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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would get more sense talking to a brick wall. Close my account.
  2. If you knew the word that I used, then perhaps you would understand.
  3. I dont think SC is very woman friendly, I dont think I will hang around for long.
  4. I am a little surprised, but earlier my post was edited by Haji2003 due to "sexually explicit language". Now I assure you sir I am a lady and do not use such language. The word I used is a word I use when I teach Psychology to students, there is nothing wrong with that scientific explanation for that part of the body. Why was it justified?
  5. Its cos I put sisters only in the title - if they post in here they know they will get in trouble. Otherwise one of then would have come in and started on me for complaining :no:
  6. Oh dear lol - is that really what you think? It may surprise you, but we dont all think with our ***.
  7. Thanks sister - you know your stuff, I hope you dont mind me asking, but is your background in pharmacology/ medicine?
  8. Thanks Maryaam - I did used to do Pilates and that was relaxing, but without going into too much detail these positions encouraged too strong release (if you know what I mean) I prefer to hot shower at this time of month than bath. Its funny cos I was talking to my auntie about it and she said the worse thing you can to is meat eggs? and drink cold drinks? lol So feminax is a rip off, just buying codeine alone would be cheaper and just as effective, thanks for that. A friend of mine says she takes two feminax and they knock her out thus easing her pain,but thats due to codeine. I will pass th
  9. Fair enough - we all seem to suffer something monthy :)
  10. I havent tried these heat pads, it looks like I can use them on my back too. You dont get any cramps? My sister doesnt either Im jealous Still maybe there is a something that cures everything, muta! :P
  11. No EE you are cool - dont go!!
  12. No I asked if any men here on SC would hit a woman, please get your facts right.
  13. Taken from Abu Hadi's excellent post.. Question: What is meant by the expression “an adulterous woman known for adultery” that is used in the Manuals of Islamic Laws? Answer: It means that such a woman is known among the people for committing adultery. Question: Is it permissible to be party to temporary marriage with a woman who is “known for adultery”, if no other woman is available and the person is in desperate need of marriage? Answer: Based on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from marrying such a woman except after her repentance. http://www.najaf.org/english/book/5/ This is fr
  14. You obviously have a problem with women which is hardly surprising since you have often refered to them as a "toy" or "nothing" You are a hypocrite - on one hand you claim that you are religious and then you do muta with prostitutes, which despite evidence to the contrary you claim is acceptable. Of course this says lots about your character and it's not shocking that you don't think hitting women is a problem - goodness knows what you do with those poor unfortunate women desperate enough to sell themselves on the streets. I am a proud Shia and always will be and I'm very lucky to have male f
  15. I didn't know about taking it beforehand, thanks for that CM will defo try that next month :) and yes I'm concerned about over drugging myself
  16. I love chocolate, but then my appetite totally goes, hot milk is yummy though and the heat helps :) It takes the edge off, but doesn't numb it sufficiently - I might try Feminax the reviews are positive on that :)
  17. Why does he get with with insulting others but when it comes to him peoples posts get edited very quickly? It's not just me he does it to though, if you disagree with him you get accused of being a traitor, being stupid etc, just today he called me a sunni and said I am hateful. This does not look good and is unfair. Also he posts in the Sisters forum butting in whenever possible (most of the brothers here just wouldnt do it), then claiming ignorance, then his pack of wolves friends attack other sisters.
  18. I once thought mini me from austin powers was cute - dont ask..
  19. Is that Ponstan? I took that when I was eleven till 15, then it kind of stopped working. I must have got too used to it Mint tea always reminds me of hot polos (mints sold in the uk) I heard cinnamon chai is supposed to be good but tastes awful :)
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