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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother, one must realise that shias get their hadith from the imams as well. They have clearly stated that crying for imam husayn carries great reward. And only crying for him is allowed. The prophet (s) would not make this news open in his life time. Some things aren't told to everyone until it takes place. And prophet who would know the details of that event can cry over it before hand unlike anyone. Satan wasn't openly cursed either, not until he did the deed. This is just an analogy to help you understand. Anyway as for self flagellation, it has no part in sunnah of
  2. +98 937 300 6220 this is whatsaap for Ayatollah makrem shirazi.
  3. the question was reward of sunnah vs that of wajib. Some sunni brothers just cant wrap their head around the reward of ziyaarah being so much, and then why would anyone do hajj. i Just pointed them to something similar that they themselves believe in. To help them understand. As for a place being Holy, Why do we do saee, why are safa and marwa holy? why is masjid al aqsa holy? karbla is also one of those important lands where many things happened, like the birth of isa(as) according to shia traditions, The place where the leader of all those in paradise
  4. Kabah is the house of God, makes it more Holy. But then again as a Land if traditions say Karbala is more Holy then it is. If it says madinah is then it is. I don't question the word of the prophet. I remember reading kerbala is the holiest land. I might be wrong. Anyway that is not even the point.
  5. Not someone, many many people tell you that china exists. You would be stupid to not believe them. And lets say if you dont go to china you will suffer for eternity. Would you not take the path to china? Likewise over the years so many prophets came and mystics that say God exists. We have 'seen'. So take the path to God, and when you reach the end you will find Him. I assure you.
  6. The reward of visiting kerbala is way more according to shia traditions, and the land if kerbala is holier still. Yet Hajj is a wajib Act. A wajib act comes before sunnat act. I wonder why do Muslims pray the entire year, when the reward of praying on layl latul qadr is that of praying a 1000 months. 83.33 years.
  7. Ayatollah Syed Sistani: Q: What is the ruling for plucking of the eyebrows in general, and what is the ruling if it is just to clean, and is it obligatory for a woman after plucking to cover her plucked eyebrows before non-mahram men? A: It is permissible and covering is not obligatory. Sunnis dont like it. I think its not allowed for you guys.
  8. As far as i know, its not haram. Check your marjaa tho.
  9. What are the rules on segregation of masjids. Female worshipers and male worshipers are separated by a barrier mostly. Is it necessary? What are islamic rules on this? And how about in kaaba?
  10. How can both be Arif, why dont they convert to either of the one sect. They both meet the prophet (s) and the imams (as). Then how can we say the others are wrong?
  11. Try to understand the words you say during prayers. Humble yourself and even try to cry(be it pretentious at first- it will come naturally afterwards) by thinking of the magesty of God and your lowliness and sins and reflect afterwards. It will soften your heart and would let wisdom in. Read the first two volumes of Al Kafi. It will help your belief and faith in God, the prophet (s) and the aimah (as).
  12. There is no such thing in this case, there are stories. And there are always more then one side to a story. Remember, the victor always write the history.
  13. Again study the people of bani isreal, how many trails they went through. They also had a prophet teaching over them. They weren't over powered, they just went with the follow of what hastily happened at saqifa(planned by the Genius minds who wantes power). Just like the ummah of Musa(as). This ummah did the exact same thing. Even there was a imam among them, yet still. Any people who object on such petty things as usamah being the commander as being young is not fit on the order ofthe prophet or not bring a pen and paper and make noises while prophet is in asking for it are simple
  14. On whom does magic work? I am not even sure if that 'magic' was even something too much that can't be denied by a intelligent mind. It wad just a cow from whom voice came. Tell me would ypu believe that cow is Allah? So basically samiri confused the simple people into believing that Allah is the cow nauzubilllah. And you don't expect the normal masses to do the same all over again -(quran is there to show the mentality of people), when they found out someone else(because of being power hungry heretic) became a caliph. Their simple minds just followed what they were told.
  15. Look around, Everything you see is a sign of God. And yes keep practicing, try to learn. Read the words of the Ahlul bayt and Quran, you will find God.
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