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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @samarobin0 #ShiaChat now on Twitter! @ShiaChatForum

  2. waiting in line at the amusment park. After an hour of attempting to be a gentleman and not stare.. then he said hi. :) best day everrrrr
  3. Even if u become a martyr... if your looking for an easy way out then you are not using the gift Allah give us to learn from this life.. our life has a purpose only He knows & we shouldn't "try" to speed up the process. We have a choice & duties that we will never know but we should never give a reason that we need to end this time faster. I mean that by going out of our way to do so.... it isn't an easy way, i see it as it could be a lazy way.. I know when I die I do NOT want to hear Allah ask me "why were you rushing while I give you the blessing of life? You gave up as if there was nothing more you could do for others who need you!?" This is my fear!! OMG this is my fear!!!
  4. I love the gymnastics! of course i'm going for Team USA but Team RUSSIA was really great too :)
  5. not cool at all... hes ridiculous.
  6. I say this because its the one i found that I love & the options are scarce in my city. It will be my first place on my own.
  7. hey wfs, yah I have a job but my roommate is moving back to Saudia and didn't give me much of a notice about it.. so in a week i must be out of the apt into a new one.. kindof sucks. i have the rent & security deposit but their lease asks for 2 security deposits so that's why i'm in trouble.. Idk whats up with this page, one minute ill check it out. Thanks a lot for trying to help too. I really appreciate it chica :) hi, no no not meher. I'm just freaking out & seeing if anyone would help me out. Sometimes unexpected situations arise & this is one of them.
  8. Hey everyone.. :unsure: its official that I'm in trouble. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. This is my last resort, i'm all out of options.. http://www.gofundme.com/Saving-Sammy
  9. I just heard something about this yesterday.. a friend of mine said that they were called 'hassassins' due to their relationship with hashish. Thru word of mouth people started talking about 'the ones who smoke hashish to be called hashishians then later thru the grapevine turned into hassassins and then just to assassins.. As i said though, its just what I heard and was thinking about this today too.. If anyone can find any good sources of info on this I''d like to knooooow :)
  10. its hot. i think i have heart stroke.. the air conditioner at work is BROKEN! omg.. says 118F.. im dead now.
  11. Hahaha.. awesome! This was hilarious :D
  12. umm, I would'nt like my throat cut at all... but lets say it must happen then of course i would be stunned! duh!
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