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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would get more sense talking to a brick wall. Close my account.
  2. If you knew the word that I used, then perhaps you would understand.
  3. I dont think SC is very woman friendly, I dont think I will hang around for long.
  4. I am a little surprised, but earlier my post was edited by Haji2003 due to "sexually explicit language". Now I assure you sir I am a lady and do not use such language. The word I used is a word I use when I teach Psychology to students, there is nothing wrong with that scientific explanation for that part of the body. Why was it justified?
  5. Its cos I put sisters only in the title - if they post in here they know they will get in trouble. Otherwise one of then would have come in and started on me for complaining :no:
  6. Oh dear lol - is that really what you think? It may surprise you, but we dont all think with our ***.
  7. Thanks sister - you know your stuff, I hope you dont mind me asking, but is your background in pharmacology/ medicine?
  8. Thanks Maryaam - I did used to do Pilates and that was relaxing, but without going into too much detail these positions encouraged too strong release (if you know what I mean) I prefer to hot shower at this time of month than bath. Its funny cos I was talking to my auntie about it and she said the worse thing you can to is meat eggs? and drink cold drinks? lol So feminax is a rip off, just buying codeine alone would be cheaper and just as effective, thanks for that. A friend of mine says she takes two feminax and they knock her out thus easing her pain,but thats due to codeine. I will pass th
  9. Fair enough - we all seem to suffer something monthy :)
  10. I havent tried these heat pads, it looks like I can use them on my back too. You dont get any cramps? My sister doesnt either Im jealous Still maybe there is a something that cures everything, muta! :P
  11. No EE you are cool - dont go!!
  12. No I asked if any men here on SC would hit a woman, please get your facts right.
  13. Taken from Abu Hadi's excellent post.. Question: What is meant by the expression “an adulterous woman known for adultery” that is used in the Manuals of Islamic Laws? Answer: It means that such a woman is known among the people for committing adultery. Question: Is it permissible to be party to temporary marriage with a woman who is “known for adultery”, if no other woman is available and the person is in desperate need of marriage? Answer: Based on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from marrying such a woman except after her repentance. http://www.najaf.org/english/book/5/ This is fr
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