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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams guys, I want to buy the book "250 Signs" by Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Tabatabai I think.. Can anyone give me a link to an online store? or is there someone trust worthy who can buy it and ship it for me? I will pay you to buy and ship for me.. I really need this book.. :( hope someone can help thanks my brothers.. Salams I am after 2 copies, 1 english (if possible) and 1 arabic.. thanks again guys
  2. not salafism, there was no salafism/wahabism in iraq back then - extremism in both directions was banned in iraq for the safeguarding of saddams reign Saddam never hated the shias of iraq up until they revolted against him, Im an iraqi, from baghdad. Similarly, Bashar never murderered sunnis/wahabis or commited genocide against anyone, up until they revolted/conspired against him... The only reason bashar would protect the minorities is because they are his last lifeline/playing card.. he loses them and all he has are the dogs in his inner circle.. Saddam supported and loved the sunnis , Hated the shias.. Bashar supported and loved shias, Hated the sunnis.. Same [Edited Out], different smell.. Excuse the french.. They are both just as bad as each other, same magnitude just different direction and both extremes are wrong.
  3. Brother, anyone who believes Imam Ali is god or is worship-worthy is not a Muslim, letalone, a person who belongs into the fold of the school of ahlulbayt (as).
  4. https://www.youtube....ia4You?feature= This guy uploads a lot of Sheikh Zakariya videos with English subtitles.. You will also find sheikh zakariya videos with subs on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/TheShiaDefenceForce
  5. Claiming no one loves Bashar is bloody hillarious.. I dont like the guy at all and personally see him as the exact same oppressor saddam was, however, he only has one good advantage which for this TEMPORARY time (the next few years) is very curcial. This good trait is his foreign policy towards the west in general and Israel in specific. Your claim that no one loves bashar is absolutely stupid, his country (his entire national army) is still standing firmly against the FSA (foreign salafi agents). their ability to still stand firm for years while versing tens of COUNTRIES in all their millitary might, moral support, media support and financial support.. You are a joke if you really expect people to believe this utter rubbish..
  6. I have heard of this in the past, which got me to look for evidence.. I found it in Tabaqaat of Ibn Saa'd a very famous sunni source.. Back then I thought this has got to be a weak story which is probably fake because i couldnt find anything about it anywhere else... Up until last night where a brother of mine brought this to my attention in Al-Musannaf of Ibn Shayba!!! What do my sunni brothers and sisters think? Any refutations? Or perhaps I am failing to see a flaw or mistake.. Thanks
  7. fee nass be2oolu enu hewei elsufyani.. 2alahu a3lam.. bismillahirahman alraheem: ولا يحسبن الذين كفروا أنما نملي لهم خير لأنفسهم إنما نملي لهم ليزدادوا إثما ولهم عذاب مهين
  8. Fatimah died angry with him and didnt talk to him until she died.. same case with abu bakr.. You have a sunni sahih hadeeth which says he who hurts fatimah hurst the prophet and therefore angers Allah.. Your choice, by from my experience, most sunni laymen chose ignorance over islam...
  9. haha thats fine.. i noticed shiachat went offline a few hours ago.. i think they are working on something which might have interfered..
  10. wait, isnt that what i posted about in the first place sister? lol
  11. Firstly, you did divert from the topic of the two weighty things hadeeth by falsely claiming we have "accepted" ta7reef of the quran itself being the bigger of the two weighty things.. which in itself branching the topic into two parts.. Then you claim without any evidence that the hadeeth exsists in our books. I do not, didnt not and will not claim I know of hadeeth science unfortunately so I will leave that to the experts, however, I have come across a narration which specifically destroys the fact that "a goat ate a verse which used to be recited back in the prophets time and isnt now". Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq is far more knowledgabe than you me or your scholars (especially those who studied under him (ie: Imam Malik and Imam Abu Hanifa founders of the maliki and hanafi schools of thought) The concept is pretty much void because The Prophet god revalation about almost everything he went through in his time.. that doesnt mean it is QURAN and it MOST CERTAINLY NOT GIVE Illegitimate caliphs to ever dare suggest the revalation which was not part of the quran should be included in teh quran because that is outright kufr and you can see the effects of such wicked claims in our lives today.. We have a lot of people apostating because of the simple myths that the quran has been reworded.. I await your reply with referencing for that, for your information, even if such narration is there in Al-Sadooks book I will take my stance firmly against it (unlike a lot of people who tend to think their books are "Authentic"/"Sahih" and blindly accept many blasphemous things because its found between the cover of a "sahih"). I will take the same stance as the "god father" of the shia school in terms of literature and deny the tiniest of ta7reef (except taweel and tanzeel I definitely believe it happened and is still happening and the biggest proof to that is the number of tafseer books).. either way as i said, please provide referencing..
  12. You are very good at jumping topics and subjects.. calm down and lets stick to your mother aisha's narration.. Yes it is, the quran we hold today doesnt include the verses she talked about and even Umar attested to that fact by saying something along the lines of "out of fear that people later may come and say those verses are not in the quran I should add those ayas to the quran".. leave my books for now, dont introduce a new misconception which is only due to your ignorance and lack of knowledge.. but I bet you were going to use the narration from the imam saying "... and this is how it came down but they changed it" am i correct? lol if so, do yourself the favor of reading what the difference between Tanzeel and Ta'weel.. For the tenth time guys, stick to the topic and dont deviate... go open another thread about the topic of your choice and ill join u if i have knowledge in the matter..
  13. So immediately after the death or martyrdom of the prophet muhammad (saw) Aisha insists ta7reef - the incident later gets recorded and preserved in many SAHIH/GOOD narrations and the SHIAS are the ones who slander you poor people? Sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Nikah, Hadith # 1934 [Book reference: Volume 2, Page 39] Narrated Aisha 'The verse of stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my bed. When the Messenger of Allah (SAWW.) expired and we were preoccupied with his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper." Must be legit.
  14. Well a bug is a specific type of problem. A bug is always related to a problem with the code being executed. In other words, the programmer messed up when writing the program and there is now a bug in the code. A glitch could be any kind of unexplained problem. It could be a temporary problem with the hardware or software. For instance, if you were running a computer in a very warm climate and the CPU started to overheat a little and gave the wrong answer (due to a hardware failure), that would be a glitch. They are not the same. seems to be a bug rather than a glitch.. either way, inshallah it will be fixed again :D
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