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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You can change the way you think and your environment, so on. You can still not steal if you're poor, you can still not be proud if you're famous, you can still not do drugs when they're all around you, etc. I never said it couldn't be changed. Even if we all managed to get to heaven, does that mean it was a fair test brother? The point I'm trying to make here is it could be much much much harder for someone else to come to the right path than someone else. If you're born into a Christian family, you're more likely to stay Christian your entire life. But if you were born into a Muslim family,
  2. Well they are not equal in every way then. Their brains are different or something is different. They choose because maybe one had gotten a better offer from another club, maybe one has family problems, etc. There is something different. If they were the exact same they would both say yes. That is rather irrelevant. They are still the cause of their actions, whether they can be changed or not. I never said environments couldn't be changed, it's obvious that they can. That does not matter. These people are different from us, are they not? If we were all the same we would choose the same, I do
  3. Honestly, what are you saying here? How is that in anyway an argument? You just denied it by saying no, and similarly the one after you, who also claims I don't want to take responsibility. That is not the case, and it actually doesn't matter if it is or not. Whether I want to take responsibility or not doesn't change anything about what I said. What was your argument against the point that if we all had equal freewill and intelligence, and the same environment, we'd choose heaven or hell? Why do some people not choose heaven? Why won't you answer this question? They have obviously a different
  4. Most of you restated what I said in a way. I told you in my post that if you say, but Allah considers this poor mans situation, or this rich mans situation, then no one will be punished, because it is only due to their environment and the way your brain develops. Here is another example. Say Allah created everyone with the same brain, the exact same brain, and they were put into their very own, but exact same environment. They will all either come out good, or bad. But what if they don't all come out good or bad, what if some are good, and some are bad? What does this mean? It means that Allah
  5. Again, thank you for your replies. Here is an example to explain exactly what I'm talking about. Take a certain person. He is born into a poor, unhealthy, uneducated, and undernourished family. He has no food. He is forced to steal, even though he knows it is against Allah. His environment has caused his actions. Now take that very same person, but he was born into a rich family, with all the food he ever needs, all the money and education he can get, and he doesn't steal, but rather is a good Muslim, a very good one, who gives to charity, etc. What is my point here? My point is that very same
  6. Thank you brothers for your replies. You know I went to a Sunni forum when I had gotten no response from this forum, and I was called "troll", and arguing for the sake of arguing. I'm happy to see that this forum has some respect and tries use logic. I see what a few of the people here are trying to say, that it's only people who actually believe in Allah, but won't admit it that will go to hell. But really my point is, is it not Allah's fault that they won't admit it? What if this same person was born somewhere in Africa, where he had no money, and almost nothing, and didn't develop this prid
  7. Hello brothers. Yesterday at night I was thinking about the part verse in surat al fatiha, "ghayr el maghdoobi 'alayhim", and was thinking how can Allah curse someone, and say there is a seal on their heart when they should have freewill. I understand I might not know exactly what this verse is talking about, who it's refering to, but this isn't the reason that I couldn't believe that Allah existed. I remembered in dua kumayl how it said something like, "And how can it's flames burn me when I call your name", and the dua emphasises Allah's mercy. We start every surah(except 9) with Bismillah A
  8. Salam, There is nothing in Islams that makes me have doubt in it, other than this very topic. If there was ever a reason I were to become an Atheist, this would probably be the most likely one. How can Islam permit slavery? All this good, and then this? How, it makes me so sad, so annoyed, that the prophet wouldn't just ban it completely. Imagine you were a slave, how would you feel. "Yes you're equal but you must work for me for free.". And only the son of a slave can be come a slave. How is this fair? I know Islam discouraged it, and made it a very good deed to free slaves, but without a dou
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