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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. let this be the thread for it than; you and everyone else should write some haikus and post it here
  2. River! Speak to me? Have we met before this day ? I think I know you River! Answer me! What is it you want to say? Speak one word or two River! are you dead? Your water is looking grey no words and no view you refuse to speak your standing still why bother, stand like a statue I know who you are but I want you to tell me Say, What did you do utter a drop here or blow up in any way lets all hear the truth Splash your deep secrets wave them out o
  3. Salam to all, I am making a youtube series called Reflections on Karbala, It is in english and am looking for more diverse content. I would appreciate any recommendations. The goal is to have very short clips that provoke a thought in the actual events of Ashura giving a more conscious perspective. Below are some links i have worked on from my lectures this year
  4. Salam, Your Question much like other questions are abundant with the general Muslim population. We always ask WHY when it comes to jurisprudential matters. These questions to begin with are never answered. Even when there are explanations provided they never suffice. The reason Why Ghusl Janaba is wajib is because there is evedince to suggest that it is wajib. no less and no more. You remind me of a person that used to say that Pork is Haram because it is extremely unhealthy for you. the fact that it is unhealthy could be a true statement but thats not why its haram. I
  5. I saw a video that was beyond disturbing. It was in Syria where they slaughtered a man after he proclaimed Islam. It makes you really think about this religion that they follow. How did people become so cruel. It's definitely not the religion. Islam has been around the Middle East for so long and none of these things occurred. People never acted that way. I do agree that these people slaughtering others and blowing them selves up truly do believe that they are on the right path. But somewhere in recent history something happened to raise generation to this cruel school of no thought.
  6. I found this really cool website that has people to recite Surah YaSeen for your past loved one for free. Check it out http://www.makeupsalat.com/home/product/recitiation-of-whole-quran/
  7. I found this Article on www.makeupsalat.com thought that it would be interesting to share The Quran says: حافظوا عل الصلوات والصلاة الوسطى Maintain with care the Obligatory prayers and in particular the middle prayer and stand before Allah Devoutly obedient. (Quran 2:238) If some one were to just google “the middle prayers,” it becomes easily noticeable that all the sites are persistent in saying that the middle prayer is Asr prayer. Nonetheless, the amount of traditions that say that the middle prayer is Asr are numerous. However, we see that in the book wasail al Shia, al Hurr al A
  8. ^^ well now that Obama won the election this poem has to be dedicated to SARAH PALIN (la)
  9. ~Yummy Justice~ She can go to hell for all I care Dwelling the flames that craft her ashes I might pass to smell the smoking air Or step on the now known vestiges Her history is all that I will bear With her sorrow and aching lashes They’re pages, impossible to tear Written for the past as time passes She scarred my blood and veins to despair While the skin of hope engulfed rashes Asking a heart that will never dare Explode anger and shatter glasses And if justice will always prevail Then let’s chase the law as it marches Before a judge, raise hands and swear To tell truth even if it slashes
  10. The Hit of Dawn’s Break The night mourned to the sun before it came And she spoke to the dawn pleading fiercely My eyes are drenched to see from your pain Don’t let me see another tragedy I saw the seal of the message depart While grief on his leave became forbidden When Fatima mourned with her shattered Heart She was murdered on the light of that sin Please, Oh Break of Dawn, I am begging you Do not let your sun steal my light away You’re trying to shed on another view Please let the happening be on your day Oh Sun; if the pillar of my light goes Then let my moon die, and rest
  11. go2najaf

    Is Our Imam

    Is Our Imam Ali’s the mime, the symbol, the idol of faith Ali is time, Ali is life, Ali’s the Age Ali is love, Ali’s above, every Stage And Ali Is our Imam Ali is destiny and Ali is fate Ali is exactly what Mohammad states I’m the city of knowledge and Ali’s its gate And Ali Is our Imam Ali’s the words of Allah, Ali’s the Pen Ali’s the book, the Tablet, thus Ali’s like none Ali’s Tawheed, Ali’s Ali, Ali is one And Ali Is our Imam Ali’s the Sky, Ali’s the Seventh Heaven Ali’s the great news every one will question Ali’s the one who will grant us intercession And Ali Is our Imam Ali is the swor
  12. Pumping My Revenge Don’t get any closer No! Do not touch my heart It’s still fragile from what you did to it I am still gathering The pieces that you broke And now you’re approaching me to mold it NO! Lo! Woe be on you This is not the bond I’d like to tie again I’ve loosened your love for you to sit You can leave or watch me I don’t care what you see As long as you can handle the hardest hits I just want my heart to live with me And let it be what it wants to be I’m Sorry! A place for you does not fit It can’t handle pumping your name and it cant cry or blame Can you tell me on
  13. It has been in consensus among the Shiite scholars that there are two types of people; the leaders and the followers. There has been some controversy in the subject of precaution, however, but precaution is a type of following on the safe side. Every Muslim then falls under these two categories. Now the question lies in two categories. The first deals with the authority of the scholar and his basis of certainty and the other lies with the authority of the follower and his or her basis of doubt. Muslims are entitled to follow an authority regardless of status. However, the authority is base
  14. And of what has been believed from the Shiite view on authority needs a revision on what occurred from the receiving end of the believers. For the difference between the clergies and those who held authority cannot be distinguished from actions or even in theories of practicality. This became a cause of dropping the rational as an authority when it always was and still is the eyes of the most knowledge the only source and holds the highest status in Islamic hierarchy. For when He says “So that you may comprehend,” He sets a goal and a mission that interpret “the best of deeds.” Verdicts pass
  15. go2najaf


    Sorry You left hope in me when you meant rejection, Though I stood back and hid my attention I let my tongue freeze while it wanted to mention The tears that walked along my affection When I clutch my heart in retention And let my mind mirror its direction Meeting the shore of comprehension In the wavy ocean of compassion My words will than be sourced with oppression I can’t say more or elucidate my emotion For love has confused me with its commotion Letting its noise be the shield of my protection And what you told me took its own interpretation So I understood everything but the word of reje
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