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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. the irony of shias such as pyaro and his ilk doubting the bravery of the sahabah ra when they sit in their comfort sipping coffee acting like some internet jihadi/scholar. I am struggling to name any brave shias who did 1% of what the sahabahs achieved?? lets be brutally honest here - the shias not only despise the sahabah but they are also consumed with extreme jealousy.
  2. really?? how many sahih hadiths of the ahlelbayt do you have in shia books?? (dont count the sunni hadiths lol) the series on omar ra is fantastic and shown be in iran during prime time !!!!!!
  3. wasalaam yes I have been watching it and its truly an amazing series. Initially I was cautious with regards to the music played in the intro etc, the depictions/actors (although its uncanny how ali ra is depicted almost like how the shias portray him) and not least how historically accurate it would be. Withstanding the music and actors (which I am still against) the movie has really got me hooked and its a great series which seems very accurate or as accurate as it could be bearing in mind the restrictions of depicting the prophet pbuh. Its beautiful to see how umar ra grows through the serie
  4. There is a stigma with the shia ayatullahs amongst the sunnis about their poor recitation and them not being hafizul quran. Many videos on youtube mock how shia scholars recite the quran How many of them are hafiz??
  5. A very good post. If only there were more shias like you. most shias here really do have a vile and attrocious attitude
  6. ibne taymiah - lol another one of those bogeymen you just love to hate
  7. please expand on what zinjeel is?? is that not using knives ? I have seen in pakistan some men being topless and slapping themselves ?? what about the satr?? do shias not believe that from the naval to the kneecap for men should always be covered??
  8. as its muharram i was just wondering if all the shia here going to be doing matam?? and to what extent?? how many shias here are going to be using knives/swords/daggers etc etc??
  9. I am not being funny with you but your post above raises doubts in my mind that you were a sunni. she was your favourite person in history??? You wanted to be like aisha ra????? you cried like crazy about aisha ra and abu bakr ra??? lol - good try ;)
  10. OMG, the irony of shias complaining about the abusive and abhorrent beahviour of sunnis is comical !!!!! I will say that ali ra will be "turning in his grave" (not literally - its just a saying in the UK) about the behaviour of the majority of shias (not all of them). I must say that now I can see why there is such anti shia feeling out there on youtube !!!!
  11. are you implying that there are sunnis out there who believe that abu bakr ra became a khalifa by mistake or by mere pattern of events????
  12. Its more a case that it appears that shia scholars are more picture taking friendly than most sunni scholars. I have seen many pictures and/or videos of shia sholars doing many things - praying, matam, zikr, reading etc etc but I have never seen a picture of them on hajj. I was just thinking of ayatullah khameini in my mind doing hajj and going to makkah and madinah amist the majority sunnis and the so called saudi wahabis. I am not denying the shia believe in hajj or anything else. its just a simple question. Yes haha since when is he a big scholar !!!!
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