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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Saudi Arabia needs higher oil prices, the easiest way to raise them dramatically is to start a conflict with Iran. Prince Mohamad is an arch ISIS terrorist in my opinion, he might be brazen enough to do something stupid. He already has by entering Saudi into Yemen and supporting the terrorists in Syria. I can't imagine an all out war, but I can imagine heightened rhetoric and a return to the Shia uprisings which will put Saudi Arabia in a difficult spot. I think Iran's election will have a substantial impact on future relations with Saudi Arabia.
  2. Putin has and continues to humiliate Erdogan and he is going to punish Turkey, badly. It seems the rebels are facing a crushing defeat now that the Russians have coordinated attacks with the Syrian Army. Anyone who believes the US or Saudi is fighting ISIS in Syria is very naive. Without the Kingdom of Terrorism (Saudi Arabia), there would be no ISIS, Taliban, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram, Jabhat Nusra, etc.
  3. Saudi Arabia is in trouble in the east, they are in trouble in Yemen and it seems they will also lose mostly in Syria and they've lost Iraq. With the US-Iranian deal, it furthers the defeat for the Kingdom of Terrorism. What the KoT is going to be left with is Raqqa, where Saudi laws are already in place and heads are cut (and selfies are taken with the decapitated beings) daily. I think most of the world can see the forest for the trees, 99% of terrorism is done by Wahabists- whatever their nationality. I always believed that once Iran and the US do the peace deal, the eastern part of Saudi Arabia would rise up, likely breaking away. It seems far away perhaps but maybe not too far, times are changing quickly and with the Saudi diciples of ISIS roaming around the world, most are seeing who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Terrorism is finally being confronted now in Saudi Arabia, the source of terrorism. I wish the Shia's of the East the best of luck, the whole world should support their plight for freedom!
  4. The Houthis are heroes for their steadfast resilience against the pro-ISIS led Saudi "coalition." So far I haven't read of any Saudi victories, I have read that they massacred civilians in a refugee camp and were indiscriminately bombing civilian areas as well as blocking a Red Cross aid shipment- similiar atrocities were done by the "ISIS" against the Yazidis in Iraq. I find it hardly surprising though, considering two ISIS members had blown up a Shia mosque a couple days before the Saudi invasion of Yemen- they do seem to work in tandem.
  5. Syria will never be united again, that's for sure. I think the Alawites should have their own state - however, I don't think this is feasible or a practical possibility. Syria will be divided, whether officially partitioned, or most likely, by law of the jungle lines. As far as I am concerned, it has already happened. Division will open deepen over the coming years...
  6. Syrian elections would be a joke.. whether in war or peace time. They will always be a hoax. Assad will never relinquish power, Syrians are not smart enough to decide otherwise anyways. Assad would never tolerate formidable political resistance movements... Syria is not, nor will ever be a free democratic country, such as Canada. Even if you are not a Wahabi terrorist, start a political peaceful movement in Syria and you will end up dead or in jail.. there is no middle ground. Assad w bas.
  7. The rebels have lost, the question is: whether Assad's regime can sustain itself for the long haul. I am surprised by Bashar's survival, but without Hezbollah, he'd have already been crushed.
  8. Very unlikely they'd contract AIDS. HIV prevalence is very low in most Islamic states, and heterosexual sex carries a very low risk of transmission- pregnancy however, would be highly believable.
  9. and soon, Sultan Erdogan will indict those responsible for indicting his allies. He has a solid track record of putting judiciial forces against him in jail, and for a long time.
  10. I live in a city of 13,000 in rural western Canada, the owner of a gas station is 'fresh off the boat' from Pakistan-- his named is Javaid, he dies his long beard reddish orange to emulate Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). When I first arrived in town, it was the first place I stopped and brother Javaid greeted me in his indigenous Urdu language, when I told him I wasn't from his country but Lebanese he switched to Arabic. Think it looks fantastic and would like to see a photo if you do it. Do Shias dye their beard (dying not dyeing) Peace be upon you..
  11. this happened before Israel even existed. so why blame israel now? pesky hebrews. time to stop blaming and take responsibility for your action.. i learned this as an 11-year old boy.
  12. Big mistake in my opinion for Hezbollah to join this one. I respect the right to defend Shias from these killers, but HA's involvment is deeper then that.
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