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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. can someone explain what rashida is and what it implies for a woman?
  2. Finally an advanced member yay! ;) Here's the reply, excuse my poor English :blush:
  3. hey hey hey lets not dig ourselves a giant loophole :rolleyes: knowing the history of the goods would make you a supporter/ demander in the supplying of fraudulent/ stolen goods, so no I would not purchase from him as it would be at the very least dishonest on a personal level whether or not there are other factors involved regards the card scheme to boycott, well that seems to me like doing something dishonest for an honest cause, I would take note from what Imam Jaffer e sadiq A. says about justifying evil acts when a man steals from a baker to give to the poor I understand in your example the baker is actually an unjust government, but the principle still stands... the link for anyone who hasn't heard it http://masum.wordpre...ying-evil-acts/
  4. his voice compliments the meaning of this sura(mulk) beautifully, you can tell the reciter gets quite overwhelmed during the recitation
  5. Don't know any ruling regards this sorry, but Id break it down into these questions. Can Shias do mass dhikr? If so Is unison and rhythm in dhikr wrong? If not Is there a chance of the elevation felt from the movement / rhythm possibly compromising the sincerity of the dhikr itself, I think it would be too hard to make a judgement on that so personally speaking id avoid it, although congregational dhikr is a great experience but unless you have a lot of proven self control, strong iman and sincerity, it can sometimes end up being a rather self indulgent practise as opposed to a spiritually heightening worship
  6. Nicely put I will definitely be using that river analogy next time sect talk gets bought up I'm sure I won't have to wait long ...
  7. Had the same questions a while back, now more interested in the mechanism of how reciting part of the Quran eg surah fatiha can help so many deceased in one recitation , pretty amazing Allah swt has given us an ability to change the states of others especially in a different realm to us, anyway I found this PDF a while ago which has some narrations on the topic and a short read on the methods http://www.dawateislami.org/library/download/pdf/2006/lit-268-1.pdf
  8. It was said Your body is akin to a rider, sat upon your soul that is a horse So travel beyond, without want for a reign for the spiritual heart knows best its course Ride far and ride free with ambition Taking breaks for only a short while This creature that you view a 'mule', May ascend beyond space and time Quench the thirst of the rider Quench the thirst of the beast The rider be quenched with water The ridden be quenched by 'peace' When like a stallion, he shall guide you, In seeking joys, hopes, and dreams desired indulge excess in vain endeavours a donkey he'll transform, oppressed bruised burdened, and tired So ride far and free as staunch friends, Keep through the sun and the thunder Until he chews on the lush green pasture Where you're residing three yards under
  9. I was going to post the email today but for some reason my account does not allow me to attach files, perhaps because I'm a basic member ...sorry , I'll see if things change when I become advanced, better start posting more often :shifty:
  10. very nice, feeling comes through...
  11. Thanks mod Naz for the clear visual but thankfully I'm not that foggy yet lol, I don't have this option, is it becase I'm a basic member? Do you click something before you see it?
  12. Ive never attached or posted an image on this forum before, I've tried every option and cant see any attachment button, I hope it's not me being dim, but can someone tell me where it may be please
  13. Perhaps you can give a clearer example of how you have noticed this. I think people have respect for the fact that this was the particular area where our loved prophets, imams or saints once lived or are now buried, it's a sentimental thing which certainly doesn't validate the countries political agendas or lack of ethics. We constantly criticise countries like Saudi in-spite of it housing the Kaaba and Iran being a shia country receives its fair share of criticism even from Shias. However I have noticed when some people meet individuals from countries of historical religious significance, they seem to offer an instant respect to that person solely for having roots to 'holy land' I find that strange
  14. I shall sort through my emails and post the response + qs here for clarification !
  15. Khoja sharbat and khoja tea are two things close to my heart, and my brother and I have spent way to much time trying to replicate these at home , I went to the lengths to ask many khojas, someone once even told me custard powder was the special ingredient like a fool I drunk a cup of lumpy chai ... But yh I'd say this gave us the closest taste, let's say your making a big mug then you'd have 3/4 water and 1/8 evaporated milk, 1/8 milk, heat that first with 1-2 cardamons and a Clove or two , add your leaves or tea bag in to the strength you like it, I'd add it half way through milk/water mixture pre boil , tea leaves will give a better taste, if you like really strong tea boil water spices and tea first then add milk and evaporated milk , I prefer first way , it really is a comforting tea and can make English tea taste like dish water once your hooked
  16. My green chiffon square piece :) I really have over worn it :o
  17. Ok so focus on the fundamental qualities of a person rather than how they make you feel Thanks Ahh Thanks :) and for the advice, would be nice to be able to do some of those activities, although a lot of guys would be mortified to do within my community lol usually it's coffee at most when things get more serious dinner basically advancement of relationship seems to correlate directly to meal size, so if you go to dinner with someone you better be ready to say I do lol
  18. Haha I would if I could honest! well spark to me is that feeling of being intrigued and engaged by someone , and very much looking forward to seeing them again, as opposed to feeling slightly indifferent, my friends say a spark can come later but that sounds risky and my married friends seem to say if a few boxes are ticked (usually being religious and can look after you financially ) then ta da that's mr right , however I can't convince myself , so I'm starting to wonder if spending longer to get to know a potentially good guy who you have no spark with can after getting to know them for x amount of time can change things , and I suppose whether I should feel guilty if this thinking is out of the fold of Islamic etiquette.
  19. Thanks for sharing , so basically you had a hunch from the start , and then everything flowed , how many meetings did it take you if you don't mind? Btw what is 'sp' Ah happy to hear a positive story like yours! Sometimes things feel smooth and everything is fine but there is no spark to push the rest forward , so at times just waiting for that , but it seems you knew when you first met your husband !
  20. Salams firstly sorry if this has been asked before, but I'd like to know how long it took people when searching for a spouse before they decided. Half the people I know seemed to decide after a few meetings and phone calls, in a reserved way, and the others sort of dated and talked a lot , I understand the Islamic limitations , but practically I'm struggling to feel like I know someone well enough to commit in the usual orthodox methods , so I'd like to know some of your experiences if you could share them, and methods of actually getting to know a potential Thanks
  21. This index finger business really baffled me due to the logic behind it + a relative constantly chastising me on wearing a ring on my index finger pushed me to email sistanis office a couple of years ago, response being that ' there was no problem in this
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