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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) In Islam, were not told that life is about finding happiness like in many cultures and societies around the world today. This thinking is poison because its not possible to always be happy. Islam teaches us that life in this world is about struggle. We are guaranteed hardship and struggle in this life. When we are having a hard time in life, its usually because we've lost focus of our Lord. Lets imagine that before we were born, Allah swt had a conversation with us and said that he was going to send us down to earth for a few years and he wants us to be representatives of his on thi
  2. (salam) I believe sincerity comes from knowing the truth and why we were created. The truth is that the only truth is Allah swt. We were created to worship and to represent him. So by representing him in all actions in your life and remembering him in all instances of your life, comes sincerity. The more conscious of Allah swt we are in everything, before everything, after everything, its easier to be sincere. Khalil Jaffer has some amazing lectures on these topics that make it clear. Sorry, I am probably of no help, but im sure his lectures will be. (salam)
  3. (salam) From my research, you only have to clean things with earth that have been eaten from by pigs and dogs. Pots, pans, utensils, that came into contact with pork meat only need to be washed. This sum it up? If it does, then is eating at restaurants that are probably using dishwashers using the amount of water needed to make them pure? If we are unsure of the amount but sure that they washed them, is that sufficient? (salam)
  4. (salam) Ordering vegetarian food from restaurants that serve pork, where its obvious that before they cooked the vegetarian food Im about to eat, they probably cooked pork at one time in the vessel they use to cook my food. Pork was also probably served at one time on the plates Im eating on and with the utensils Im using. Are we allowed to eat the food? If we have a room mate that cooks pork in pots that we share, and eats it on plates that we share, what is the procedure for cleaning these things so i can use them? Dishwasher ok? If most marajaa agree a genaric answer will work, if the
  5. (salam) A restatement on the history of islam and muslims. Great book that discusses what you are looking for. If you search al-islam.org its on there. (salam)
  6. (salam) Im thinking of opening an Islamic bookstore, Inshallah. Do you guys know any wholesalers/publishers that can and do ship to the US? Any advice? I come from a completely different line of work but think this would be great for both myself and the community. Thank you for any advice. (salam)
  7. (Salam) I am not a learned person and this is my ignorant opinion so take it as such. Amr BR and Nam, have to be done in the best of ways with the best of arguments. A lot of times we know whats right and wrong only because we have conviction in our faith in Allah swt and his religion and are told halal or haram. We do not however, truly understand the reasoning and logic behind some of the articles of faith. If thats the case, we should not be bringing forth an argument of whos doing right and wrong until the knowledge and wisdom of the act that we would like to show people the better path
  8. (salam) Why would I open a new post if all the information is present right here? I don't believe my post is vague at all. Reread from the beginning post. I asked if we could pray mustahab prayers while having qudah to do. I received answers stating that we could according to most marajaa. I then received an answer saying that you can but its makrooh according to our Imams SAHIH HADEETH. I do not wish to do anything makrooh, even if its allowed. I also would think that if it was makrooh, a marjaa would probably say so. Now you want to jump in and offer zero help, just a complaint abo
  9. (salam) Why would sayyed Sistani and other marajaa not mention that it was makrooh in their response? (salam)
  10. (salam) So interesting i thought I would bring this back to the top. I believe everything he said. One thing that I question though is why in his "enlightened" state does he shy away from society. In that state does he not have an obligation to help the ummah, free people from the shackles of this world? Also, sorry not to address you directly but I see that you have not been here in a long time. If you do read this substitute the "he's" for "you's" lol (salam)
  11. (salam) "They plan and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners" Holy Quran 8:30 (salam)
  12. (salam) Yet all I've seen from people is allegations. "He slaughters", "He kills", "He arrests", "He oppresses". I am not talking about the current conflict the past few years because anyone of us that had to deal with fighting a foreign enemy inside our countries would have to do an ugly job, and probably arrest innocent people, kill innocent civilians inadvertently. War is ugly and no army in the world is so strong in might that they can go in and pinpoint enemies with zero casualties of civilians. Can someone show me these atrocities that he commited before this current foreign war, so th
  13. (salam) I'm not educated at all on this topic. All I know though, is that aside from the past few years, I've never heard of anything bad from him. I've never heard of murder, oppression, etc. I've actually heard that his country's economy was improving, people were happy. I've heard this from a few Syrians. Can one of you people that hate him explain to me why he's the devil and give me only facts please. Thanks (salam)
  14. (salam) This army that's fighting in Syria and Iraq are made up of the worst people. Have you watched the video of that kafir biting the heart of a dead soldier? hind, abu sufyans wife bit from Hamzas liver. Now we see there ancestors doing the same actions. Do we know if the leaders of these groups are related to abu sufyan? (salam)
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