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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi guys a friend of mine just sent me very good points about fasting till layl(night) instead of maghrib(sunset). The quran used the word 'layl' (night) to describe the period of the fasting's end. As the term 'ghurub' (sunset) is well known to the Quran, it could have used such a term clearly to denote the ending of the fasting period without any ambiguity. However, it simply did not. The Sunnah/hadith, sheiks and hearsay seems to indicate that these terms are interchangeable: Is Layl equal to Maghrib? Here are some of the ayat he brought up about the layl and this clearly seems to point to t
  2. Salaam and ramadan Kareem to you all I've been wondering for a few years now why the shia don't pray maghrib at the onset of ghurub (sunset under the horizon). Why do we pray only 25 minutes later? If the quran mentions Layl as the propper time for breaking our fast, why do we not first pray Maghrib at it's appointed time (sunset), then wait 25 minutes for Layl (night) to set, so we can break our fast. Isn't it better to pray on time, when we know by sattelite and science the exact minute when sunset is reached in our area? Thanks in advance & Salaam
  3. Salaam I think you are worrying too much about the potential of stones and too little about the blessings for your health and spirit you will lose when not fasting. FACT I Muslims in general drink MORE water during ramadan than during any other month in the year. Because most of us are very aware of the thirst next day. So just make sure you drink even more, since you're aware of your possible kidney stones. FACT II The human body can make it's own water, this means that as long as you don't eat anything, you can also not drink anything for multiple days!! So I'm sure you'll
  4. Are you going to follow your logic or Allah's logic? Allah says hijab is better for you, you say it's not. Simple as that... also, not a single girl I know who took off the hijab after wearing it for a while ended up becoming better in faith; only the opposite. it might be a test, but no, in your case (being extra attractive 'n stuff) I think you have been handed a great responsibility, the responsibility to restore whatever other hypocrite hijabi's have destroyed and set a true example for the blonde and muslim guys out there, for the sake of your sisters in islam and our daughters later...
  5. Salaam, this is a message via FB. Jahangir Shah Respected sister, hope you are doing well! If you have already found a sister in Belgium in Antwerpen area is great! If not please let me know then I will give you the names of sisters in Belgium! Wa Assalam could you PM me her email/ facebook or any relevant info. OR you can PM that person via fb yourself. InshAlaah Khair.
  6. Put the word out there for you, InshAlaah there'll be response.
  7. I'm not a sis, but I guess I can help find one willing to help out. Tell me about this woman, is she a convert?
  8. @ Zigzag Considering the fact they were the prophet's closest, oldest, wisest and most loyal "friends", they had the power to easily and effectively end any mutiny by any faction. But no, the weasels jumped at the chance knowing that the prophet appointed Ali (as) in their presence multiple times... didn't even bother to wash or help bury the prophet(pbuh&f).
  9. Cause AbuBakr and Umar (being "the loyal friends" of the prophet) should have been the ones discouraging the idea, showing that islam has changed the status quo of the jahiliyah, instead they joined in...
  10. So did your parents call you sayed Ali? Or you mean your name is Ali and you're a sayed? 1: fitnessblackbook.com 2: Know your bodytype 3: Mind your diet 4: Aim for fatigue after 1h max and go home! (if you take a break of 3 to 4 minutes between each set you'll stay there all day... ) 5: Never leave unless you're DESTROYED or don't go. (so again DO NOT take long breaks) 6: And lastly but certainly not least: always increase in weight => if you're hitting the same max weight for 3/4 weeks straight then you're doing it wrong. (6 weeks 3x6 push pull and 6 weeks 3x15 push pull) ps: if you hav
  11. Scholars are usually old and old people have been known to be satisfied with 5 or 4h of sleep. But if he'd been doing this from a young age then wow! He gives Allah most of his time before Fajr and most of us don't even wake up for Fajr... He studies for 2-3 h every day! Most of us don't do anything only to freak out 2 weeks before the exams! Also notice that within his EXTREMELY tight schedule he took a full 45 minutes to just sit down and reflect about today and the future in his garden. => none of us "has time" fro this And he didn't forget to exercise for 30 minutes every day => m
  12. When did it start, who invented it (to draw or make a hand figure) and why is there an eye in the middle?
  13. Salaams So as they said its his prophet's daughter (may the peace and blessings of Allah be with them.) She was married to Ali (the first of twelve Imams/caliphs of islam). She bore two sons Hassan and Hussain (you might have heard of him). Who later became the second and third imams of islam. About her hand, I don't believe it has anything to do with islam... especially the eye in the middle what's wit that! seems more occult stuff to me. Unless of course a knowledgeable brother or sister might enlighten me. Salaams
  14. “A two-unit prayer performed by a married person is better than seventy units performed by an unmarried person.”Imam al-Sadiq (as) [bihar al-Anwar, p. 219, no. 15]
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