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  1. Hasan0404

    Trip to Iraq on Arbaeen- Do's and Dont's

    Thank you, but I need translation to this please.
  2. Hasan0404

    Trip to Iraq on Arbaeen- Do's and Dont's

    Salam Brother, Thanks alot for useful tips. You all will be in my prayers inshaAllah.
  3. (Salam) Peace and blessings be on all of you. Any specific suggestions regarding trip to Iraq this arbaeen InshaAllah ( all major ziyaraat destinations). Thanks in advance.
  4. And Omar (TV Series). Was once mocked by a friend, on suggesting him some Islamic movies, saying we are not Christians.
  5. Plus there is Madrassa Shaheed Arif Hussain al Hussaini, GT Road Peshawar. You might find a lot to read there. There is a proper library. I dont think if Hussainia Hall or Jamia Masjid Hayatabad has got any library.
  6. Hasan0404

    I'm doing duas for anyone who wants!

    Salaam Khahar Joon, Please make dua for the health, rizq, jobs and success in education of my family and all Shii around the world. Blessings and Peace!
  7. Hasan0404

    The most dumbest thing

    that a dud cant explode, and put a cartridge in fire, and learned the hard way.... and that the name Afghanistan has something to do with "Aghwa", - kidnapping....
  8. Hasan0404

    World Travel: What Countries have you visited

    Do cities count? Abbotabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi
  9. salam. Bhai how are you. Its been a long time :)

    1. Hameedeh


      @Hasan0404 Hope you had a nice birthday, Brother. Come back and see us some time! :) 

    2. Hasan0404


      Salamun Alykum,

      A little belated thank you to @AnaAmmar1 and khahar @Hameedeh. Stay blessed and thanks for remembering me.

  10. Hasan0404

    Number Of Shia In Pakistan

    and among Jamali, and Bugti Blauchs as well.
  11. Hasan0404

    Number Of Shia In Pakistan

    According to my reports, there are shias among Mandokhel, and Tareen Pathans as well. and there is a village in Pishin named Kili Karbala, mostly Sunni Syeds, with not much history to clarify the facts.
  12. Hasan0404

    Your Own Captured Photos

    I realise there are certain hosting site whose link wont embed here
  13. I thought maybe you left SC :P 

    How's you? :D

    1. Hasan0404


      I am like a bhoot, keep coming occasionally. I am fine alhamdulillah. Hope your are fine too.


    2. Shian e Ali

      Shian e Ali

      Alhamdulillah, I am. :P 
      Tbh, I'm the same :D Glad to see I'm not the only bhoot :P

  14. Hasan0404

    Monuments In Pakistan

    Makli Necropolis