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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, can I have my account disabled/deleted please!

  2. Salaam, can I have my account disabled/deleted please!

  3. Salamu alalikum i would like to know more about the Shia Faith Inshallah its hard for me to get shia books & hadith etc

  4. That last part was really mean how is he being a perve His a 14 year old thinking about marriage. Sounds ten times more mature then most of the guys on here. OP your still young dont worry to much about getting her to be your bride just yet, focus on your studies and work on being a responsible mature person so that inshallah when you two are both old enough you can get married.
  5. If your on a computer you can just put your mouse ontop of their name and it will tell you what topic their reading
  6. For a girl to impress a man she must be a size 2. That's it, just as long as she's skinny the rest can be fixed. Ohhhh how intelligent and suffisticated humans have become.
  7. By far best response I have read, this answer is perfect!
  8. Ur status thing is so funny!

    1. Tima


      Glad you think so :p

  9. !!!!!!!!!! I want these! Would you happen to know we're I can get these? Any online shop ?
  10. I'm sure money is of no importance to the parents. All any good parents want is for the man to show his seriousness and just ask, to approach them and speak to them in a serious matter is enough to get the pareants approval.
  11. The actual mafatih al jinan is the second one, but it has two parts, the first volume is all the duas and the second volume is all the ziyarat. The third one is pretty much the same but I think the mafatih al jinan might have a few more stuff in it, actually im sure it does. And the first one is just a really simple one of the second and third one, the first one is good but very very very limited compared to the other two
  12. wa3alaykuml salam! eid mubarak to you and your family inshallah its a great day for all of you, may Allah swt except your fasts and grant you your duas inshallah, ten3ad 3alehk inshallah... and to everyone else inshallah you all have a great eid!
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