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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Selam aleykom! Lijkt het je leuk om een keer af te spreken? Ben op zoek naar Sjiitische vrienden in Nederland, vooral nu de maand muharram is aangebroken.
  2. Selam Aleykom brothers/sisters, I have a question regarding interest. Is it allowed for me to look for a bank that gives the most interest and move my money to it. Not because I want the interest, more to give the interest to the poor. I thought why not look for a bank that gives more so I can hand over more to the poor. WS
  3. Brothers.. No one helping me out with my question?
  4. All right. A small update + I have a question: After quite some talking I finally convinced my mother that the girl I want to marry is a good girl. She went with us to the masjid in muharram and my mother seems to like her a lot! (alhamdulillah) My father accepts her aswell even though she is not from Iraq. He even said that as long as she is a good Muslim and she prays, that's all you need, some non-Iraqis turn up to be even better in the end then Iraqis so what's the problem? This ofcourse made me very happy. My parents gave permission. The girl talked to her mother but she still does not like the fact that I am sjiite and Iraqi. The girl is from Marocco and her family follow the Maliki school, the girl is a follower of the school of Ahl ul bayt (as) and her mother is still having problems accepting this. However she talked to her father and her father was pretty relaxed and said: well we can talk hours and days about this but if it makes you happy then you have my permission. This is wonderful news aswell... however we do not want to get married until I am done with my study (in sha Allah in 2 years), but till that time we want to have contact obviously. So the obvious thing to do here is zawaaj muta right. She talked to her father and he is not the type that really uhm cares about the Islamic laws (he even said he don't care if we do aqd or not), but she told him that she wants a halal relationship and that the only option left is Muta but that for that she need his permission. He didn't mind and gave his permission. Our issue at this moment is the following: she wants a sheikh to be present, my question is: is this really needed? Can't the two of us just recite the formula? Help me out guys and girls :) WS
  5. Ah okay, so in other words 'engagement' is actually a muta marriage.
  6. Well my mother tried to explain it to me and this is what I understood: My father, some men and me will go to her father and propose. We give the mahr, she can buy jewelry and they have to pay for my suit. A sheikh will marry us and we become mahram for eachother. Is this engagement or marriage? My mom said it is zawaaj but also it isnt lol..
  7. My parents found a good girl for me and we are meeting her parents next week at my aunties house. We both saw pictures of eachother and both approved. So as I said next week we will just meet for dinner so we can see eachother. If everything goes good Inshallah we will get engaged. I just need to know, is there a specific time you have to be engaged and then marry? I finish uni in 2 years and I don't have any financial security yet. Any young people here who got engaged and got any tips? Im very nervous and I don't know what to expect.
  8. 1. If you start praying salaat ul layl, is it obligatory to keep praying it? 2. Sayed Sistani in his contemporary legal rulings got asked this question: Classical music is believed to soothe excited nerves, and is also prescribed at time for treatment of some psychological ailments. Is it permissible for me to listen to it? Answer by sayed Sistani: Yes, it is permissible to listen to music which is not suited for the gatherings of amusement and entertainment. (FM, p.438) Does this mean it is halaal to listen to classical/jazz and that sort of music? WS
  9. Read the whole hadith, yes mawla has a lot of translation but thats why the prophet pbuhahp put it in a context ;)
  10. Permission is only needed from the father if you want to have intercourse with the girl. You can enjoy all acts except intercourse. And you don't need permission if she is not a virgin. Correct me if I am wrong though!!!
  11. May Allah reward you for your post Muslimunity1, jazaakAllah elf geyr. Just wanted to add these points which I have taken from Sunni books: The Waq’at Sifeen page 217 and Tareekh Tabari Volume 8 page 186 that Abdullah ibne Umar narrates that he heard Rasulullah say: “Mu’awiya shall not die on the path of Islam”. Jabir bin Abdullah who testified that he heard Rasulullah (s) say: “At the time of his death, Mu’awiya shall not be counted as member of my Muslim Ummah” The Ansab al Ashraf Volume 5 page 132 that Rasulullah (s) states: “From this door shall enter a man from my Ummah who shall be raised with another Ummah on the Day of Judgment, at that point Mu’awiya came through the door” Mu’awiya shall be in the deepest part of Hell Fire
  12. May I ask you, Sonador, what is the purpose of you being here? Are you here to learn something from us? Are you hear to slander Ahl ul Bayt (as)?
  13. We don't pray to the grave of any of our Imams. We don't do sajdah to any of the graves. Yes I call it a victory because it exposed the true Islam. So you are saying you need to rule something to achieve something? So if you can't conquer land you failed?
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