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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ According to the doctrine of Raj'aa there will be final confrontations before the actual end of history.
  2. Gog and Magog from African Perspective - How they are making the Muslims and others with high birth rates fight each other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXPHilw81Bg The have temporarily relented against the Chinese because of their one child policy. I dont want any more DIVISIVE shia sunni talk. The terrorism is against all. Christians of pakistan and all others. It is fed and fueled by the FALSE flagger criminals of Yanki-Stan and Mad dogs of Nato who barked like idiots on the day of 9-11 FALSE flag. These SKUMs are clearly show in this video. The video also claims that Gaddafi was Raped before being murdered.
  3. you know nothing. watch this video from the African perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXPHilw81Bg
  4. YAY ....... The Khazar Victory - The kingdom of Khazaria in Palestine and near Russia ......... What their intent already was to get Syria to give up her Chemical Weapons like Libya gave up its centrifuges and then destroy syria more easily. Russia and Iran have both FAILED and been defeated. This was their plan all along, to HARASS and then make them defeat simpy by threat. Putin and Iranians are simply COWARDS. Ibn Fadlan, an Arab diplomat who was sent to Volga Bulghars A.D. 922, wrote about the Khazars and mentioned some more details about their qagan: Putin acted like a big time sissy and lost in the Political Judo against the Khazar king of American - John Kerry while Obama is simply their puppet, slave and a janitor. The king was Kissinger who would go around all over the world, making deals and assessments of others first hand while Nixon was locked up behind safety in his office and took the blame for everything while the Kagan John Kerry globe trotted from here and there to Pakistan making deals on Raymond Davis and assessing and sizing up others. http://judaism.about.com/od/jewishgenealogy/a/jewpas_kerry.htm http://judaism.about.com/od/jewishgenealogy/a/jewpas_kerry.htm http://judaism.about.com/od/jewishgenealogy/a/jewpas_kerry.htm
  5. Why does the video mix haram music with the serious narration for damaging careful analysis? The Hawza lectures dont have music on the side. Which Imam or the Prophet ever carried out the Mutaa?
  6. You need a checkup of your mental faculties. The thing is about india. You should say that India's chaploos should read this, which includes many of those here who derail all my India threads. In addition, Wahhabis are better than Yazidis. Your mind confuses the two of them all the time, and you are spreading this disease to others.
  7. Fresh data from wall street Journalist Gang-Raped in Mumbai http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323665504579030082475711744.html
  8. Oxygen, I salute you for your delightful fragrance. I would hope that you will stick here and like a Marde Momin, Marde Haq, confront the Indian agents with photoshopped icons and "beards", doing fasad and false propaganda here.
  9. http://news.oneindia.in/2013/08/20/india-far-behind-pakistans-powerful-submarines-report-1287237.html India far behind Pakistan's 'powerful' Submarines: Report Posted by: Preeti Panwar Updated: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 15:46 [iST] New Delhi, Aug 20: The recent disaster in the Indian submarine INS Sindhurakshak that perhaps killed all 18 Navy personnel on-board has raised a pertinent question on the Indian Navy's submarine conditions as well as its underwater combat edge. According to a TOI report, currently, India can only deploy 7-8 "aging conventional" submarines against enemy forces. Indian Navy far behind Pak Navy: Report The stark reality is that the Indian Navy is left with only 13 aging diesel-electric submarines - 11 of them over 20 years old. Out of the 13 submarines - 9 Kilo-class of Russian origin and 4 HDW of German-origin - are undergoing reparation to 'extend' their operational lives. The only "face saver" of the Navy seems to be the INS Chakra, the only nuclear-powered submarine, taken on a 10-year lease from Russia last year. But due to international treaties, it is not armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. With its 300-km range Klub-S land-attack cruise missiles, other missiles and advanced torpedoes, the INS Chakra can serve as a deadly `hunter-killer' of enemy submarines and warships. Moreover, India has been indecisive to fit Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) in the last two of the six French Scorpene submarines being constructed for over Rs 23,000 crore at Mazagon Docks under "Project-75". The first Scorpene will be delivered only by November 2016. On August 12, the Indian Navy launched its aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, placing India in the fifth rank, after US, Russia, Britain and France, who have the ability to design and build aircraft carriers of 40,000 tonnes and above. With a capacity to deploy over 30 aircraft and helicopters, it is considered to be the biggest aircraft carrier in India. Pakistan Navy Power: Whereas the neighbouring country Pakistan, which is continuously violating ceasefire bilateral agreement along the Line of Control (LoC) since last month, is far more more advanced and well prepared in terms of submarines. Presently, Pakistan is well equipped with five "new conventional" submarines and is considering to get six more 'advanced' vessels from its all-weather friend China. China already flexes its muscles with 47 diesel-electric submarines and eight nuclear-powered submarines. Incidentally, the Pakistan Navy is the first force in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to have submarines equipped with air-independent propulsion (AIP) in the shape of three French Agosta-90B vessels. The difference: The conventional submarines have to surface every few days to get oxygen to recharge their batteries in contrast with the AIP equipped submarines that can stay submerged for much longer periods to significantly boost their stealth and combat capabilities. OneIndia News For latest updates and breaking news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter Topics: new delhi, pakistan, china, navy, indian navy, vessel, submarines, ins sindhurakshak Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 15:17 [iST] Read more at: http://news.oneindia.in/2013/08/20/india-far-behind-pakistans-powerful-submarines-report-1287237.html 5 comments Muhammad Riyaz • 7 hours ago Oh! " India far behind Pakistan's 'powerful' Submarines" It really surprised me, REALLY! So many times when I visited Youtube, Disquis, Indian TV Channels, as well as many other forums, the Indian Commentators, Participants, and the Bloggers utter as India is a SUPER POWER and Pakistan is 4th category country like Afghanistan, particularly when the Indian and Pakistan Navies are compared. The claims such as "Indian Navy is so powerful that it is capable to create a BLOCKADE of Karachi and other Pakistani ports are a norm in these shows!. And here the well established and well reputed Times of India is revealing an entirely different story? "India can currently deploy only 7-8 submarines against enemy forces" says Times of India. The military minds of both the countries" India and Pakistan" should understand that in any war between them the crucial and decision making armament will not Nuclear Submarines, Aircraft Careers, Tanks or other systems but the men behind the systems. And in this Pakistan is far, far ahead of India. More ever Pakistan is way ahead of its missile capabilities against Indian Capabilities, and in Nuclear War Heads including tactical war heads and in the delivery systems capable to deliver the tactical nukes at its target. Any Aircraft career will be evaporated, so will be the submarines, frigates and the mass gathering of the enemy in the battle fields if the tactical war heads is delivered on the enemy through excellent delivery systems. Pakistan is way superb in delivery systems than India - PERIOD. I also believe that after 15 years of first nuclear testing, Pakistan is capable of creating Thermo Nuclears and is also creating Thermo Nuclears for its arsenal because Pakistan is now utilising Plutonium rather Uranium for its new generation of nukes. Hence it is advisable for India particularly not to create a war mongering environment against Pakistan which has the power, will, capability and target to reply with such a devastating force that will create a havoc on India. 1 • Reply • Share › Ishant • 4 hours ago And yes, Pakistan doesn't even have an SLBM program, let alone an SLBM. • Reply • Share › Ishant • 4 hours ago Seriously? Pakistan has just 7 submarines, two of which are small, "midget submarines". Indian navy on the other hand has 14 submarines(after INS Sindhurakshak), including one NUCLEAR submarine, and will have on more nuclear submarine by the end of this year, i.e 'INS Arihant'. Indian navy is the only navy in Asia, which is a part of a nuclear triad. It is laughable to compare Indian navy with Pakistani navy, but yes we should focus on China our main adversary in the water, we need to close our gap with China. • Reply • Share › Muhammad Riyaz Ishant • an hour ago Mr. Ishant: Can you seriously go alone against Pakistan + China + BD + Nepal + Sri Lanka? India have problems with all its neighbors because of its hegemony and rude behavior. See, Pandit Jawaher Lal Nehru promised to whole world in UN to let Kashmiris decide for their own future to live with Pakistan or India. Did he lie? I think YES, and that is the root cause of the problem between India and Pakistan. Now India says that it adminstered elections in Indian Occupied Kashmir for many times? Elections are not an ALTERNATIVE of PLEBISCITE, particularly when the promise was made to the whole world in UN Security Council. Cunning Nehru promised for a similar declaration to provide special previleges to SIKHS before partition, and after partition when SIKHS delegation reminded Nehru, the cunning and Liar Nehru replied to SIKHS "NOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND ENVIRONMENT ARE CHANGED". This cunningness is the NATURE OF HINDUISM based on the teachings of CHANKYA. This will not work for ever Mr. Ishant. India has to pay dearly a very terse price for its behavior. India can only fight poor, weaker and small countries. But a contry of the same capabilties and size, I mean China, India declared it as its one of the God. In 1962 Chinese tried to capture all Indian Armed personals but in vain, Indians were running faster than Chines towards Dehli; Watch "The crushing moment: China India 1962 war - Part 1 and Part 2- YouTube". Now when ever Chinese desire, they enter in Indian Held Territory and dicate their terms on India, Isn;t it? And Indian can do nothing. Poor and Coward Indians. In 1971 Pakistan had only 43,000 regular armed personals, not 93,000 as is always mentioned, 113 tanks, one sub marine, two frigates and 8 F86 Saber Planes. Againt this force India has 11 divisions of army, 6 mechanized Division, 638 air planes, air craft career, 5 submarines plus Mukhti Bahani plus East Pakistan Rifles plus USSR with 25 years of friendship proposal. India won, Pakistan Lost. I wish all Pakistani soldiers should have embraces SHAHADAT rather surrendering to Indian Army. YOU WON and WE LOST. But are you proud of your gallantry, bravery, success against an army facing tremendous odds. tell you truth, the world most powerful super power USA could not face the challenge in a similar condition. Three personalities were involved in this mishap, Mujeeb, Bhutto and Indra. All three faced the terrible end. Now Pakistan is way more powerful than it was in 1965 and 1971. Yes, India is also way powerful, but the comparison is not as it was of 1:6 in almost every defence establishment in 65 and 71, now it is 1:1.5 in army, 1:3 in Navy and 1:1.45 in air force., and declining each and every day. But in certain fields India is far behind than Pakistan, I mean missiles, Nuclear War Heads, and the readiness of giving life of Pakistani soldiers for mother land. India can not compete Pakistan here, NO WAY, and this is the most promising and motivational force Pakistan today has. Pakistan will go away but will take with it whole India, whole Afghanistan, whole Israel, part of Europe and Parts where US forces reside in Asia. But with China, Pakistan will even take care of USA - Take my words. • Reply • Share › Nilesh • 20 hours ago − shame for India having so much human power but still far behind in Technology and defence.. shame to Indian goverment who have only imported weapons to fill there pockets. • Reply • Share › ^ school kids fighting in the comments
  10. India wants to complete its TRIAD http://thediplomat.com/the-pulse/2013/08/15/mumbai-submarine-explosion-clouds-indias-naval-progress/
  11. No. you have to be nice, as Jesus said, the other cheek. But you also have to do this, ie The Iranian scientists need to do their part of the Ummah and sit down and work hard to implement manufacturing technology of hard disk and silicon and then share and distribute to other countries under a non-capitalist and altruistic arrangement and use that to build an iranian youtube like data center with multiple redundancy. The other cheek not because you are weak, but because you are drunk in the wine of the love the Almighty. Work hard in the love of the Almighty for good, for peace, for service, and for the truth. Derive ALL your motivation for each and every thing from the Love and He shall illuminate your path for every GOOD deed.
  12. Below are FINE specimens of agents. Snowdon has disclosed how NSA and other agencies HACK big backbone servers and then steal passwords and then using those, they can create any/many members of the forums that even the admin wont have a CLUE. Then using coordinated posts, they launch a campaign to get any TRUTH-WITNESSING members. Post 9-11, these techniques are being used including harassing the mods and admins into self-censorship chaploosi. Witness, how they are incrementally deflecting and subtle psychological tactic to deceive cursory readers and casting aspersions on the video. This way, they can drive a wedge between Iran and Pakistan ... Shia and Sunni and slaughter each of them separately and easily. The video on India remains valid and very very very very IMPORTANT.
  13. Reality of India - Eye Opener English Video for Pakistanis Watch V.T Rajaishkar (Editor ‘Voice of India) in Agar – 18th August 2013 India is NOT a NATION in its CONSTITUTION, but a collection of NATION STATES Brahmins, Baniyas (Money Lender like Zionists) and ... class rule India In India, the MEDIA is STRICTLY Controlled !!! "Hindu is a Peculiar Animal ... who gets pleasure from the misery of others" WATCH the VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mObYOa7qlxc
  14. Your propaganda is stenchful and full of lies. Reality of India - Eye Opener English Video for Iranians and Afghans and Tajiks and Russians Watch V.T Rajaishkar (Editor ‘Voice of India) in Agar – 18th August 2013 India is NOT a NATION in its CONSTITUTION, but a collection of NATION STATES Brahmins, Baniyas (Money Lender like Zionists) and ... class rule India In India, the MEDIA is STRICTLY Controlled !!! "Hindu is a Peculiar Animal ... who gets pleasure from the misery of others" WATCH the VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mObYOa7qlxc
  15. Reality of India - Eye Opener English Video for Iranians Watch V.T Rajaishkar (Editor ‘Voice of India) in Agar – 18th August 2013 India is NOT a NATION in its CONSTITUTION, but a collection of NATION STATES Brahmins, Baniyas (Money Lender like Zionists) and ... class rule India In India, the MEDIA is STRICTLY Controlled !!! "Hindu is a Peculiar Animal ... who gets pleasure from the misery of others" WATCH the VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mObYOa7qlxc
  16. Nuclear war being discussed by India and Pakistan http://www.zemtv.com/2013/08/17/talash-pak-bharat-taluqaat-17th-august-2013/ and comments
  17. Dont mislead people who have no knowledge by fake photos. The Memon community is very PEACEFUL and very APOLITICAL. You have no proof, just photos which wont even qualify for a FIR or First Investigation Report and REGISTERING a case in any Rational and Democratic state, except a racist casteocracy. Second, why dont you mention how many MILLION Afghan's GENOCIDE was done by the MISCHIEF of CIA and Zbigniew Brzezynski to BAIT Soviet Union into Afghanistan, and which TROTSKY and SCHIFF, the ZIONIST KHAZAR Banskters CREATED on the sacred blood of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX PRIESTS and SAINTS. I dont think you can defame ISI or the Russian people. However, the real culprits are the Zbig, Khazars and CIA criminals. You really need to go to school to learn history of the world, especially the history of the Kingdom of Khazaria.
  18. it does not take much IQ to understand that they just wanna create "self-sustaining" internal turmoil in all the muslim countries. For this, the stronger party is lured to do some injustice to the weaker party, as by definintion of strong and weak, the weaker party is unable or unwilling to do an injustice. I have already proposed to avoid sectarian harmony and respect each other. Just follow Islam in SPIRIT and treat other as your brother and sister despite some differences of sect or appearance or dress etc. Take this generous behavior also to the non-muslims as long as they are not doing something bad to you.
  19. You mean, Israel? Well, historically, the winner is always the third party. The two fighting parties will always be the losers, especially, if they are both nuclear and the stronger party feels lust and inflation of ego in beating the weaker party and taking away its rights. The surer method of igniting a war is by the third parties is to support the stronger party because this ensures that wrongs are done to ignite a self-sustaining animosity. The key word is self-sustaining. That is why, the jews operated from the American side to get the ODIOUS YANQUI MAD-DOG SKUMS to act on the 9-11-2001 falseflag. The Yanks are ABJECT cowards. Never they ever faught a war against an equal or properly militarily equipped nation. Only weak nations with emaciated or diminished body size like the vietnamese. Contemptuos coward SKUMS they indeed are, and only rely on cunning and deception and DUPLICITY. And you cant hope that India has the capacity to wisen up either. The Khazars sold down the Russians and the Germans and every place where they were given hospitality and refuge and it is kosher for them to backstab. The khazars would easily fight to the last Indian as they mostly look down on dark skin races, being the primary party to institute black slavery in America in Rhode Island according to slam dunk legal records of the greedy Yanqui SKUMS. If India and Pakistan had been friendly nations, the potential of both nations would have been realized and with all the neighbors, there would be flowering of culture and spirituality and human values. If the Khazars can have it, they would welcome a nuclear war between Pakistan and India as long as it does not bruise them and they are living far enough at the moment to be immune from radiation fallout and the stench of a billion corpses of Indians and Pakistanis (The Malhama tul Kubra). In the Tamil terror trained by Mossad, the fallout mainly fell on India and Rajiv Gandhu was blown up by a Tamil woman. The Tamils have also turned against the Indian state for their exploitation and the Israeli technique of sabotage of naval vessels is very advanced. ... Its more likely an accident and I shall maintain that in my thread, you are free to have your own opinion.
  20. http://news.oneindia.in/2013/08/16/ins-sindhurakshak-an-accident-or-sabotage-1284582.html So, Indian plan is to encircle Pakistan from all sides. On the Indian side in the east, build dams on Indus and Chenab with water terrorism of flooding and drought. On the Afghan side in the west, build dams on Kabul River with water terrorism of flooding and drought. On the South side, Naval Blockade using submarines and nuclear torpedoes. This is sleep walking into a NUCLEAR war. http://news.oneindia.in/2013/08/16/ins-sindhurakshak-an-accident-or-sabotage-1284582.html
  21. Iran wont be able to fight a two front war if the US and Israel surround it from all sides on land and sea as was the threat in the past few years. I guess you remember the Iran-Iraq war was a stalmate and after 10 years Iran lost a million men. Is your beard real or photoshopped, or from an Indian RAW file? Its a simple fact of logic that safety of a country is never purely from inside but also a function of neighborhood as well and your sarcasm is illogical, maybe a fasiq/fitna. This fighting is not because of saudi but the INDIANS in Kashmir and against Sikhs whom some from Iran are chaploos to. India is the biggest buyer of armaments these days. At one time, Iran's defense went so low that it was forced to buy weapons against Iraq from its arch enemy, Israel - for her safety depended on Israeli parts. Not speaking about the 9-11 and 26-11 false-flags is itself the biggest chaploosi to the criminals who did it. Leave the Wahhabi out of the picture, even a cat will bark against the powerless and minute numbered wahhabis. The real COURAGE is to speak out against the Yanks and the FBI corrupts who let the Israelis leave and started barking the Bush-Cheney 19 hijackers fairytale line.
  22. You are the Silly talker. you give the return air fare, the lodging, the fare for another cameraman and the addresses and introduction letters and life insurance for travel risk. This is what your RAW will ask the CIA as an expense report for any such work. Remember the FBI fat per-diem for any field job in Iraq???
  23. Dude, you are dense and i have to say the same reply to you again and nothing new to say ........ BUT I am beginning to get the idea of the real extent of PENETRATION of Indian, hindu-zionist RAW into this forum ... obviously, you are ANTI-PAKISTAN and ANTI-ISLAM and ANTI-IRAN because if Pakistan goes, Iran will be busted. The Angels wont descend to protect Iran. But just today, Allah has protected Pakistan by busting your submarine by your own cursed hands and delaying your evil plans for war by slowing your practice of NAVAL BLOCKADE of Pakistan.
  24. Dude, I am trying to highlight the INDIAN knee jerk reaction of blaming every incident on Pakistan. If you are dense and cannot understand - not my fault. India always lies for ITS objectives. Ugly, what is your address in the RAW? India blames Pakistan when India does it herself (ie FALSEFLAG) - BUT India assumes responsibility only when it does NOT do it INTENTIONALLY, (ie ACCIDENTALLY by Indian INCOMPETENCE).
  25. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/indian-navy-submarine-with-18-sailors-on-board-catches-fire-sinks-in-mumbai-port/2013/08/13/38186a0c-0487-11e3-bfc5-406b928603b2_story.html
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