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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaikum sisters, it has been about 2 years since I last logged in! Subhanallah! When I first joined shia chat I was a sunni, just trying to understand my husbands beliefs. But about a year and a half ago I started practicing shia islam. I don't see many of the ladies that I had grown to know 3 years ago on here? Or perhaps usernames have changed? Again, I have been gone for some time, so who knows what has changed?
  2. What exactly do you eat? It seems everything disgusts you.
  3. Yes aubergines/eggplants whatever you want to call them! LOL
  4. LOL I didn't mean any disrespect!
  5. I know I said I like everything about dolma, but I forgot about the dreadful grape leaves, the taste is fine, just the texture of the leaf is repulsive! My Dolma is very healthy, :P it has dill, mint, and parsley, along with rice, spices, a little lemon juice, olive oil, ground meat, and tomato. You stuff this filling into hollowed out eggplants, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and grape leaves (I don't like the grape leaves). Are you referring to the milk and rice desert or the dish with garbanzo bean and meat?
  6. The onions are my favorite! :) Actually I love everything about dolma, there isn't one thing in it that I dislike. At first I didn't care for maqlooba, but would cook it for my husband as he likes it, little by little I have grown to enjoy it. And yes I cooked these.
  7. My sister in-law who was pregnant with twins (all of my husbands family is in Iraq) just passed away 1 month ago from a mistake the doctor made.
  8. This is the same for me as well, except for me, it was 5 months after my reversion. :) Now that I am married everyone assumes I became Muslim because of him! I say no! I knew and accepted Islam before I knew any Muslims.
  9. I am 20 years. I reverted to Islam when I was 18, at 18 1/2 I met and married a man from Iraq. :)
  10. This is just my experience, but as I said before, when my husband and I first met we clicked or maybe as you would say it "made sparks" hehe. I can only give you advice on what I have experienced, I wish I knew more about if a spark came later or not. I honestly can not say. I also agree with what Gypsy said. If they do not have good qualities and yet there are "sparks" then they are the wrong kind of sparks (lust)! My husband was very honest with me, respectful, kind, and I could go on and on! Even after marriage not a thing about him has changed he still has the kind and gentle heart he had
  11. Thanks! Insha'Allah I will know the Quran as good as I knew the Bible some day. Do you mean a sin you didn't repent from will be exposed or every sin you did, one's you even repented from? Are you saying to self inflict pain and damage to your body?
  12. What do you mean by taking care of them? Sorry for all the questions, but as I said sometimes it is hard to find specific answers to questions.
  13. SO by your answer, when Allah forgives your sin and erases our "scrolls" then only yourself and Allah would know. No one else, right? I was reading that if our good deeds out weigh our bad, our scroll will be handed to our right hand and that means we are granted Jinnah, but if our bad deeds out weigh our good, our scroll will be handed to our left hand and we will be going to Hell. Is this correct? Sometimes you never know if something is correct or not.
  14. Will the sins we have committed be made public on the day of judgement as some Christians believe will happen, or will it be kept between ourselves and Allah? When someone comes to Islam, will the things they had done previous to being a Muslim be completely erased (If I was taught right then I already know the answer for this)? If someone committed a sin while Muslim (raised as Muslim or after their reversion) and turns from it, forsaking it, will it too be erased and forgotten by Allah or will the believer still be punished for it? I am asking cause I can't find a straight answer to these sp
  15. (sp?) Means I wasn't for sure if I had spelled it correctly. :rolleyes: Well, we knew each other for 5 days before marrying, we wanted to wait a little longer but as I said, there is heaps more to the story, and it would just be too lengthy (involving a sister and I think if I shared it, it may be considered as gossip since she did a terrible thing to me which in return answered my dua). Sometimes you have to make the spark. ;) No I am kidding, I am not sure what you mean exactly by the "spark" maybe you can explain to me a bit more?
  16. Wa alaikum salam. :) Before I had met my husband, I had met a few potential guys through friends. We would meet at a friends house (my family didn't live in the same state as me so that is why we didn't meet at a families house). Every time I prayed the prayer of guidance, if he was good for me Allah would make it easy and if wasn't good for me Allah would make it hard. Every time something came up and difficulty arose, then I met my husband. When I first saw him it was different than the others, something was special about him. I made ishtakarta (sp?) and Allah made it very easy for us to mar
  17. Obviously you do not know the girls I know. For instance, my husband (Iraqi) and I's (American) nikah was very simple. The Imam came over, we had witness's, we both wore our nicest clothes and we married. Afterwards we served tea and sweets to every one. I know several girls of my ethnicity who have had their nikah in a similar fashion. Maybe you are referring to a Christian white girl, as of course a Muslim white girl wouldn't serve wine in her wedding. Even still, not all Christian's drink alcohol (my father is 48 and has never drank a drop of liquor in his life). We have been married for al
  18. Of course I would wait until they were done praying before eating, I am not that rude! LOL I know that participating would not be considered haram, I was just curious as to what would be the most respectful way to go about things. I stayed with them for a few days while I was pregnant and visiting my family, and did not participate in their worship. Obviously they didn't kick me out, but as I said, I want to be respectful and thought to get others opinions, other than my own, on this topic. Sometimes what we think may be respectful may be disrespectful in another's eyes and I do not want to s
  19. Salam alaikum my brothers and sisters. I am planning a visit with my family for about 3 weeks with my 9 month old son. I am unable to stay with my grandparents or mother due to living conditions (they have dogs in the house and I do not want my baby crawling on the floor where dogs have been). My father lives very simple, i.e. no bathroom, 6 people in a 1 bedroom, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen house, therefore if I stayed with my father we would both be burdened with the living circumstances. So instead I am staying with some good friends of mine, they are an older Mennonite couple who
  20. Congratulations! Children are such blessings! Before I found I was pregnant, I dreamed I was pregnant. A few weeks later the test came out positive. :) Then before we found out if we were having a boy or a girl, I dreamed I had a girl, but my precious baby came out to be a boy! Another dream I had was a few days before I went into labor, I dreamed bringing our little one home with us, I saw exactly how his face looked. 2 days later I gave birth 6 weeks prematurely. When I saw my son he looked exactly the same as in my dream. This is how he looked in my dream, and this was the day we took
  21. Jazakalkhair! I am in love with this post!
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