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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. jazakallah khair. you clarified a few things for me
  2. :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali:
  3. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist Salamun Alaykum. I will make a (hopefully) quick rant here. My goal is to awaken a few brothers and sisters who have fallen into a serious trap. What is up with you oh brothers and sisters?! Do you know what happened to our Ahlulbait? Do you know how much of torture and pain they suffered?! All for what? So we can simply laugh and curse at their enemies and make jokes about them?! Suppose someone kills you father, are you going to laugh and curse and make jokes about your father's killer?! NO! You will feel the sorrow and the pain and every time you remember your father's killer you will weep! Why don't we treat the Ahlulbait the way we treat our own family members? Don't they have higher authority over us then we have over ourselves? HOW DARE we make jokes about the KILLERS of our Ahlulbait and laugh as if nothing happened?! DID THE AHLULBAIT SUFFER FOR NOTHING?! NO INDEED!! They were tortured, suffered, and murdered ALL in the name of saving Islam. When we turn around and start using foul languages and cursing their enemies by using the worst language possible, do you think the Ahlulbait are happy with us? Is this truly the love we show to our Ahlulbait, by using disgusting language to refer to their killers?! It is very shocking when I hear a few people going so far into saying the F words when referring to the enemies of Ahlulbait! DO YOU KNOW WHAT LA'NAT IS?! It is a dua which asks god to remove his mercy from the killers of Ahlulbait! THERE IS NO HADITHS WHICH THE AHLULBAIT ASK US TO CURSE, MOCK, AND LAUGH AT THEIR ENEMIES! WHY DO WE DO THAT?! IF we truly want to follow the Ahlulbait, and if we truly hate their enemies, we should show our love to the Ahlulbait by using them as guides. We need to follow them as role models... Simply hating their enemies and loving them for the sake of it won't get us ANYWHERE. The kulafa and the oppressors of ahlulbait also claimed to love them!! Please remember this in our gatherings and special occasions, especially in Eid-e-zahra. It is unfortunate that people laugh with one another calling names [to the 3 people] without realizing how much destruction these people did to Islam. If anything, we should MOURN when we remember them! La'nat is something serious, its worst than simply cursing people!
  4. Perfect... if only she wears a chador and covers her face... and doesn't go on tv for na-mahram to see her
  5. California, USA.... Berkeley, California, USA to be more precise
  6. Majority of Shias pray zohr/asr and maghrib/isha combined therefore we recite azan one time for zohr/asr and one time for maghrib/isha and one for morning...
  7. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist Salam The reason why it is haram to curse the Sahabas or the wives of the prophet (according to the leader) is to preserve unity. Also, since our dear Sunni brothers regard them in high station, we should not hurt their feelings... It is clear that as shias we have to hate the enemies of Ahlulbait. However, we don't have to mention their names. Simply saying "la'nat on the enemies of ahlulbait" will cover it all up :) Regarding Muawiyyah and Yazid, we have many hadiths from the sunnis themselves that condemn Muawiyyah and his illegitimate son. Because the sunnis have difference of opinions regarding this, and because some sunnis themselves curse Muawiyyah and his son, therefore, it is logical for us to curse them in public without creating fitnah. However, we are advised from some scholars to not even curse Muawiyyah in public if it causes disunity. That's my 2 cents
  8. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist I was pondering on a question for a long time until a few days ago one of my friends answered me in a halaqeh. The question was this: In many Duas, such as Dua-e-Komail, we have sentences such as "Oh god, suppose I bear your chastisement, but how can I bear the separation between you and me?". However, we also have so many hadiths condemning sins and telling us to be fearful of the sin which will lead us toward hell. Imam Khomeini's 40 hadith also talks about the punishment in hell fire and how fearful it is... So the question was: should we be afraid of hell fire? if so, why do we have other duas and hadiths telling us that hell fire is not worth our fear but rather we should fear god's separation? He answered my question with this great analogy: When a child is growing up and he is learning behaviour, his parents will often scold him or give him some sort of punishment to scare him away from doing wrong things. If the child does something wrong he will immediately be fearful of the punishment he gets... Therefore, the fear he has for the punishment is for his own sake... However, when he grows up, his wrongdoing will no longer correspond with punishment. He will fear the fact that his parents may turn their face away from him, or be upset with him. He is no longer scared of scolds or time-offs, but rather afraid of being neglected by his parents. This is a higher form of fear. Therefore, using this analogy, we can understand that when we recite duas (such as dua komail), it is directed toward people who have gone past the stage of fear of punishment. These are the people who have "grown up". They are no longer afraid of the punishment but rather separation between themselves and their creator. I hope this answers some of us who had the same question in mind. Also, if you have something to add to this, I would love to hear from you!
  9. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist Alaykum Salam. What my dear Malang brother said is correct. Its not good to wear ring on the middle finger.
  10. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madda La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait Rahbar Faqat Khameneist Salam. Here is a nice calendar made by the Saba community in San Jose, CA. It has all the Islamic events.
  11. ^I agree. The zionists have gone so far as to influencing the dolphins!
  12. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait (as) Rahbar Faqat Khameneist To everyone reading this: In the society and backward culture we are living in, no matter where you are in the world (even Iran), there is always distraction. Unfortunately with the growing technology it is easier to sin nowadays. Although marriage is ultimately the best solution, it may not be practical for some of us. For those of you who cannot get married right now, here is my solution: -Block all pornographic websites, and restrict 'safe search' to 'strict mode' on search engines. To do this simply download k9 web protection (google that up) and tweak around with the settings. After you have set the settings to what you want, change the password to something that you know you will not remember. What I did was that I copy/pasted a long random line with the combination of letters and words (eg. lkn32lk3nlk3n2323nl3). -Once you make sure that you have no access to pornography, your mind will become hopeless and the idea of surfing on the web for porn will soon go away once you are sure that it is impossible to access it. At this point your mind begins to mature and develop. When you reach this stage you should take full advantage of it. You should immediately build up your will power and determine your goal of life. -Never look at a na-mahram's face. It is said that Ayatollah Qazi Tabatabai NEVER looked at the face of a na-mahram! This might be hard in work or at school but when you CAN, then definitely DO it! Never allow your eyes to wonder off. Treat women as humans, not objects. -Every time you have the urge to masturbate, know that either you are bored or you looked at a na-mahram and the effect is taking place. Immediately do tawba and get out of that situation. If you are laying down, then get up (and vise-versa). If you are in your bedroom get out. Simply saying Ya Ali! will get you pumped up and you will not want to commit the sin. -Become physically active! One of the big reasons why I do weight lifting is to get rid of all my energy. Fortunately when I come back from the gym I become so darn tired that I cannot care any less about beautiful women. I just focus on my studies. -Pray to god. He will help you -Get involved in politics. All the political thoughts will drive you crazy and will pull you away from dirty thoughts. Listen to some hezbollah music on a boombox or tune the volume to max on your computer.... -When you are on the urge of masturbation, quickly imagine the ugliest girl you can think of... like Tony Blair. This will turn you off badly Remember, every time you masturbate, you are thinking of women as objects and this can hurt your marriage. I repeat again that women hate being treated as objects, and they have every right to do so. With that said, go out and shoot some hoops
  13. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait (as) Rahbar Faqat Khameneist I don't have much expectations. I just want a wife who: -Loves Imam Khamenei -Loves Syed Hassan Nasrallah -Hates the oppressors who hijacked the khilafat of our Imams -Is chadori -Has a good family background -Loves Ahlulbait (a) more than anyone else -Gives her highest priority to Islam before anything else -Is willing to move to Iran with me (for hawza) -Good Akhlaq/Strong effat -Doesn't laugh out loud and limits her interactions with Na-Mahram (i.e. only talks to them when necessary) -Will be a housewife -Loves sushi more than me -Knows how to make sushi -Can interact with little kids very well -Understands that she can never control me -Understands that I am the king of the house -Understands that I have the final say -Understands that my duty is to secure her and her duty is to comfort me -Knows how to use win. 98 -Knows how to use a floppy disk -Loves horse riding -Knows how to swim -Knows some martial arts -Weighs less than 150ibs -Must be taller than 5 ft. 5 inches -Knows what to feed me (lots of protein and very little carbs) -Can lift at least 45ibs... so that she can put away the weights after my weightlifting session -Is very confident -Loves to read books... every night before we sleep she will read me a chapter of Ayt. Mutahhari's spiritual discourse -Can bear my awesomeness
  14. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait (as) Rahbar Faqat Khameneist I want a wife who is attached to Ahlulbait and loves them more than she loves me. I also want kids who will join the army of Imam Mahdi. My eternal wish is be asked by Imam Mahdi to do a favor for him... If he asks me to clean the toilet then my wish is completed. Aside from this I have no other wishes
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