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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is there anything wrong. If it is please correct me brother.
  2. I think people do it only to show the intensity of how much they need him in their life. Their intention is pure, this is the thing that matters most. Supplications are very important and they are heard, everybody know that but may be people always need something more.
  3. If i am sitting in ferrari and i am ill then there is no benefit I can get from ferrari. I need to be fit and healthy before i could enjoy other things. If ferrari is your body and you are your soul the same concept apply. If your soul is lost you cant enjoy your body, no matter what you do. In short we are much deeper than our body. If deeper part is in pain there is no way you could remove it by superficial band aid. But question is who am i and where is my soul? When you start asking yourself where am I? Who am I? and look into your self, you will sense a life within you and you will find y
  4. We do have our own Islamic meditation, why need to go some where else when we know Islam is the only way to Allah. Try to meditate in Salat. I have tried all types of Meditations but nothing matches Salat. Read "Adabus Salat" if you really want to meditate.
  5. Indeed. That is true and Inshallah I will. Knowledge gained in next dimension is not comprehensible in this dimension. Next dimension can only be attained through a servitude. I can't stop my journey here on Shia chat remained satisfied only with superficial knowledge. I have to feel knowledge. Hope you understand what I mean.
  6. (salam) I want my account to be deleted permantly because I have learned what I needed to learn. It is now application of all that knowledge in my life, which I would not be able to do as long as I am on this forum. Please pray for me to become a true servant of Allah ( swt). Thanks all of you for your support. :)
  7. She is still better than Tonny Abbott. I like her. Nothing so far on my side of the world. I think Mayans meant America instead of world. That is why we see Washington destroyed in every hollywood movie. ;)
  8. Is there any limit to greed. It is indeed true, man can be lot worse than animal. Deaf, dumb, blind and Their hearts are hard so they can't feel anything. They sell theirselves for greed. Ya Allah bless us with appearance of Imam Zamana (as). (Ameen)
  9. Adabus Salat by Imam Khomeini (ra) and Al Mizan Al Mizan is the bestest book I have ever read.
  10. Don't know about Shia but he certainly is needed badly for this country. I would definitely vote for him.
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