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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello, You know how we say " ya lateef irham abdak altha'eef" in the last sajda of prayer. I was wondering can you say something else like for example a dua, asking Allah to make you succeed in life. Do we have to ask for rahma or can it be anything. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I would like to ask if Khums is Wajib on me. I'm a 16 year old boy, dont get a salary and i dont get any business profits. But i do get Eidia and an occasional allowance from my parents. So do i have to pay Khums on anything extra i have at the end of the year. Also, Does anyone know how to calculate the Khums of a man with a salary.
  3. Thank you all, especially Karbla2eeAlhwa Knowing i didnt just eat pig gelatin , really makes me sleep sounder tonight.
  4. Thank you guys for all the information, I did some research and found conflicting views on whther or not Orion Choco Pie has Gelatin or not. Some say yes it has Beef Gelatin but then i found a picture with its ingredients, and thankfully Gelatin isnt listed. So there is still hope that it might not have Gelatin, FYI: There is a chance this list is'nt for Orion Choco Pie. So dont hold me on this.
  5. Guys, I just found out Orion Choco Pie's which are Korean made have Gelatin in them. Whats their ruling, are they halal? ( Preferably a ruling from Imam Khamenie) Thank you EDIT: I just found out Gelatin imported from a Non-Muslim country is'nt Halal to eat. My new question is, say someone ate it by accident, what does he do now. Does he have to throw it up or something.
  6. Ok, say i have 2 preform qada prayers for 2 years of missed or wrong prayers. However, i didnt miss the whooe year, and i dont think the whole year's worth ofp rayers were wrong. I just know that there were many prayers which werent "good" over 2 years. Basic question how does one preform Qada prayer? Ie. time. niya, can we preform qada of morning prayer at meghrib time for example. Do we have to know which day we missed thep rayer on. 2nd what should one do in the above situation, when he knows he has messed some prayers up but cant pinpoint the exact time.
  7. Thats one way of looking at it. I thought that way too. Here in Kuwait we have Mcdonald's, Burger King, KFC , I used to eat all that stuff because it was labeled halal. Later on, i met a man who had amazing character and morals, Iman was glowing in his face. I spent alot of time with him over the summer, and once we got into a conversation in the car about food. And i found out he doesnt eat from those fast food resteraunts, and that he never ate a single Mcdonald's, Buger king, etc. meal in his life. I was amazed. I heard some people were avvoiding those because they support israel etc. But i still wanted to know more, what stopped this man from putting a single fast food meal in his body, me and my brothers constantly ate fast food as kids. I sked him about it he told me, " I'm not sure that this food is halal, So why would i put food which i am unsure of it's "purity" in my body" . he continued , " I am not starving, there is plenty of safe Halal food around, im not gonna die if i dont eat it," he goes on , " Furthermore, the food that i eat will effect my later life, when i have kids etc. I am also a man who has Amaal to do such as praying and fasting and reading Dua. If i put food which i am unsure of its "purity" in my body that may cause a problem" As you know, there is a hadeeth which states that he who eats Unlawful or Haram food, 40 days of prayer will not be accepted from him. So he told me, why should i do that to myself, why should i put myself in that situation. I'm now "following" his example. And inshallah no more "questionable" food will enter my body.
  8. As far as I know, bleeding does'nt negate fasting. Even if you swallowed something unintentionally it does not break the fast.
  9. Should one take permission from his parents before giving non-obligatory charity. Also, should one take the permission of his parents before he gives charity on their behalf. Thank you, that will be all :P
  10. Looks great, we make them too, but we dont add milk. Do you think it makes a difference ? How much milk do you add ?
  11. All i can think of is pray, especially the Night Prayer. And read Dua Makarem Al-Akhlaq, Im sure you can google it.
  12. I dont know about breaking the fast, but i have heard 2 opinions about incorrect pronunciation of the Holy Quran. First, i heard if you make a mistake God gives you double the Thawwab. Second, It is better to not read the Quran then to make am istake. Which one do the Ahlulbayt approve of ?
  13. What Dua's , Prayer's, Act's do we do ? Greatly appreciate any help quick , as today is the night of the 19th.
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