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  1. I mean, the Palesitians must now also live (or die) due to the actions of Hamas. I suspect many more will die. Certainly lots of Israelis are fleeing, but the vast majority are not. Reservists are showing up and getting ready for a ground assault. Unfortunately, I think it'll be a blood bath more for Hamas than for Israel. Israel will certainly suffer casualties, but they will level buildings in front of them if there is any sign of resistance. You can cheer from the side lines for the Palestinians to fight. That's easy. But until you suffer with them, your cheering doesn't mean much.
  2. It doesn't matter what someone has done. You cannot use the actions of one person to justify harm against another. If you want to go after an IDF soldier that raped a woman, then do that. But there is no justification in killing women and children, or even other men, that had no involvement. You also make it sound like this is a common occurrence. Bad people exist everywhere, and I'm sure there are Palestinians that have committed atrocities to Israeli civilians and women (in fact they just killed nearly a 1000). Are you saying that justifies indiscriminate targetting of Palestinians by Israelis? Remember, if it weren't for the world and the US holding back Israel, they would have wiped Gaza off the map years ago. I fear they are going to come close to turning Gaza into an even bigger pile of rubble in the coming weeks and months than it already is. There will aim for so much blood shed that Gaza won't think of doing anything like this ever again. And the saddest part is the Muslims on the sidelines doing nothing but cheering for the Palestinians to fight back and get slaughtered.
  3. So you're saying Israel should get messier with their strikes and kill more Palestinian civilians? That's pretty disgusting. Also, don't really understand your meme. More specifically how it is a meme. But ok.
  4. I don't think you understand how it works. There is compulsory service, but some people are cooks, some are mechanics, some are medics, etc. They all aren't combat trained. But, regardless, just because someone served at one point in time in the military doesn't mean you can attack them when they are in the streets or in their homes. Further, even if they are active military, do you think it justifies attacking them in their homes, with their family? Have you seen the video of them attacking the music festival? Or them pulling women and children into vehicles covered in blood? How do you justify any of that? Most of those people aren't carrying arms. Hey, if Iran or HIzbullah wants to attack, they can try. But they will get their teeth kicked in. The entire world is on Israel's side. There is a US carrier strike group in the region that will resupply Israel with unlimited arms. Israel will get messier and messier and start attacking more and more civilian targets. All those Hizbullah fighters will have their homes hit by rockets, because after all they're legitimate targets right? At least that's what you seem to suggest. Stop blindly supporting something that is wrong just because it happens to someone you don't like.
  5. This guy gets it. This attack has over 700 Israelis dead. I'm sure most are civilian. They attacked civilian targets, they captured women and children. Even people that supported Palestine in the past cannot turn a blind eye to this terrorism. Further, in order for them to be successful, they couldn't show any signs of preparation for a response. The Gazan people I'm sure have no idea what was happening, and didn't prepare. Now Israel will come full force into Gaza and the civilians will suffer. Wouldn't surprise me if they start a land invasion and decimate Hamas. In the process they will likely kill and capture most young men, many teenagers, and of course women and children will die in the process. And they will have the world's sympathy as they do it. Gaza will be further turned into rubble, and there will be even more desperation from the people there. Thousands of orphaned children will grow up without fathers, and some without mothers. They will lack an education, they will have nothing to live for other than to sacrifice themselves as further cannon fodder one day. I completely understand that this attack was likely borne out of frustration and hopelessness. But it lacks any foresight. You had an Israeli government that was non-functional. One that had a lot of infighting, and a lot of liberal Jews that were revolting against the hard right conservative government of Netanyahi. Now they're uniting, and they're uniting against a common enemy that is Hamas/Palestinians. This is a bad look for Palestinians and a bad look for Islam. Iran should not be supporting these acts. They should be voicing support for Gaza in the context of their desperation, but not condoning such actions. As a side note, I wonder if Saudi Arabia will be compelled to hold off on signing any diplomatic relations with Israel if the Saudi people support the Palestinians and the Israelis go too brutal when they retaliate. Anyways, the world continues to not surprise me. Hopefully
  6. If I have to "control" my wife and allow her or not allow her to do things, then there are going to be bigger problems. Depending on the platform, I might voice concerns, but for the most part, I'd be ok with her doing it if she keeps it halal. That being said, if she simply posts on those platforms like it's a diary, or she posts personal pictures, or family pictures, then I would not like that. Like I wouldn't want her going on rants online and such. But if she does cooking shows, or teaches arts and crafts, or explains how to fix something, or teaches anything, that's a good use of social media.
  7. 1) If you will be travelling that day, and you believe that the distance/time/burden of that travel would qualify you to not fast, then you do not need to wake up for suhoor. 2) Once you begin your journey, regardless of where you are, you start qasr salaat. (if I understand your question) 3) No need to fast the next day, while travelling. I'm not entirely sure if I understood your questions correctly. Often times if I'm travelling, I will fast if I believe it would be safe and not burdensome to do so. Driving in an air conditioned car, or flying on an air conditioned plane, a few hours is not difficult. Would rather complete my fast than have to make it up later in the year.
  8. I'm not quite sure what you mean zina of the eyes. Do you mean if people look at a woman? Or if a woman looks at men? Either way, neither would make a woman haram for marriage. You could marry a former prostitute if you wanted to, and it would be halal, so long as once you are married you are both bound by Islamic principles and values of marriage.
  9. Who said I'm pursuing the girls that have that rigid mindset that I must accept Sunniism all the way? Those are the girls I usually say bye to. They're a lost cause. The ones I'm talking about are the ones that seek a greater understanding of my position, and question the differences between us and why they exist, and even what they are in the first place. But thanks for your well wishes.
  10. Because I don't have an insecure small mindset that makes me reduce everyone's character down to something that we make up to give ourselves a victim mindset.
  11. Nope, not married yet. Been talking to a Sunni girl for the past 8 months though. Unfortunately she lives overseas, so we just vent to each other and talk about how frustrating this process is, and joke about getting married to each other if we lived closer.
  12. Sorry for the late bump. But yes, I think this is key here. I think there's a push from the far left to make abortion available as almost first line birth control. People don't need to worry about condoms, or pills, or IUDs, just get an abortion. The reality is that abortion should be a last resort when everything else fails. The problem is that as the right pushes hard against abortion, the left pushes hard back to make it more mainstream. Not quite. Most Medicaid patients actually get decent prenatal care if they seek it out. Of course this is highly location dependent. You are correct that many doctors don't take medicaid, but medicaid patients actually get money for food, prenatal vitamins, and quite a bit of social support from the state. Ectopics are medical emergencies and any doctor that refuses to see an ectopic would likely lose their license under EMTALA.
  13. I mean there have been several attacks carried out by Muslims, or those that claim to be Muslim. The shooting at the Navy Air Station in Pensacola by the Saudi pilot. The shooting at a the gay night club in Orlando, the one in California by the married couple. Then the Boston bombings were also in 2013. I'm sure there are more. But yes, I agree with your point. More often than not an act carried out by a Muslim is considered terrorism, regardless of any potential mental health or other motive. An act carried out by someone else is rarely labelled terrorism. But is there any evidence of this happening? Or is it all fear mongering by the media and by celebrities and organizations like Planned Parenthood? I think what's more likely to get a woman killed is the media telling them that doctors won't save their lives if they go to the hospital. If a patient is in need of something, the doctor will do it. Perhaps some doctors are dumb and falling for the media sensationalism that the attorneys general are going to come after them. But most know that if there's a legitimate reason to perform a procedure, they'll do it. There's a very large media and pop culture movement to convince women that abortion is a good thing and something they should use as normal birth control if they just don't feel like having a baby. Instead, they should focus on better birth control. I get that abortion is bound to happen, but it shouldn't be a default procedure that we turn to. It should be used sparingly for rare circumstances. But that's just my observation and thinking.
  14. Yeah, I don't buy this. Any doctor that is doing that is either 1) Already doing that as their standard of practice, or 2) Doing it in an attempt to politicize their actions. Believe me, I work in the medical field and know lots of doctors. This post make no sense. Hemoperitoneum is a medical emergency, especially in the context of a ruptured ectopic. And you don't wait to keep checking the hemoglobin, because the hemoglobin won't drop until hours after a patient is already bleeding to death. Waiting for unstable vitals would happen much faster than falling hemoglobin. There is a lot of misinformation out there. There isn't a court in this country that would take a doctor to trial for operating on a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I agree that many places have laws in effect that were poorly written, but the media is manipulating this to an extreme to try and make it seem as though it's a war against women, or men are trying to kill women, take away their rights to any birth control, etc. We've all heard of stories of women being prosecuted for miscarriages, but I have yet to see anyone actually being prosecuted. Perhaps investigated, but I have yet to see an actual prosecution.
  15. Don't think there's a legal requirement anywhere for a spouse to approve of a woman's tubal ligation. Are you aware of any states that require this currently? I think spousal consent for abortion also isn't a thing. Unless there's a new law requiring it since RvW was repealed. Is that a new law somewhere? I know some doctors require consent for an abortion from the spouse. But that makes a bit more sense if you think about it. That's his child too. But I don't think that's a legal requirement. Could be wrong though.
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