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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is there anything wrong. If it is please correct me brother.
  2. I think people do it only to show the intensity of how much they need him in their life. Their intention is pure, this is the thing that matters most. Supplications are very important and they are heard, everybody know that but may be people always need something more.
  3. If i am sitting in ferrari and i am ill then there is no benefit I can get from ferrari. I need to be fit and healthy before i could enjoy other things. If ferrari is your body and you are your soul the same concept apply. If your soul is lost you cant enjoy your body, no matter what you do. In short we are much deeper than our body. If deeper part is in pain there is no way you could remove it by superficial band aid. But question is who am i and where is my soul? When you start asking yourself where am I? Who am I? and look into your self, you will sense a life within you and you will find yourself limitless, timeless, beyound any boundary. But when you sense a life within you soon you feel a lot of resistance which is ego. Ego does not allow you to observe yourself. Ego is a shell which we have associted with ourselves instead of our true selves. As we grow older and older we continue to grow our ego because we associate more of this world with ourselves. Education of building ego startes in our childhood when a child cant let go of his toys because they think that they are 'mine' so they start building up this 'I ness' in everything and start to identify himself with these things. With age this 'I' starts to grow because elder person has more things in this world by which he could identify himself with. So in egoistic person 'I' dominates his true self. His true self is caged by 'I'. Although you can sense ur true self for a very short time if you try but you cant hold it for long to observe it. Ego does not allow you to be free. This is the freedom which is mentioned in islam. To know yourself, first you have to kill your every ego until what remain of you is your true self and you become like a new born baby who knows everything. Like it is said somewhere that when we were babies we knew everything but then we forgot. What does praying achieve? Praying to one God achieve the same. When we are sincerely praying we forget everything else and what ever we have we want to share with our lord. It is like when a child gets a toy and he starts sharing with other children. Thats why sacrifice is so important in every religion specially in Shia islam so that we could be free. Brothers and sisters this is just my opinion which might be wrong. please correct me and If you liked it more will come. Thanks
  4. We do have our own Islamic meditation, why need to go some where else when we know Islam is the only way to Allah. Try to meditate in Salat. I have tried all types of Meditations but nothing matches Salat. Read "Adabus Salat" if you really want to meditate.
  5. If one wants to celebrate his birthday what should be the date?
  6. Indeed. That is true and Inshallah I will. Knowledge gained in next dimension is not comprehensible in this dimension. Next dimension can only be attained through a servitude. I can't stop my journey here on Shia chat remained satisfied only with superficial knowledge. I have to feel knowledge. Hope you understand what I mean.
  7. (salam) I want my account to be deleted permantly because I have learned what I needed to learn. It is now application of all that knowledge in my life, which I would not be able to do as long as I am on this forum. Please pray for me to become a true servant of Allah ( swt). Thanks all of you for your support. :)
  8. She is still better than Tonny Abbott. I like her. Nothing so far on my side of the world. I think Mayans meant America instead of world. That is why we see Washington destroyed in every hollywood movie. ;)
  9. Is there any limit to greed. It is indeed true, man can be lot worse than animal. Deaf, dumb, blind and Their hearts are hard so they can't feel anything. They sell theirselves for greed. Ya Allah bless us with appearance of Imam Zamana (as). (Ameen)
  10. Adabus Salat by Imam Khomeini (ra) and Al Mizan Al Mizan is the bestest book I have ever read.
  11. Don't know about Shia but he certainly is needed badly for this country. I would definitely vote for him.
  12. QUR'AN: and give good news to the patient ones who, when a misfortunate befalls them, say: "Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return." Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course: The patient ones are mentioned in these verses so that Allah may give them good news to begin with, and then may teach them the way of good patience, and thirdly, may explain to them why patience is essential it is because Allah owns the man and fourthly, may declare what is its overall recompense, that is, blessing, mercy and being guided aright. Allah first told His Prophet to give them good news; but did not disclose what was that good news about. This was to show the greatness of the subject matter it is from Allah, therefore, it must be about something specially good, great and beautiful. Moreover, it is something which Allah, Himself has guaranteed. Thereafter, He said that the patient ones are those who say these words when misfortune befalls them. "al-Musibah" (translated here as misfortune) is any happening that occurs to a man; but it is always used for a distressing happening. "Who... say: 'Surely we are Allah's...'": The word "say" as used here does not mean mere utterance of the sentence without keeping its meaning in mind. Even understanding its meaning is not sufficient, unless one penetrates to the depth of its reality. And that is that man is owned by Allah in real ownership and that he is surely to return to Allah his Master. If this feeling takes deep root in his heart, the man will observe the highest degree of patience; sorrow, fear and anguish will be totally eradicated, and the rust of heedlessness will be removed from the heart. How? Man and all his faculties, actions and other concomitants of existence, are there because of Allah He is his Creator and Originator. Man exists because of Allah, and is dependent on Him in all his affairs and conditions. He does not have any existence, or continuity independent of Allah. The Master has the right to manage His slave's affairs in any way He likes; the slave has authority whatsoever in his own affairs, because he has has no authority no independence at all. Allah, owns him; He is the real Owner of man's existence, faculties and actions. Then Allah allowed man to ascribe his "self" to himself as a property is ascribed to its owner. That is why it is said that "man has existence." In the same way, He permitted him to ascribe his faculties and actions to himself. Accordingly, it is said that "man has faculties like hearing and sight", or "he does some actions like: walking, speaking, eating and hearing." Without the Divine permission neither man nor anything else could own any such ascription or attribution, because nothing exists without the Divine permission, or independent of Allah's will. Allah has also informed us that ultimately all things will revert to their original status the state before Allah allowed them to be attributed to one or the other creature and then no ownership will remain there except that of Allah, as He says: To whom belongs the kingdom this day? To Allah the One, the Subduer (of all) (40:16). It shows that man together with all that "belongs" to him or is with him is to return to Allah. In short, there is a "real" ownership; it is reserved for Allah nobody be he a man or something else shares it with Him. And there is an "apparent" ownership, for example, man "owns" his own "self " as well as his children and properties etc. But the real ownership is of Allah, and man owns them in form and appearance only and that also because Allah has allowed such attribution. Thus, when man remembers the reality of Divine ownership, and then looks at his own "self", he knows that he is wholly and totally owned by Allah, Then, he realizes that his "apparent" ownership of his "self" as well as of his children and properties, etc. will soon cease to exist, will become null and void; it will return to his Lord. Then, he will understand that ultimately he owns nothing, either in reality or in appearance. In this background, there is no reason why he should grieve if he is afflicted with some misfortune. One may be affected only by something which one owns feeling happiness when it is found or sorrow if it is lost But when he believes that he owns nothing, he shall not be affected by finding it or losing it. How can he be afflicted by any loss when he believes that Allah is the real Owner of everything and He may manage His property in any way He likes?
  13. Following and chasing are uinappropriate terms for Islamic marriage. These terms are used for unislamic way of life. Marriage is mutual consent. In my opinion who ever find out a perfect match should propose and let other person to decide and give time to find out. There is nothing wrong in proposing someone. Men and woman are like a key and a lock with elevations and depressions in their personalities. There are some characteristics which are prominent in one partner but lack other characteristics and same for other partner. Best match is one who can create a perfect opposite of these characteristics like a key and a lock which can only be open with only a certain key matching its elevations and depressions. No body is perfect, we will always need some one to complete us. By the way for ladies who fear a rejection should know that a man who rejects a woman actually see his shortcomings too if we follow above concept.
  14. Honest suggestion. Stay away from those people. Real man never chase a lady. They are always in full control of their biology. Those who can't control their biology are loosers.
  15. Their religion is all about destruction and Spreading fasad in the land of Allah(swt) and this video is a clear evidence. Where as islam is all about Praising Allah (swt) by construction and helping spread his light. Even living and non living things we see arround always constrct by will of Allah and they are worshiping Allah (swt) according to Quran. They are the only creatures in universe that practice their religion by destruction where as even an atom cant even dare to participate in destruction against will of Allah(swt). These people are pure evil. Lanah on their poor souls.
  16. They plan against Allah (swt) but Allah planed against them. Allah(swt) is the best planner. There is a quranic aya about this.
  17. Yup in green veggies but best source is meat. I have a Hindu friend who regularly take Iron supplements because they don't eat meat.
  18. You forgot to add iron. By the way calcium is in huge amount in milk and Cheese etc. Iron is needed in constant supply and by the way supplements do not work all the time. Researches are showing that supplements have a very little effect on body and can not be used as an alternative to normal food. There is a very good documentary about this but unfortunately YouTube does not work in my region.
  19. I know it sound stupid but opposite of Irfan + Islamic brotherhood are ILLUMINATI. :)
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