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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. PART 2: CONTD The Call to Come out of Babylon. ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her plagues….so shall her plagues come in a single day, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she shall be burned with fire; for mighty is the God who Judges her.’ If God is a Capitalist, why would She bring Judgment on the Great City of London; the Capital city of the merchants, moneyists and the rich? Surely if God was a Capitalist and a religious hypocrite, would She not bring Judgment on the enemies of the rich who are the poor? That would be expected of the false god of the rich? On the con
  2. Christspeaks 2002: Nuclear War against Capitalism Now: The opening of the 7 seals. On the identification of they who invoke the characters of Biblical Armageddon. The password of Armageddon is the moral justification for war. Sunday, 03 November 2002 Mars In London www.swordofjustice.tv For Left Anarchism, Economic Communism, Feminism, Paganism, Personalism and Liberation Theology. For a world without nations, governments, banks or any form of money, profit or private property. The End of Religion The Judge of Judgement Day. The Second Coming of Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lord
  3. This is an Islamic message board, no profanity allowed. Please read your posts more closely, especially when cutting and pasting from another location, to ensure that they include no profanity. Edited By Hajar on 1036114969
  4. Bush and Saddam’s $250 billion in personal kickbacks CURRENT LONDON STREET POSTERS ’START THE WAR AGAINST BRITAIN AND AMERICA CAMPAIGN’ George Bush Sr and Saddam Hussein’s $250 billion dollar personal kickbacks. Russell S. Bowen, author of ‘The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed (1991),’ (available from www.amazon.com) was a WW2 fighter pilot and is a retired US Brigadier General who has admitted that he was involved in major narcotics trafficking with the CIA and the OSS (Office of Security Services). It is alleged in the evidence presented in case No 90 C 6863, ‘The P
  5. [i:post_uid0]Well Jeehad, looks like you concede. [/i:post_uid0] What you are asking for is evidence on the corruption of the American government. I refer you to http://www.swordofjustice.tv/links.htm I have lived in America and Britain and I have travelled through a number of Islamic states. What is clear is that I would probably be executed for distributing even anti-American propaganda in certain Muslim states, since my counterproposal is stateless governmentless Economic Communism. I am quite realistic about that, and you have to also consider the memory of the Communists who have been
  6. On the evil of Capitalism and the Reserve System [i:post_uid0] ‘Those who devour riba, cannot stand except as the one whom Satan by his touch drives to madness……..As for him who returns to Usury, such are the rightful owners of the fire. They will abide therein eternally’ [Al-Bqarach:275] ‘Oh you who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remains of your demands for usury, if you are in truth believers. And if you do not, then take notice of war against you from Allah and his messenger. [Al-Bararah: “78-279][/i:post_uid0] Mars In London http://www.swordofjustice.tv
  7. [i:post_uid0]However, I don't agree that Isreal does not have a right to exist.[/i:post_uid0] The idea of a Nation for a race is not a new idea. This is what the Aryan Nazis on www.stormfront.org want also. Would you support an Ayan Nation for the white race as much as you support a Jewish nation for the Jews? In the last century 1% of the population of Palestine was Jewish. Today there are almost 5 million Palestinian refugees. What about if you make a homeland for the white people, kick all the non-white people out who are living their and slowly increase your lebensraum (living space). I
  8. That is the Hard Truth. That is what you will have to fight at Armageddon. The Korean Imam Madhi. King George and the Dragon. We know who the Dragon is and we know who King George is. Babylon shall Fall. http://www.swordofjustice.tv
  9. This is all very serious to me. Moon claims to be the Imam Madhi. 40 Submarines. Apocalyptic threats and militarism. The Bad News is that he is not a conspiracy theory. That man will make Shoku Asahara seem like an amateur. The police are corrupt. The Bush family are his hired Templar mercenaries. He has war written all over him. Remember the lesson of Pericles and Churchill. Prepare for War against your enemies at all costs. The good news is that good will triumph over evil in the end. We must have perfect faith in that combined with militant free will. There is only One God. N
  10. [i:post_uid0]Mars. Bro, please understand that you're on an Islamic site. Alot of people here have confused you and your ideas as being Islamic. Eventhough you're not a Muslim, you're more than welcome to stay and post your ideas here, but please, the laws of this site relates to you as well[/i:post_uid0] Dear Ali. What would be more offensive to you? If I called you a liar or if I called you a moron? If I call you a moron, that means that I am attacking your intelligence; I am stating that you are stupid. If I call you a liar however, That is a very different matter. That is a question
  11. I too am an anti-Marxist. I am a Communist and a Liberation Theologian. Marx's Economic theories were not his, he syncretically adopted the theories of other Communists, such as Jesus and Proudhon, and added atheism (materialsim) to them. Materialism is the greatest weakness of Marxism, since Marx's claim to have a scientific religion cannot be defended in light of the fact that Materialism is a metaphysical position and not a scientific position. Marx was not a true Communist by Communist definition. Jesus and the Nazarenes may not have considered him to be a true Communist, though it is
  12. [i:post_uid0]My, my Mars, lets not get testy. You are a perfect example of Islam and it's message of peace. Nuke America to Hell? That's not peaceful. Having sex with my mother? That's not very nice. Would a true follower of Allah say these things? You have so much hatred built up inside of you. It's sad. One more thing, is Tony Blair a freemason, Templar, Narco-terrorist too?? Just wondering. You should write an unauthorized Bio on him. ~Michael[/i:post_uid0] I do not want to ahve sex with your mother, but it is a fact that the Korean Imam Madhi, and ally of the Bush family, does not believe
  13. [i:post_uid0]Perhaps just a little caution when dabbling in such odd theories?[/i:post_uid0] We always define ourselves differently to our enemies. To undertake a study of cultism, one must study the conspiracy theories of strange people. I define myself as an anti-cultist. I am not a conspiracy theorist on the contrary. I have never met a cultist that admits that they are in a cult; they always define other cults as cults and themselves as devotees of the One true religion. It is a fact that both George Bush Sr., Jr and my own 82 year old father, George Boyd are Masonic cultists and that t
  14. [i:post_uid0]What exactly does Jihad mean [/i:post_uid0] War against the enemies of God is a term that requires careful consideration. After all, Bin Laden, George Bush, Hitler, Jesus, Mohammad, Moon, everyone here on this forum and myself have all been known to use the term 'God.' God's objective existence is not a matter than anyone doubts here. It is a question of definition. God must be the children of the 6 billion people here, and God must be the God of our ancestors. There is only One God. If the 6 billion children are the children of One God, then the term 'war against the enem
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