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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) In Islam, were not told that life is about finding happiness like in many cultures and societies around the world today. This thinking is poison because its not possible to always be happy. Islam teaches us that life in this world is about struggle. We are guaranteed hardship and struggle in this life. When we are having a hard time in life, its usually because we've lost focus of our Lord. Lets imagine that before we were born, Allah swt had a conversation with us and said that he was going to send us down to earth for a few years and he wants us to be representatives of his on this earth. He wants to put us through situations to try us, to make us examples for people to learn from, and to display akhlaq that he would be proud of in the hardest situations. He wants us to remember him and be aware of him in all situations and all circumstances. I'm sure we would all agree, we would accept this mission and happily endure any situation. When you remember that this is the truth, it makes anything we go through way easier. Inshallah this helps (salam)
  2. (salam) I believe sincerity comes from knowing the truth and why we were created. The truth is that the only truth is Allah swt. We were created to worship and to represent him. So by representing him in all actions in your life and remembering him in all instances of your life, comes sincerity. The more conscious of Allah swt we are in everything, before everything, after everything, its easier to be sincere. Khalil Jaffer has some amazing lectures on these topics that make it clear. Sorry, I am probably of no help, but im sure his lectures will be. (salam)
  3. (salam) From my research, you only have to clean things with earth that have been eaten from by pigs and dogs. Pots, pans, utensils, that came into contact with pork meat only need to be washed. This sum it up? If it does, then is eating at restaurants that are probably using dishwashers using the amount of water needed to make them pure? If we are unsure of the amount but sure that they washed them, is that sufficient? (salam)
  4. (salam) Ordering vegetarian food from restaurants that serve pork, where its obvious that before they cooked the vegetarian food Im about to eat, they probably cooked pork at one time in the vessel they use to cook my food. Pork was also probably served at one time on the plates Im eating on and with the utensils Im using. Are we allowed to eat the food? If we have a room mate that cooks pork in pots that we share, and eats it on plates that we share, what is the procedure for cleaning these things so i can use them? Dishwasher ok? If most marajaa agree a genaric answer will work, if they dont, please give me a few answers. Thank you in advance for your time and effort, may Allah swt reward you. (salam)
  5. (salam) A restatement on the history of islam and muslims. Great book that discusses what you are looking for. If you search al-islam.org its on there. (salam)
  6. (salam) Im thinking of opening an Islamic bookstore, Inshallah. Do you guys know any wholesalers/publishers that can and do ship to the US? Any advice? I come from a completely different line of work but think this would be great for both myself and the community. Thank you for any advice. (salam)
  7. (Salam) I am not a learned person and this is my ignorant opinion so take it as such. Amr BR and Nam, have to be done in the best of ways with the best of arguments. A lot of times we know whats right and wrong only because we have conviction in our faith in Allah swt and his religion and are told halal or haram. We do not however, truly understand the reasoning and logic behind some of the articles of faith. If thats the case, we should not be bringing forth an argument of whos doing right and wrong until the knowledge and wisdom of the act that we would like to show people the better path of. So in short, study, dissect, and gain the knowledge and give them the wisdom of Ahlul Bait as because its the best of arguments that make so much sense to our hearts that most people will feel compelled to embrace truth and leave ignorance. Im sorry sister I wasn't of much help, Im sure someone here much smarter then me will give a better answer. (salam)
  8. (salam) Why would I open a new post if all the information is present right here? I don't believe my post is vague at all. Reread from the beginning post. I asked if we could pray mustahab prayers while having qudah to do. I received answers stating that we could according to most marajaa. I then received an answer saying that you can but its makrooh according to our Imams SAHIH HADEETH. I do not wish to do anything makrooh, even if its allowed. I also would think that if it was makrooh, a marjaa would probably say so. Now you want to jump in and offer zero help, just a complaint about an old post? Sorry to offend you brother. So my question as to not be vague, is it makrooh? If it is, why would they not advise as to it being Makrooh? Can anyone give me an educated response where they know the answer? (salam)
  9. (salam) Why would sayyed Sistani and other marajaa not mention that it was makrooh in their response? (salam)
  10. (salam) So interesting i thought I would bring this back to the top. I believe everything he said. One thing that I question though is why in his "enlightened" state does he shy away from society. In that state does he not have an obligation to help the ummah, free people from the shackles of this world? Also, sorry not to address you directly but I see that you have not been here in a long time. If you do read this substitute the "he's" for "you's" lol (salam)
  11. (salam) "They plan and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners" Holy Quran 8:30 (salam)
  12. (salam) Yet all I've seen from people is allegations. "He slaughters", "He kills", "He arrests", "He oppresses". I am not talking about the current conflict the past few years because anyone of us that had to deal with fighting a foreign enemy inside our countries would have to do an ugly job, and probably arrest innocent people, kill innocent civilians inadvertently. War is ugly and no army in the world is so strong in might that they can go in and pinpoint enemies with zero casualties of civilians. Can someone show me these atrocities that he commited before this current foreign war, so that he would have all these fighters flocking into Syria to get rid of the "slaughterer"? Qaim- I understand its very personal to you but can you be objectionable and see where they arrested to sift through all the young males that could be fighters? Do they live in the areas that the terrorists are fighting from? Were they killed when they were next to these terrorists? Did you have family members killed before 3 years ago by Assad? (salam)
  13. (salam) I'm not educated at all on this topic. All I know though, is that aside from the past few years, I've never heard of anything bad from him. I've never heard of murder, oppression, etc. I've actually heard that his country's economy was improving, people were happy. I've heard this from a few Syrians. Can one of you people that hate him explain to me why he's the devil and give me only facts please. Thanks (salam)
  14. (salam) This army that's fighting in Syria and Iraq are made up of the worst people. Have you watched the video of that kafir biting the heart of a dead soldier? hind, abu sufyans wife bit from Hamzas liver. Now we see there ancestors doing the same actions. Do we know if the leaders of these groups are related to abu sufyan? (salam)
  15. (salam) Pretty much all sports evolved from practice for combat and life skills in general in one form or another. You practice certain skills and build your body through archery, swimming, horseback riding and there is no problem in enjoying doing it. All these skills also support a healthy lifestyle and one that allows someone to be self sufficient as in hunting, protecting ones family, etc (salam)
  16. (salam) 2:62 Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (salam)
  17. (salam) So our Imam that ate stale bread most of his life had a "big belly"? Doesnt make to much sense and goes against a lot of other hadiths. (salam)
  18. Can you pray Mustahab prayers, such as Salat El Layl, if you have Qudah prayers to make up? Is this according to all Marajeh?
  19. (salam) Very well said brother, I think this sums up most peoples view here. (salam)
  20. (salam) I just wanted to share something that to me doesnt make sense. Ive read many times on these forums were some of you were verifying the authenticity of a hadeeth and allowed certain people in the sanad to be eliminated because they were "Shia". You are on a forum to put what we know on the stand and analize it so that the truth comes forward, yet you disqualify people for being (shia). Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way, but why are you even debating with shia if you eliminating what some of them said 1000 years ago because they were "Shia". Seems hilarious to debate with someone then eliminate evidence for one reason and that being "that person is a shia". Rediculous! If you are debating with someone, shouldnt we be giving and taking to find the truth? Are you just here to preach? If you are, dont do it under the disguise of debating. I know that I am convinced of the path that I am on, but I will happily change schools of thought (or religions) if proven wrong. So to debate with a group that has a chance of being correct (no matter how small a chance) and not accept hadiths strictly for that reason seems ludicrous. Allah (swt) will be happy with this reasoning? To each his own and Inshallah Allah (swt) guides us all. (salam)
  21. (salam) This is a letter from Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr (the son of Abu Bakr, the first "caliph") to muawiya. I also put muawiyas response back to him. This has been put on this site before but I havnt seen it in awhile. Its a good read if you never have. From Muhammad son of Abu Bakr to the sinner Mu`awiyah son of Sakhr: Peace of Allah unto those who obey Him from one who is peaceful to whoever accepts only Allah as his Master. In His Omnipotence, Greatness, Power and Might, Allah did not create the creation in vain, nor due to a weakness in Him, nor to a need to what He creates. Rather, He created His beings so that they may worship him. He let some of them sin while keeping others on the right guidance. Some of them He left to suffer, and to some He granted happiness. Then He knowingly chose from them Muhammad to be the sole bearer of His Message. He selected him to receive His revelation and entrusted him to carry out His commandments. He sent him as His Messenger, bearer of glad tidings, and warner, to testify to the divine Books which were revealed before his time, and to guide people to uphold His injunctions. So he invited people to accept his mission through wisdom and beautiful exhortation. The first to respond positively to his call, to obey him, to believe in him, to put his all at his disposal, and to be a Muslim, was his brother and cousin Ali ibn Abu Talib. He believed him with regard to the knowledge of the unknown; he preferred him over everyone else he loved; he protected him with his own life; he solaced him in every precarious situation; he fought those whom he had fought and sought peace with those to whom he was peaceful. He never fled when death seemed imminent out of his love for his life; he came out as one unmatched in prowess; nobody could ever come close to what he undertook. I saw how you tried to reach his lofty status, though you are what you are, while he is the one who stood out above the rest as the foremost in the doing of anything good and in embracing Islam. His conviction was most sincere, his offspring the best among all people, his wife the best of all women, whose cousin was the very best, whose brother traded his life on the Day of Mu'ta for the Pleasure of Allah, whose uncle is the master of martyrs on the Day of Uhud, whose father defended the Messenger of Allah and his mission, whereas you are the accursed and the son of the accursed. You and your father have never ceased plotting to undermine the religion of Allah, trying, both of you, to put out the light of Allah, rallying others behind you, spending your wealth and seeking the support of other tribes. Thus did your father die, and in his footsteps are you now following. Those who testify against you are the very ones whom you seek to please, while those who resort to you are the pariahs from the remnants of parties, the leaders of hypocrisy, those who are the foremost in dissenting from the Messenger of Allah. Those who testify for Ali, though his virtues are quite obvious and merits eternal, are his supporters whom Allah, the Most Exalted One, mentioned and praised in the Qur'an over all others from the Muhajirs and the Ansars: they are with him battalions and valiant defenders, protecting him with their words, always ready to spill their blood to protect his, finding the truth in following him and perdition in opposing him. Woe unto you! How dare you set yourself as an equal to Ali while he is the heir of the Messenger of Allah, his wasi, the father of his offspring, the first among the people to follow him, the very closest to him? He shares with him his secrets; he unfolds his affairs before him, while you are his enemy and the son of his enemy! So enjoy your life as long as you can through the means of your falsehood, and let the son of al-As support your sinning, for your end seems to have come close, and your mischief seems to be waning: soon you will come to know who is to receive the lofty rewards! And be informed that you are plotting against your own Lord Whose Might you do not fear, from achieving Whose Mercy you have despaired, and He will soon take you by surprise while you remain in the deluge of your conceit. And peace be with whoever follows the right guidance. References: Jamharat Rasaail al-Arab, Vol. 1, p. 475. Al-Mas`udi, Muruj al-Dhahab, Vol. 2, p. 59. Ibn Abul-Hadid, Sharh Nahjul Balagha, Vol. 1, p. 283. Here is the responce from muawiya From Mu`awiyah son of Sakhr to the one who faults his own father, Muhammad son of Abu Bakr: Peace unto those who obey Allah. I have received your letter wherein you state what Allah has indicated of His Greatness, Might, and Omnipotence, and what He bestowed upon the Messenger of Allah, in addition to a great deal of talk which you authored to your own liking and which faults you and is offensive to your father. In it you stated the merits of the son of Abu Talib and his age-old feats and kinship to the Messenger of Allah, his having supported and solaced the Prophet in each and every precarious and perilous situation. Your argument against me was produced by you praising someone else rather than demonstrating your own merits; so, you should praise the Lord Who has deprived you of such merits and bestowed them upon someone else. I and your father used, during the life-time of our Prophet, to recognize the merits of Abu Talib's son, and the fact that his feats were greater than ours. When Allah chose for His Prophet (s) that which He has with him, completing His promise to him, permitting his mission to supersede that of all others, making his argument the uppermost, Allah caused him (blessings of Allah be upon him) to die. Your father and his Farooq were the first to snatch his right away from him and dispute with him regarding what rightfully belonged to him. This is something which they both agreed upon and for which they coordinated their efforts. Then they invited him to swear the oath of allegiance to them, but he slackened and was hesitant, so they harbored evil intentions against him and plotted to kill him. He, therefore, swore the oath of allegiance to them later on and yielded. Then their third person, Uthman, stood up to follow their guidance and walk in their footsteps, whereupon you and your friend faulted him for doing so. You did so to the extent that [you caused] even those who went to extremes in sinning to covet his post. You both harbored evil intentions against him till you achieved your common goal. So be on your guard, O son of Abu Bakr, for you will see the evil of your affair. And do measure your span according to your own measure: you will then neither equal nor parallel one whose vision weighs as much as a mountain. Do not incline to overpower him, for even the most far-sighted person cannot realize the limits of his patience. It was your father who paved for him what he paved, building his domain. If our condition is sound, your father is the first to receive credit for it, but if it is oppression, then your father went to extremes in oppressing, and we all are his accomplices: It was his guidance that we followed and whose conduct we emulated. Had it not been for what your father had done, we would not have disputed with the son of Abu Talib, and we would have surrendered to him. But we found your father doing so before us; therefore, we followed his example and emulated his deeds. Find fault with your father, then, for what he did, or refrain, and peace be with whoever returns to his senses, to the right guidance, and who repents. References: Jamharat Rasaail al-Arab, Vol. 1, p. 477. Al-Mas`udi, Muruj al-Dhahab, Vol. 2, p. 60. Ibn Abul-Hadid, Sharh Nahjul Balagha, Vol. 1, p. 284. (salam)
  22. (salam) Joy sounds like a christian posing as a muslim. Its a sin to lie isnt it? If Allah (swt) intended for the Holy Quran to be compiled in the order of revelation, it would have been. If you want to think your smarter then Allah (swt) by knowing that chronological order is better then the order he put it in, go ahead. Your arrogance is shocking. The Holy Quran was sent for ALL OF MANKIND. The order it was revealed was relevant to the people living at that time. They were experiencing the teachings and guidance as it was needed then, when iy was needed then. The Quran that we have today is exactly what Allah (swt) wanted us to have. (salam)
  23. (salam) So you believe the Holy Quran is not in the order Allah (swt) intended it to be? You also believe that the size of a chapter or the order it is in has to do with the importance of the content of that chapter? You also know for a "fact" that the size of the chapters of Allah (swt)'s guidance means absolutely means nothing? (salam)
  24. (salam) As promised I will now share another dream I had with you. This dream was one of the first I had and best ones. (bismillah) I found myself in the center of a ruined city. I was looking around and buildings were destroyed and on fire, death and chaos were all around. I was extremely terrified. I looked around and all I could think about was looking for my family to make sure they were ok. I started running around not knowing where I was but looking for my family. Then someone tapped me on my shoulder and told me that it wasn't time for that (worrying about my family). It was time to fight and defend truth and justice. I told him I have nothing to fight with and he told me that it was ok as I just had to go to this man he was pointing at, and that man would give me what I needed. I ran to the man that had what I needed. He pulled out a cloth. He unwrapped the cloth and inside it were 3 dhulfiqars (our Imams sword). I knew 2 of them were fake and only one was real. Right away I realized that the man that was talking to me and telling me what to do was our Master Imam Ali (as). This gave me a great feeling and I picked the sword I knew was the real one. All of the sudden I felt the power a mumin has in the cause of Allah swt. I seen a kafir with a weapon in his hand and started to chase him. He hid behind a door that was more like a gate of a castle. It was big and solid wood. I chuckled that he thought that it would save him and struck the door with the sword. I cut the door in half and him behind it. I then woke up. It was an amazing dream. I was at a pious moment in my life and it made me feel amazing. One thing I cant answer is if theres a signifigance to there being 3 swords or was it just that I picked the right one amonst the 3, I dont know. (salam)
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