt But I was talking about the instances when something has been ordained and then changes due to someone's 'evil' actions be it hassad or anything else, and regards duas/ prayers i didnt say Allah can't intervene, and the fact that you have to pray for protection shows that your exposed to bad things happening to you which is of course not always directly from Allah swt as the surahs are actually asking for protection from evil people , jinns etc , when Allah swt gives trials that is recompensed in the hereafter so justice is there, but in the context of living in this world without taking into account hereafter, we are humans with free will therefore endless potentials to do good or bad to one another depending on who we meet where we live , and a million other factors , just the fact that we are in this world of free will occurrences means we have to accept there is chances' of good things/ bad things happening to you even though Allah ultimately allows this to happen as he has divine plan and can also eventually give justice
  5. Luck is just subjective anyway .... Although what was good luck or something positive for someone can be changed by something like hasad which is in a way bad luck because it doesnt come from Allah swt and was per chance that someone inflicted it on you which can change something of yours from good to bad, so I believe in bad luck
  6. thanks read the narrations, it's clear now ....?? agreed, he says one salam not three
  7. In the first video he does all three salams and then looks right and left as salat is over and he can break qibla direction and In the second video straight after tashahud he says his one salam and on the word asalamu alaikum he 'looks' MORE than he turns to the right...so in order to keep his qibla direction as the salat is not finished so I can adopt either procedure thanks btw just as a note of relevant interest I heard sh Bamanpour in a tafseer lec say that it seems more accurate to look without moving the head to your right towards your upper cheek as this is a more likely location of the angels as opposed to the shoulder (I believe it was something along those lines I'm jsut conveying from poor memory ) and also that looking at the right angel only is due to the right angel having the greater authority of both of the angels, as the left angel has to seek permission from the right angel before recording.
  8. Salam Can someone please tell me the correct way of giving salams to the angels after prayers, of course I've seen sunnis look from side to side, I've seen some shia do this too, and someone once told me to look to my right without moving the head, I would like to know what most people do, and exactly what they say please Thanks!
  9. I have come on this site after some time, so all this is a big update from when I last read what was going on in your life, glad your prayers were answered, but it seems your husband is constantly going through phases, he needs to level himself out and become a more reliable person, he needs to findsome sort of purpose apart from his new identity as a muslim, and he needs the blanket taken away ie you to realise it , i reckon you should do him a favour by pushing him out onto his own space to decide how he wants to lead his life off his own back, and after a break, see if your both on the same page, meanwhile possible get a lodger in so you don’t lose your home? He sounds very demotivated there are rarely truly lazy people- just people who have given up/ lost confidence etc, and saying he depends on Allah swt only, is prob his only solace to cloud having to face that hard honest work is what he needs for himself and you, Ive seen this kind of scenario a few times, one of the times the lady stuck It out which paid off , things did work out, but be careful you don’t lose everything you’ve got for a person who is not reliable/ not shown loyalty to you, because with his philosophy of ‘everything will be ok’ n God will sort it, will suit him perfectly if your roughing it or even homeless God forbid, but you’ll be the one regretful perhaps .... it is tricky... prayers with you!
  10. Thanks for your comprehensive reply, firstly I wasn't aware that there was that little mention of hell in the Torah and Bible. What you spoke of about the Rabbi is something that makes sense to me ... That should result in the greatest of pain the inability to receive the mercy of God, I attended an Islamic lecture where the orator sort of touched on that concept and also discussed that perhaps when we enter the new dimension of after life 'bad deeds' are sort of repelled , it causes almost a painful type friction against this new environment. There is a lot of mention of punishment and hell in the Quran (as there is paradise and luxury). So regards the number of times paradise or hell is mentioned, seems to me to show the Qurans prerogative to explicitly remind us about the reppurcusions of what our actions will bear, thus the frequent mention you cant miss the message, regards the actual threats and promises being outlined, well i still think there is room for a non literalist view or at least a middle stance, when you say its not in Gods nature to communicate in this direct way, I think it's perfect sense to, if the messaage has to be understood by all, well it may as well start at the basics... Everyone of all backgrounds and intellect can at least gather a simple conclusion from imagery association of hell, punishments and heaven , to motivate them at a very basic level to do good and avoid bad, I still want to believe these are metaphors for man to affiliate with only, and what is in the hereafter , good or bad is out of our comprehension , rather the feelings of fear , retribution and despair we have when we hear some of those punishments is what we should perhaps grasp onto instead of the actual punishment itself?.. we will after all have a different body with completely different senses ... The first time I started to think of hell in a different way was when I read the alchemy of happiness by Al- Ghazali which touched slightly on this in the chapter 'knowledge Of the next world' Oh and regards metaphors and where to start and stop , I think we should look at the implications of taking something as literal or metaphorical as opposed to just shy away from it to be on the safe side , for example, if I read the Quran and see that God is referred to as a 'he' and he sits on a throne if I take it literally it degrades my understanding of the absoluteness of God a metaphorical understanding however allows me to understand that he has a , high station and the throne is representative of something and that's what I should take from it, on this topic however , wether I take the hell descriptions literally , i.e that I may be engulfed with flames and made to drink boiling water if I enter hell ( God forbid ) or instead if I grasp the notion of extreme awful conditions and repercussions for bad deeds in hell but not as exactly as described, still holds the same message as the former understanding ie refrain from bad , I think finding somewhere in the middle of literal and metaphor can give a clear understanding when it comes to descriptions in Quran I look forward to reading your other threads
  11. I wouldn't go as far to say joint family is less Islamic than the nuclear , but it is a fair point to raise, there is the mentality in certain cultures that a decent , respectable daughter in law , is one who will adopt the family of the man she marries and the only way to do that in their eyes is of course to live as a joint family , in fact some of these people would be offended at the mere thought of a woman questioning whether she will have to live with the in-laws or not ,its just the done thing, the bench mark is already set to a standard that it shouldn't be , and then this can result in nasty power struggles. There are I would say , a fair amount of men that insist on living as a joint family even if they are financially sound with the sprightliest of parents , solely because they believe it shows more loyalty to those that raised them and would be disrespectful to their parents if they were to move out, this thinking leads to unhealthy expectations ( I personally think) , and that is where the problem is , something that is perfectly fine to do is a taboo for certain communities when it shouldn't be.
  12. I'm sure there has to be a greater meaning than just pain of burning right ?
  13. I'm trying to gather some information on hell-fire, I'd like to know of any non-literalist views on what the fire may be/ representing. Any info, personal view or from a particular source would be great Thanks
  14. This is something that confuses me , I just want to know to what extent is it necessary to understand the Quran to be a protected book (from any corruption), as from what you've pointed out obviously not protected in terms of order or human grammatical errors anything else? Are there any views of ayats that may be in the wrong surah? And are there any narrations that mention that Ahlul Bayt felt this quran different to Imam Ali as would suffice?
  15. Salams Well like you say the literary aspect, ie the divine wording and revelation, and how scholars of literature are drawn to its eloquence and rhetoric, it is also difficult to recreate anything like it (and that prophet saw was unschooled removes doubt it was from him), it has consistency and is devoid of contradiction. It talks of past, present and future events. It talks about, ethics, society, humanity, relations, history, science, politics and more the mere content of it makes it outstanding Like you said the Qurans permanency ie its everlasting nature is what is very special , I believe all these are all strong and rational reasons to give quran the importance we do based on its own merit, unlike the other examples of david blaine etc , which is different, in those examples you are being drawn to something because of its unexplainable or supernatural nature, Ay Mutahhari talks about this sort of thinking (not directly about how we view quran), but in summary not to associate divinity with what we don’t understand or what we view as the extraordinary, same with quran try to see it for what it really is and how practically its verses evolved a society from ignorance to progression, changed people’s minds, behaviour and the social norms. not to go off the point, but In my opinion when it comes down to it, the qurans value is not in its eloquence, or alignment with modern day science, but rather its ability to progress us and guide/ remind us , its a set of signs, and these signs will be as limited as the readers capability of understanding them , if you just want to see science you will see signs of science, a set of rules then the rules ,history… then the you’ll take that perspective , hellfire and punishments then that , but when you sincerely want to seek truth and guidance from it then….thats when the quran will also show those signs iA... specifically for you even, the language may have moved the people in that time and location but then maybe that’s not the connection for us now , I suppose we all have to find our own personal connection…the quran doesn’t refer to itself as a miracle, although the Quran does challenge mankind and jinn to unite to try to even write a chapter , this inimitability is for our confidence
  16. oh right like a change of scenery makes them more positive thinking...hmm
  17. I was recently speaking to a friend, she mentioned something to me that I had never heard about before, that crossing over a stretch of water, which I assume to mean travelling overseas can change ones luck, she says that she heard this from a local sheikh , is this something commonly known or accepted? Would appreciate any sources of where this notion has stemmed from
  18. my heart goes out to you, it seems like a very difficult time and situation for you, and it’s obvious you are unhappy at the moment, and when you're in that state of mind it’s difficult to follow all the advice we know is right, ie exert patience or don't think about it etc and I’m sure that you try these things already. Regards what sister said before, or as my mother says " a watched pot never boils" :no: I strongly believe this is true, when you yearn too much for something it tends to run away, and probably for your own good, and maybe this is your test of patience, or getting something now might not be the best time for you, as you could be quite vulnerable...or many other reasons, Allah swt knows best about this, but that’s the important thing understanding that there is some wisdom behind why certain things are happening to you, never just think it is because it is. Now it’s important how you deal with this, and in light of your question, the first problem is assuming marriage will be your way out, it’s very risky and a slippery slope because every day that goes by, will make you that little bit more despondent, and this can make life very unbearable and even strain your relationship with Allah swt because you’re feeling let down so often. The only advice I can give you is reminding yourself every day that even if all your family and every single neighbour forgets about you, when Allah swt wills someone or something to come into your life and alleviate your problems it will happen! In the meantime be pro-active and keep reciting the recommended duas and surahs which are specifically meant to help with the problems like these, focus on other goals if you can, lastly try to discipline yourself on giving in to your emotions and desires/ obsessive yearning or telling yourself what YOU think you need, because most likely it isn’t, Inshallah these tough times in life can help build your character and elevate your spirituality and God willing plenty of good times to come Lastly keep positive these lectures may give some practical advice on this http://www.al-masumeen.com/lectures/khalil-jaffer/the-end-of-negative-suffering-series-1 In my duas In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful [94:1] Have We not expanded for you your breast, [94:2] And taken off from you your burden, [94:3] Which pressed heavily upon your back, [94:4] And exalted for you your esteem? [94:5] Surely with difficulty is ease. [94:6] With difficulty is surely ease. [94:7] So when you are free, nominate. [94:8] And make your Lord your exclusive object.
  19. It's a great step....even though the mentality of these parents is the root problem, although at least now they are aware of some legal repercussions, and something that hopefuly children can in some cases use to contest or threaten their parents with if given a chance....
  20. btw isn't your status written by a sufi saint lol
  21. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I always understood irfaan as a term of greater knowing or as a development in ones devotion to Allah swt. If one conquered the layer of shariyah, devoted themselves in fasting and supressing the ego, devoted themselves in the prescribed practises of what our Imams have taught us with sincerity, then this unveiling, irfaan occurs as an effect of such practise which is why you can not skip to it or even want it. So its something I think we should at least be inspired by no?
  22. I'm trying to compile a list of Marjas who have published or have an accessible set of Islamic laws Anybody have links or titles of the less popular resalahs
  23. I still feel in the dark regards Islamic perspective on creation / genesis and what the 6 stages of creation mean, Adam and Eve and then putting it all in context Fascinating post would like to know more on this topic
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