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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. all is Ok. But i really can't relate fashion with hijab!!
  2. can it be used to revert the spell of black magic.if yes then whats the procedure????
  3. how to get uninstalled IE9 and installed the older versions of IE8.Also i have alots of stored java setting and faviourites.can both version of IE be run in parallel??? or is there some way to automaticlay fetch the settings and all the data from IE9 to IE8???
  4. I hope it wont be melodrama.. And they keep regards of all sacred Muslim personalities
  5. i guess Prophet S.A.W is mentioned in bible but they have modified it.... But info About Hazrat Ali A.S in bible is truely a new thing for me..great!!!!!!!1
  6. Some two years before I myself don't believe on this Jin's and this kind of stuff. But in last two year I have experienced the worst and now I m agreed that this kind of dieses exits however in science we can say it mental disorder etc...
  7. I think yes... But really eager to see the replies of some knowledgeable
  8. sad to knew about such a high death tool in the month of ramdan...i guess those are not muslim in any way who are doing it only in the name of God!!!!
  9. well..i guess we cant define any one non Muslim who associate himself/herself to Islam. If he/she break the rules of God then God will punish them but please do not segregate the Muslims..
  10. Hello ,is there any prayers to get the lost one or the relations which are/were broken??? {I have lost my very fast friend due to some reasons (evil forces)}
  11. same is with me..my mom scolded me much for it..but i just can't move myself.........
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