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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aslamalaykum, Adding to the names already given, I'm surprised no one has mentioned these brothers.............. Islamic Salvation, Hannibal lecter, Ibn Ahmed etc
  2. Aslamalaykum, JazaakAllah brother for sharing this beautiful video, we can all learn a lesson. SubhaanAllah
  3. Aslamalaykum, Listen to this one, famous reciter from Pakistan Syed Sadaqat Ali.......
  4. Aslamalaykum, @Ruq Let's not try to cover up or justify the actions, the woman in the OP covering is poor and does not even qualify of having a proper hijaab.
  5. Aslamalaykum, @Abu Hadi Well said akhee, in my opinion regarding........ This so called reform was pre planned by the zionists even before rebels made their first movement.
  6. Aslamalaykum, May Allah swt reward Hazrat Mukhtaar r.a for His efforts......
  7. Aslamalaykum, Is there any good sources to read up about Him? Or if you or anyone can shed some light of why he was kicked out etc
  8. Aslamalaykum, Also we can never trust Russia, they have always been two faced.
  9. Aslamalaykum, May Allah swt accept your efforts brother, make dua for us too :)
  10. Aslamalaykum, He was better than majority of the sunni scholars out there, removed many misconceptions. Those of you who live in these places know how difficult it is to preach, especially when you come from his background. May Allah swt for give his sins and reward him for his efforts. Please recite Faatiha and make dua for him
  11. Aslamalaykum, I advice all brothers and sisters, that do not continue your discussion with ugly jinn until he has given layout of his framework. Well said brother.
  12. Aslamalaykum, That's the difference between the followers of Imam Ali a.s and Mu'awiyaa l.a I beg to differ brother, let's just say that Sayyed is far sighted than any one of us here.
  13. Aslamalaykum, @Miqdaad You've done a excellent job akhee, may Allah swt bless you. We have to be very careful and try to scrutinize the sources, especially the ones that the western media portray as they are looking for opportunities to make this look like shia-sunni conflicts.
  14. Aslamalaykum, We've got a talented poet on board :yaali: JazaakAllah brother
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