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  1. Who said I'm pursuing the girls that have that rigid mindset that I must accept Sunniism all the way? Those are the girls I usually say bye to. They're a lost cause. The ones I'm talking about are the ones that seek a greater understanding of my position, and question the differences between us and why they exist, and even what they are in the first place. But thanks for your well wishes.
  2. Because I don't have an insecure small mindset that makes me reduce everyone's character down to something that we make up to give ourselves a victim mindset.
  3. Nope, not married yet. Been talking to a Sunni girl for the past 8 months though. Unfortunately she lives overseas, so we just vent to each other and talk about how frustrating this process is, and joke about getting married to each other if we lived closer.
  4. Sorry for the late bump. But yes, I think this is key here. I think there's a push from the far left to make abortion available as almost first line birth control. People don't need to worry about condoms, or pills, or IUDs, just get an abortion. The reality is that abortion should be a last resort when everything else fails. The problem is that as the right pushes hard against abortion, the left pushes hard back to make it more mainstream. Not quite. Most Medicaid patients actually get decent prenatal care if they seek it out. Of course this is highly location dependent. You are correct that many doctors don't take medicaid, but medicaid patients actually get money for food, prenatal vitamins, and quite a bit of social support from the state. Ectopics are medical emergencies and any doctor that refuses to see an ectopic would likely lose their license under EMTALA.
  5. I mean there have been several attacks carried out by Muslims, or those that claim to be Muslim. The shooting at the Navy Air Station in Pensacola by the Saudi pilot. The shooting at a the gay night club in Orlando, the one in California by the married couple. Then the Boston bombings were also in 2013. I'm sure there are more. But yes, I agree with your point. More often than not an act carried out by a Muslim is considered terrorism, regardless of any potential mental health or other motive. An act carried out by someone else is rarely labelled terrorism. But is there any evidence of this happening? Or is it all fear mongering by the media and by celebrities and organizations like Planned Parenthood? I think what's more likely to get a woman killed is the media telling them that doctors won't save their lives if they go to the hospital. If a patient is in need of something, the doctor will do it. Perhaps some doctors are dumb and falling for the media sensationalism that the attorneys general are going to come after them. But most know that if there's a legitimate reason to perform a procedure, they'll do it. There's a very large media and pop culture movement to convince women that abortion is a good thing and something they should use as normal birth control if they just don't feel like having a baby. Instead, they should focus on better birth control. I get that abortion is bound to happen, but it shouldn't be a default procedure that we turn to. It should be used sparingly for rare circumstances. But that's just my observation and thinking.
  6. Yeah, I don't buy this. Any doctor that is doing that is either 1) Already doing that as their standard of practice, or 2) Doing it in an attempt to politicize their actions. Believe me, I work in the medical field and know lots of doctors. This post make no sense. Hemoperitoneum is a medical emergency, especially in the context of a ruptured ectopic. And you don't wait to keep checking the hemoglobin, because the hemoglobin won't drop until hours after a patient is already bleeding to death. Waiting for unstable vitals would happen much faster than falling hemoglobin. There is a lot of misinformation out there. There isn't a court in this country that would take a doctor to trial for operating on a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I agree that many places have laws in effect that were poorly written, but the media is manipulating this to an extreme to try and make it seem as though it's a war against women, or men are trying to kill women, take away their rights to any birth control, etc. We've all heard of stories of women being prosecuted for miscarriages, but I have yet to see anyone actually being prosecuted. Perhaps investigated, but I have yet to see an actual prosecution.
  7. Don't think there's a legal requirement anywhere for a spouse to approve of a woman's tubal ligation. Are you aware of any states that require this currently? I think spousal consent for abortion also isn't a thing. Unless there's a new law requiring it since RvW was repealed. Is that a new law somewhere? I know some doctors require consent for an abortion from the spouse. But that makes a bit more sense if you think about it. That's his child too. But I don't think that's a legal requirement. Could be wrong though.
  8. Sure, he should've thought about that. But so should the woman. But she can just say she doesn't want it and get it aborted. He has no recourse. I'm speaking from a non-Islamic perspective here. Seems like a double standard. If we're all about equality now, then men should be able to get out of it too. Again, I don't condone it. But it's a reality.
  9. I have no problem with prayer in school. So long as individuals aren't forced to pray, or forced to pray a certain way. That being said, I fully agree that if one person is allowed to lead a prayer a certain way, then anyone should be allowed to lead a prayer a certain way. Just like any other right protected by the law. That same right must be equally protected for all. If you can't deal with someone else, then you don't deserve it yourself.
  10. This isn't true. There was a version of a law while it was drafted that didn't account for ectopic pregnancy. That draft has been updated and this no longer exists in the law. However the pro-abortion crowd and media seized on it and continue to parrot it as if it's fact. I doubt it'll decrease how often people sleep around. However, it will hopefully encourage them to use better birth control. THere has already been a huge increase in desire for IUDs, and other birth control. And this is a good thing. It'll eventually, hopefully, make people more responsible, and even if abortion remains legal everywhere, it'll make it a seldom used treatment for rare cases of genetic anomalies, threats to the mother's life, or rape/incest. Do you have any links to a woman getting actually prosecuted for a true miscarriage? Like not just being charged, but actually prosecuted? Yes, they're forced to pay child support for that child till they're 18. This is actually a good point to play devil's advocate. A woman can get out of a pregnancy if she feels she isn't ready to be a mother, financially or otherwise, by aborting. But a man can't. I get that it's a woman's body, and this isn't an Islamic view at all, but if a man tells her "I don't want the baby, I'm not supporting it, you can abort it or take care if it all by yourself," then why can she force him to still pay child support? This is ridiculous. You're taking an entire group of people and reducing them down to a small faction. Let's be realistic here, the majority of conservatives are good people, and many of them are Christian, and many of those Christians have ethical and moral views that align far better with Islam than the left wing liberals. The only reason Muslims don't better align with conservatives in this country is because after 9/11 the neo-cons took a majority hold of the Republican party and started portraying Muslims as an enemy. Also pretty weak sauce to come throw down an opinion like that and run away not willing to debate. I doubt it. Middle school kids are "open to the idea" because pop culture and the media and celebrities are making it seem as though it's perfectly normal to have sexual relations with anyone. But there's also so much free and easy access to sexual content and young people of both genders are so open to it, that I doubt kids will resort to it much. There are certain Muslim countries where homosexual activity is actually quite rampant. Both among men and women, because it's just so much easier to meet with someone of the same gender, than it is to sneak around and meet someone of the opposite. I know a girl in Saudi who has told me some very disappointing things that she's seen/heard about.
  11. I mean, Muslim men are allowed to marry Christians. And if they do, they must let a Christian (or Jew) practice their faith. Certainly you're supposed to do what's best for the child, and Islamically that would be raising them to be Muslims. But in the modern world, you cannot tell a woman how to raise a child. I think what's best for the child is there to be harmony in the home. Talk with your wife, and stress the importance of how you feel. Work hard on keeping your marriage together, and worst case, work hard to ensure that your child gets exposure to Islam just as much as anything he gets from your wife's family. At the end of the day, raising a child that even believes in God in this day and age will be a victory. Of course, him accepting Islam will be better victory, but you must do what you can. While there are unmarried Muslim sisters out there having a hard time getting married because Muslim men keep chasing non-Muslim women, and I'm sure one of them would love to marry you, I would still suggest that you keep your family together.
  12. Hmm... I wonder if a girl has been intimate with someone before marriage, and is no longer a virgin, but this was kept secret and she repented, must she still get her father's permission?
  13. Agreed. But they should be aware of it, as you point out.
  14. Wait, the Qu'ran says that we must say the third Shahada as one of the 5 pillars? It mentions Imam Ali by name? Can you please point this to me? This is all I could find on the matter: https://en.wikishia.net/view/Third_Testimony
  15. Interesting, I appreciate people that can see the similarities and common ground between our two sects. Will go back and watch these videos later when I have more time.
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