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  1. Salams A while back I was told a quote of rusoolullah saw, it was along the lines of (forgive me if I skew it) the prophet saw saying he has come to awaken our inner prophet? Has anybody else heard of this quote, I'd be interested in knowing the full quote please Thanks
  2. Salams Does anybody recognise the reciter of the dua, I've attached it as an mp3 Thanks :) ashar04.mp3
  3. yeah and I agree it was my initial reaction, but sometimes you make leneancies for the bigger picture, i think for the future i'd stick to the traditional ways of approaching these things
  4. well being wrong or wondering if certain elements of faith would fall under doubt, doubt is necessary for building strong faith...struggling towards certainty is what develops one as a person, and is what I believe Allah swt wishes for us to endure to claim great heights, without doubt there would be blind claims of absolute truth, this type of arrogant certainty can in cases lead to self righteousness, arrogance and dogmatism, it doesn't mean one should be cynical towards everything it just means not quashing the questions that come to mind when exploring religion,
  5. I think hes more annoyed or perhaps his mother is annoyed at how the proxy was treated, since my mum wasn't so obliging and welcoming towards her (none the less polite), as she really wasn't sure who she was , and since the lady didn't really assure her of who she was or introduce herself properly or say anything to make the situation seem legitimate,
  6. thanks for the feedback, he insisted that what he did was the norm for many Muslim communities, so I thought why not ask shia chat members and it seems it isn't, I mean I wouldn't have minded the proxy if we had known she was coming, oh well its a shame really, I didn't really expect this sort of behaviour, but better now than later
  7. Salams, I haven't posted in a while but thought this would be a good place to get the brutal truth or some closure To keep it brief, I had been conversing for marriage , since we are In different countries the process of knowing each other has been slightly long and tedious however we both made sound attempts to make the most of the situation , a few months on he wanted to meet and expressed it frequently, since his work had an issue he wasn't able to make it over to london, where he insisted I travelled to canada, I have been hesitant about this, since for me it's just not the usual protocol , none the less I didn't want to be egotistical if this was a genuine barrier, so I started coming around to the idea and if things carried on positively, I and family member would go, he provided his address and I mine as it seemed he was hinting he wanted to send something on a few occasions, and by now I had known him well, then the other day my mother rang me at work explaining a woman had turned up at our address , this woman didn't introduce herself properly say Salam or say who she was clearly , she said hello I want to speak to 'me' and she mentioned something briefly about canada but didn't mention the proper family name of who I was speaking to, since I had only provided an address the day before my mother wasn't aware, and is always on the side of caution, and because the lady had asked directly for me and not been clear in who she was it seems my mum was aloof with her and explained I was at work, where the lady went away, and that's it ... He told me in the evening his mother sent a 'proxy' I had to google it at the time and due to this misunderstanding he felt we should delay meeting , it all baffled me as this sort thing never happened to me , people usually make a time , he insists that this is the norm and that we turned the lady away knowingly , Im just stunned by the flip of events , was this really the norm ? Did we do a faux pas ?
  8. Yes yes agreed.. it is not the same. He is questioning a God existing, even though deep down he admitted to not feeling certain about it, he's swaying two ways you see which is why he is frustrated and 'losing sleep', which is what prompted me to post the question. By next year he will probably have decided, subscribed and be sleeping again ... I hope with a pocket Quran under his pillow ..ha.. We have known each over for long enough that he can tell me to shut up anytime lol besides he does not have to, since Im aware of the etiquette of conversing with someone who follows something different to myself, without being whiny, finger wagging and 'insistent', my post is to get some practical advice that could help someone who openly admitted to needing help, since he is the one constantly opening up the discussion I feel obliged to retort with something constructive and at least one more time before 'I' tell him to keep his thoughts to himself and 'leave me alone' on the topic and confide in someone else. From my point of view there are plenty of 'believers' in the world and frankly it's not my idea of a fun time arguing or convincing someone just to increase that statistic by one, like I say hes intelligent and mature, but since we have mutual respect for one another beyond religion I do feel obliged to persuade him to some degree just for the fact that I am one of a few Muslims in his life who he is open with and so have that chance to make some sort of impact or influence, only because its the right thing to do in my opinion.
  9. Thanks Well he makes suggestions on the divinity of the Quran, miracles, the need for a God, possibility of a hereafter, story of creation and existence ... To name a few
  10. Salams. I am acquainted with a person who is struggling with religion (he comes from a shia background). He tries to intellectualise everything, and he seems to be becoming more and more sceptical angry and abrasive in his comments on religion, which resulted in a feud between us, which he later confided that he has tried to submit to Allah swt and wants to believe, but he finds it hard to reconcile his scientific sceptical head with his inner need for spirituality, there is no use debating him, he's well versed in islam, quran and history/ has a know it all attitude which makes it hard to converse with him, he also has a counter argument for everything, however he still admits he cannot be sure that his views are correct and in his heart hed rather be a believer. what would you suggest for someone who says they want to believe, but need a sign or help in sparking faith, any particular acts of worship ? Prayers? Dhikr ? I know its his choice and his life but I feel I should offer some last advice, would appreciate some suggestions.
  11. That is great information you came up with! I had no idea about who the artist could be let alone the name! Thanks!
  12. Salams I was given this piece, nobody can work out what it says! can any of you guys work it out?
  13. Sure folding the mat and putting it away when you're finished that's different , but I'm talking about the instance when you've left your mat for some time, some people will flip the top right corner over rather than leave the mat flat out
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