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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam all! I'm new to shiachat, seems like a really nice site! Where are you guys from? I live in the states but originally Lebanese!
  2. Sister/ Brother, this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful <3
  3. Salamu3lykum my dear Brothers and SIsters in Islam, Ive seen a few questions about people having trouble waking up for morning prayer. Sadly, most of us have trouble in doing so. There is this one DUa one can recite before going to bed if one wants to wake up at a desired time: Allaahuma Laa Tu'minnee Makraka Walaa Tunsinaa Dhikraka Walaa Taj'alnee Minal Ghaafileena Aqoomu Saa'ata ( here you determine the time) When you fear your not going to wake up recite: Qul Innamaa Basharun Mislokum Yooha Elayya Annamaa Elaahokum Elaahin Waahid, Famankaana Yarjoo Liqaa'a Rabbihee Falya'amal
  4. Salamu3laykum my dear brothers and sisters to Islam, This message goes specifically to the sisters but brothers , it may go to you too. Sisters, if you wear Hijab than your probably not getting enough sunlight directly to your hair. This is one of the many reasons of having vitamin D defficenty and is VERY common to us hijabis. If one does have this type of deficiency, the main symptom is hair loss, lots if it. It is very important to go to your doctor to double check, and if the doctor thinks you are not getting enough vitamin D than he will prescribe you vitamin D. I encourage all sisters
  5. :excl: Salamu3alykum to all my dear sisters, Ive known about this website for a while, and let me tell you this website is very good for it will educate us all, much better than facebook ;) The most common asked questions, not only in this website but everywhere is about Hijab. Most young ladies ask me, " why shall I wear Hijab, it's not mention in the Quran?" Or, " What is true Hijab?" Now I know a majority of us have been asked or even were thinking about these types of questions. Well my lovely sisters, I can try to help. In the Qu'ran, Chapter 33 verse 59 it talks about how not onl
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