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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hNpiM5KZmI --> South Lebanon
  2. bismallah rahman rahim Salam 3laykoum While I was reading in wikipedia, I saw that "Shia Muslims constitute 27% of the population in Lebanon" I went to Leabanon every summer, and all what i can say you have easily 1.5 millions shias in Beirut... And you see in wikipedia french taht is 40-55%..Arent Shia more than 60% of Lebanon population http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shia_Islam Look in Demographic. Wa3laykoum salam Have a good day
  3. Well I'm not going to have with you a discussion about the fact that bashar should stay..Because this post is not on bashar staying or not... Thats so bad thah he died.. :'( I remebered a lot of his shows in Syrian Drama, he was a great actor
  4. Allah yarhammo, He was a great actor in bab el hara :'(...Juste because he made a video saying that bashar is good and he got killed... :( To hell FSA.
  5. May Allah help Sayed hassan nasrallah and the moukawimoun in Lebanon.
  6. Like brother said before, when you read the Quaran in arabic it gets you more in than to read it in english.. Its like reading a novel who was translated, you understand the meaning of the novel, but you dont undersatnd his profounf meaning.. Or like watching english movies in french.. Some expression juste completly change...
  7. Thanks you brother for your answer, it really helped me out Salam 3laykoum @South Leabnon thanks you brother for your answer and lets hope bashar will prevale @Ya kamar bin hashim iinshallah, the ennemies of islam will be defeated @Aj12 Its reallt a statemate but "faina hizb Allah whoum al ghaliboun", inshallah bahsar will stay. And thanks for your answer Sorry for the multipost.. :s
  8. Salam 3laykoum, Could someone please describe me the situation of Syria those weeks? or its just like klling each day ? Has it been going good or bad for Bashar al Assad? I've been reading newspapers of Syria from its beginiing but I stop recently because i was having work to do and etc... But as I go now I see tha the situation has get worse.. :( Do you think that bashar may get back Syria as his father or a change is comming..? I hope that Bashar stay (inshallah) Please, I want an asnwer from a pro-bashar.. (I dont have time to loose(argue)) Thanks you.
  9. Al Qaeda and Taliab will join sufyani side hahahah not Imam Mahdi (as) side..
  10. I don't know Russia arent muslims nor they are been helped by Syria and they still support Syria.. Qatar had offered 500 mio to putin to be against syria and he refused.. Qatar offered 400 mio to hamas, an organisation who has been suported by Syria, Iran , Lebanon in the past years and in jsute 1 day, Hamas went against them for money...
  11. Hezbollah is supporting Palestine who is majoritary sunnite.
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