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  1. celestial

    I feel sorry for those who believe him...

    It's so sad to hear the words of truth from a zionist, murderer, wicked tyrant.
  2. Enjoy the books of Sayed Qutb... Cheers.
  3. Oh yeah right, he is too busy translating Sayed Qutb's books, a must for ummah... I can understand that. Sorry I was mistaken.
  4. No, this is Q&A, not a risalah.
  5. Where is the risalah of Khamanei? Is it published? What took him so long?
  6. Majority of the pro-WF call Khamanei as "Rahbar" and literally they see him as the leader of the ummah, they believe that he is in communication with Imam Mahdi. Here we see the reflections of this mindset.
  7. Alright. I saw this in another topic. Look at below, "Imam Khamanei, leader of the muslim ummah" Excuse me, but who chose him as my leader? I don't remember voting? Why do I have to see this everywhere? Why am I being pushed to believe in WF? Why do I get alienated and harrased when I rightfully speak against wilayat faqih? Khamanei isn't even a qualified scholar, let alone being the leader of the muslim ummah? Seriously what kind of coma are you people in?
  8. Leader of the muslim ummah. Seriously? You pro-WF'ers really push people to be malangs.
  9. celestial

    Angels After Judgement Day

    Salaam, Is there any information about what will happen to 4 arch angels (Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Azrael) after judgement day? What purpose they shall serve?
  10. celestial

    How do you Shias view Ibn Taymiyyah?

    He was a sheer nasibi, an enemy of Ahlulbayt a.s. May Allah curse him for all eternity.
  11. celestial

    Wikileaks reveals US/Sayed khomeini links

    What were scholars doing before Iran?
  12. celestial

    Wikileaks reveals US/Sayed khomeini links

    Yes that's true, because as I said in earlier posts, whatever Iran does, right or wrong, it is automatically counted as the general Shia behaviour/viewpoint. Think about all the events when the Islamic Revolution happened. Think about all the justice in Iran going on from the beginning of the revolution until today, it is all done in the name of SHIA ISLAM. So, Shia Islam can't be a tool for dictatorships, can't be a tool for politics, because it is beyond all those, it is sacred. Many prominent Ayatollahs refused the idea of establishing an Islamic Government when revolution happened, they weren't arrogants, they were aware of these truths. We don't need a government above us to protect us or dictate what should we do globally. Russia is secular, China is secular, Europe is secular, but still they intervene in middle east so could a secular Iran.
  13. celestial

    Wikileaks reveals US/Sayed khomeini links

    No. Wrong. I learned some Persian because I loved the language. My playlist was full of Persian artists when I was listening music, I loved Persian music. I love Persian culture. I like Persian people. I love Persian elegies. My marja is Sayed Sistani h.a. who is a Persian.
  14. celestial

    Wikileaks reveals US/Sayed khomeini links

    As long as Allah raises me as an ally to His Prophets a.s. and Imams a.s., I wouldn't mind.
  15. celestial

    Wikileaks reveals US/Sayed khomeini links

    LOL. All those umayyad, abbasid, ottoman tyrannies couldn't eat Shias for all the history but some 50.000 cannibals would have eaten the approx. 300.000.000 Shia world?