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  1. i pity the fools lol The best they could do, was have a guy named assir block the roads for a month.... even during the civil war, the sunnis couldnt even get into east beirut, while the shia did all of beirut in weeks LOL let them try, when people mention salafis and al qaeeda in south lebanon they laugh at them. We survived thousands of sorties , 30 years of occupation, f16s, artillery , tanks, you name it we faced it. and we are meant to be scared of some guys with long beards who at best will let off a car bomb ? lol please
  2. the same rocket attacks that no one ever takes serious ? not even Israel why dont they send a letter to netenyahu ? or wont they get paid if they do lolll bloody trolls, thats all al qaida are, a bunch of suicidal trolls
  3. Seriously he is dead RIP Allah Yir7amo I hope i am wrong, but im not This is all so the dirty politicians who are still using his name, to keep their scams going, can keep ripping the people off !!!!! That is why Labayk ya Sadr, Labayk Ya Nasrallah
  4. depends who banned you. If its al mufeed forever , because he spends most his time in there trying to prove his dominance MAcisaac is cool, along with the rest of them. But if you have mutah king, and the other chat dwellers in their ear, ESP al mufeeds, then your in a world of hurt, bec looks like u will be banned for a while :)
  5. i normally use eset nod32 lol its good enough and i download ALOT i do want to download linux maybe with the gnome shell, but im just scareddddd lol
  6. Guys i dont mean to be rude, or rain in your your parade here, but Iraq is not going to be stable for a long long long time. As long as it still has oil, and KSA is still around and all those american bases too, then im sorry but its going to stay the same if not worse. You cant have a country in the middle east that is strong and powerful, and habitable, other wise you will have invasions forced upon you (Iran) and will have to deal with sanctions EOD of the week. Sorry guys dont get your hopes up... If we were going to live forever iw ould get my hopes up but we wont lol, Id much rather look forward to the after life. Either live there now and have some sort of income coming in from the west, or just visit there. Its not going nor will it EVER become like dubai or qatar or other countries. So just take it how it is lol if you can handle it move there, if not, then dont. Inshallah i want to visit there in the next 2 years salams
  7. Some one should kill that Yassir Habeeb guy.... Seriously enough is enough. Im all for hunting down wahabis, but when it comes to that, let Allah deal with her accordingly. Thats what Imam Ali did after the battle of Jamal. I think its important to acknowledge mistakes people make, but not to let it all turn into pure hatred and anger, because this is where the devil excells All i hear sunnis say these days is how we curse abu bakr and aiisha.... Its sad really Quiet troll
  8. That explains everything.... Best of luck bro, but it hink you should be more worried about the taliban slaughtering shiites off a bus and blowing up local masjids, not how to stop women from looking at you, or sheilding your kids to the an extent that when they grow up they will NEVER know how to make decisions for themselves because daddy made all decisions for them Salam bro
  10. Yes brother but can you change it ? no you can not. Maybe you might be able to change one persons life and that may be enough for you to make a little difference in the world. Dont worry about the rest. Truth is bro your only noticing the females, because your interested in the females. Have you noticed how materialistic guys are these days ? how they are "for sale" and so forth ? Come on bro, the answer is simple Ignore them and they will ignore you, when someone asks a question you answer it, if they want to know more you tell them more, if they dont listen then bad luck, just move on with your life. Unless your willing to become an assassin and take out all the head honchos in charge of hollywood, the media, the people in the drug trade, politicians, sex slavery, gambling, you name it what ever industry poisons society, then really you cant do much bro. Just man up, get yourself a lady (or 4 if you can handle it), work hard, raise your kids so they dont become illusioned like the rest of society, then Inshallah if you do YOUR JOB and i do MY JOB and everyone on SC does THEIR JOB, then Inshallah we will have more then 313 people awaiting the Imam Mahdi a.s As 2pac says in his long last words 1 n*gga teach 2 n*gga , 3 teach 4 n*ggas , and them n*ggas teach more n*ggas, and when we blast, it will the biggest blast you heard, and them is my last wordz ! why thank you lol
  11. they always do that. It so sad that they feel threatened by a website. Damn salafis
  12. Brother seriously i think your blowing things out of proportion. It all comes down to how you behave in public. Girls will only chat you up and stare shamelessly if you are giving them a chance to. Giving off vibes, or maybe even flirting with them. Do they stare at EVERY male or just you ? I just think its funny because when i changed my attitude the way i dress, behave and look at people (from being a playboy to a "mo2min") i realised it all narrows down to your behavior !!!! If you wear muscle tight shirt and have your triceps bulging out, your hair gelled and wearing the latest of the latest, just go buy milk and maybe some noodles lol then dont be upset if you get girls looking at you, or even guys trying to fight you ! I personally found the best hijab for a male is his behavior and dress sense. You dont have to dress like a bum and you can still be neat without wearing latest of the latest. I dont know bro, i just think it all narrows down to YOU, because i found with my personal experience, when you ignore "them" they tend to ignore you too ...
  13. far out what a bunch of kids you all are. Everyone here likes oral sex, if your male, female whatever. I dont know who is married and who isnt, who has done it who hasnt, but your all seriously FREAKING OUT Its like a smoker saying when he is a kid, ill NEVER do that when i grow up or a girl saying , "i cant believe she ditched her best friend for a guy" then 2 weeks later she does the same thing, with the same guy lol. Seriously there are bigger issues in life then oral sex. What people do in their bedroom is THEIR business, not yours. So the question was, was and is it halal, Makrooh, Haram. Answers were given, and everyone else shut up and keep your "im so holy" opinion to yourselves, ESPECIALLY if your not married or a virgin, because chances are your going to indulge in oral sex when you get married, so save the humiliation of looking back and saying to yourself "i cant believe i used to think like that" and yes im speaking on behalf of those who didnt have the kahoonas to say this lol now close this damn thread
  14. A few hours after the ferocious attack on Damascus by the Free Syrian Army began last month, the new Syrian minister of information, Omran Zouhbi, turned on journalists in the capital. "What are you doing here in Damascus?" he roared. "You should be out with our soldiers!" And within a day, tired images of a primly smiling President Bashar al-Assad and pictures of Syrian troops happily kissing children were replaced by raw – and real – newsreel footage of commandos fighting their way across Baghdad Street under fire from the rebel opponents of the regime, grimy-faced, running from street corners, shooting from the cover of walls and terraces. "We've cleaned up here," one tired but very angry officer said. "So now we're going to get the rest of those [Edited Out]s." Never before – not even in the 1973 war when the Syrian army stormed Observatory Ridge on the heights of the Golan – had the Syrian public witnessed anything as real as this on their television sets. And – despite all the mythical tales of its presence in every smashed village – the battle for Damascus really was fought by Maher al-Assad's ruthless 4th Division. The soldiers loyal to Bashar's younger brother gave no quarter. "It was a slaughter, a massacre," a Syrian with expert knowledge of the military told me. "A lot of the corpses were already bloated within hours, but you could tell some of them weren't Syrian; there were Egyptians, Jordanians, Palestinians, one Turk, Sudanese …" He counted 70 bodies at one location, 42 of them non-Arab. The FSA said it lost only 20 men, and claimed that the Syrians emphasised the number of "foreign fighters" they found among the dead. "Syrian soldiers don't like to think that they are shooting at fellow Syrians – they feel much more comfortable if they believe they are shooting at foreigners," the young man said. The statistics of the Syrian war will always be in dispute – both sides will minimise their losses while they are fighting and exaggerate the number of their "martyrs" once the conflict is over; nor will we ever know the true number of the civilian dead, nor the exact identity of their killers. Given unprecedented access last week to majors and generals whom the West accuses of war crimes, I found only one officer who would partially admit the existence of the murderous shabiha militia credited with atrocities in largely Sunni Muslim towns and villages. "The shabiha doesn't exist," he told me. "It is a figment of imagination. There are village 'defenders' who guard some areas …" And that, of course, is exactly what the shabiha claim to be, local Syrian civilians protecting their homes from the government's enemies. They existed in Algeria during that country's barbaric conflict between the dictatorship in Algiers and the Islamist rebels in the 1990s, protecting their families while committing atrocities in towns and villages believed to be used by – or sympathetic to – their "terrorist" Muslim enemies. In Algeria, too, the government's opponents were called foreign fighters, men who had fought in the Afghan war against the Russians and who had returned to continue their holy war against the secular regime in France's former colony. Now another former French colony's secular – albeit Alawite-dominated – leadership says it is fighting men from Afghanistan, making no distinction between Unity Brigades or Muslim Brothers or Salafists or just plain Free Syrian Army. No one will be surprised to learn that there has always been the closest military-intelligence relationship between Algiers and Damascus. But the government army's battle with its Syrian and foreign antagonists has not always gone as smoothly as the regime would like the world to believe. Despite the narrative now peddled in the West, armed men were present on the streets of Syrian cities and villages since the very early days of the Syrian awakening 18 months ago. True, the Arab Spring initially took the form of demonstrations by tens of thousands of unarmed protesters in the great cities of Syria, but an Al Jazeera camera crew captured film of gunmen attacking Syrian soldiers near the village of Wadi Khallak in May 2011. That same month, Syrian television obtained tape of men armed with Kalashnikovs near crowds of unarmed Syrian protesters in Deraa, where the revolt began after secret police officers tortured to death a 13-year-old boy. Yet when they first entered Deraa, it appears, Syrian officers and their soldiers did not themselves believe they were facing armed opponents. "Sixty per cent of the city was secured by us in just one day," a Syrian familiar with the operation says. "We sent in only 1,100 soldiers – this would never happen now – because they did not think there were any armed groups there. But by the time we had recovered the rest of the city in the next five days, we had lost 17 of our men dead to sniper fire." This was not the only surprise: once pitched battles began later in the year, the Syrian military was amazed by the firepower of its opponents. "In Homs, the army was inside a building that received hundreds – literally hundreds – of rocket-propelled grenades," a Syrian familiar with the operation says. "There were thousands of explosions, and eventually we had to evacuate the entire building because it was going to crumble. When the soldiers were out, they had to explode the whole place before it crashed to the ground." And for an army condemned for its own cruelty in battle, the Syrians were astonished by the ruthlessness of those opposed to them. In Andan, a heavily defended army checkpoint was wiped out last year when the Liwa Tawhid, the Unity Brigade, assaulted the position and killed all 75 soldiers and four officers. In a later ambush at Shughour, 120 soldiers were killed. Army files record nine security officers murdered at a police station at al-Hadr in Hama province, eight policemen at another office in the same province. In Salkin, another town in Hama, an ex-army civilian lorry driver employed by the Army's Vehicle Service Station 5036 was assaulted by civilian crowds. Abdul Fatah Omar Abdul Fatah was accused of being a member of the shabiha, stripped naked and hanged, then his corpse was pelted with shoes and decapitated. In Duma, a mosque leader told worshippers: "Among us, there is an Awaini," – a traitor. The man was beaten to death. His name is recorded as Abu Ahmed Akera. When the Free Syria Army followed up its attack on Damascus with an assault on Aleppo, the authorities found that the first target of their enemies was the artillery school. More than 70 cadets managed to resist until reinforcements reached them. Word has it that all anti-aircraft missile crews at the school were hastily taken out of Aleppo to save them from capture and help protect the country's tactical missile defences from possible Israeli or Nato attack. Syrian soldiers fighting their way through the winding, narrow streets of Aleppo's old city this week might choose to remember a young Egyptian student who spent months in Aleppo in the 1990s, working on an urban planning thesis that included the very battlefield in which the army is now fighting: Mohamed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers in the US. Some of the attacks on Syrian officials have been planned with great care; scientists at the Scientific Research Centre outside Damascus have been murdered. Long before the air force was first used in the war – the army claims this was in June – seven pilots were killed by rebels last year. The military says that it began using artillery – as opposed to mortars – only in February. For the government, the outlook appears harsh. The army believes Idlib – reported to be an al-Qa'ida stronghold – will be one of the most critical battles in the war. There are reports of fearful conscripts seized from a civilian bus in central Syria and given an option: either their parents hand over 450,000 Syrian pounds (£7,000) to the Free Syrian Army or the young men must join the rebels. In the village of Rableh near al-Qusayr, a largely Christian population of 12,000 is said to be held hostage by rebels as human shields, although the army has apparently decided it would be too costly to take the village. Bashar al-Assad's government faces a resourceful, well-armed and ruthless enemy whose Islamist supporters are receiving help from the West – just as the Islamist mujahedin fighters were funded and armed by the West when they fought the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980s. With up to 50,000 men under arms and perhaps 4,000 battle tanks, the Syrian army, per se, cannot lose. But can they win? http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-the-bloody-truth-about-syrias-uncivil-war-8081386.html
  15. Yeah they searched our books at the airport before we entered !!! But they didnt check my iphone LOL and Mafiti7at Jinan on my Iphone lol. Besides the worst they do is yell at you & its normally during Salah time when its quiet and your not "influencing" the others , then they couldnt care less. I sat outside Janut Baqih for a few hours in the middle of the night reading Quran, i was the only one there and the guards drove past me a million times and said nothing ! They are punks !!!!!
  16. Im suprised the man with most mutah experiences didnt reply !
  17. honest truth brother, Saudis are only tough towards women. I found the way they treated us men, compared to what i heard how they treat women (from my wife) ESP at Masjid al Nabawi is seriously stupid. Besides Medina is full of serious filthy wahabis. Mecca was allright very laid back compared to Medina. So tense there !!!!
  18. Then thank Christ your not Muslim :)
  19. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn check the ladder lol. Bye bye for 4 weeks, tell me how liverpool are going :P I do too Your a smart man KTBFFH Salams
  20. How dare you women leave your kitchen to jump on the PC Unless your using a laptop, still, you shouldn't even be on that, because your hands should be wet doing dishes !!!! OMG women these days
  21. Lol i guess his plan worked ! The only thing assir did was hurt saidas rconomy
  22. alll i know is every time me and my friend would drive thru lakemba, we would wind the windows down and on the top of our lungs say ABDUL WAHABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB we would ever egg them every now on then. Oh i miss being young !!!!!!
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