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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Hello brothers.
    Yesterday at night I was thinking about the part verse in surat al fatiha, "ghayr el maghdoobi 'alayhim", and was thinking how can Allah curse someone, and say there is a seal on their heart when they should have freewill. I understand I might not know exactly what this verse is talking about, who it's refering to, but this isn't the reason that I couldn't believe that Allah existed. I remembered in dua kumayl how it said something like, "And how can it's flames burn me when I call your name", and the dua emphasises Allah's mercy. We start every surah(except 9) with Bismillah Al Rahman, Al Raheem. He is Al Raheem. He says so many times he will forgive anything except shirk, that his mercy is unbounded. So tell me brothers, did I choose to be born? Did I make the choice to be born? No, I did not brothers, Allah made it for me. And what has Allah done by doing this? He has made me come into this material world, full of temptaions, and he has given me this brain, this intelligence. And if I say for some reason am not convinced by his message, I would deserve the worst burning ever? The most merciful, the most merciful is going to burn his poor servant that HE brought into this life, that HE gave him the intelligence he has, and then burn him? What did I ever do brothers, for Allah to burn me? What great wrong did I do for him to put me in this world and burn me??? By Allah, if he exists, I spent 3 hours crying after I finished praying, asking for an answer, and saying "What did I ever do?", "How can you burn me for me ignorance, for my idiocy when you are the most merciful?". I am afraid brothers I am not going to get any answer. But if you have you, you would have done great good. :'( Thank you brothers.
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