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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bint Alhawra I miss you too hun inti wen sirti?

    Rose Of Karbala, wa Alaykom alsalaam


    Ben conosh cuchuk turkiye...ben cok seviyor samahat Sayed Hadi

  2. salaamon aleykom..

    im wondering how u know samaha Sayed Hadi AlModarresi?

    i already left a reply to your post.i hope u can read it.

    thank u

  3. Come on Nour, you know that no one can be mean to you. She better be super nice with no "typical frictions" or else report to me and I'll handle the case : P For the OP: I'd treat my MIL as if she was my own mother ,I'm sure she'll treats me as if I was her own daughter. If no matter how nice and respectful I am with her, she's not pleasant with me, I would still keep my full respect to her while trying to find other ways to make our relationship better. I have a firm beleif that a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship can be wonderful if they want to.
  4. He did not have children with any of his other wives. And yes, you're right his sons died at infancy and the most authentic shia beleif is that his only daughter was Fatima. (The rest were his wive's daughters from previous marriages). And I think, God meant something when he gave the Prophet only a female and that his sons dies at their early age and made all Imams from this holy female. Of course the problem has nothing to do with the Ultrasound. It's those sick brains that need to be treated(which seems hardly possible). They need to be introduced to Islam, they "maybe" then unlock their minds.
  5. salam!! shonich.. i misss u soo much!! ;p

  6. You wlecome dear sis ketza...it's not free though, you gotta remember us in your doaa(supplication) :P
  7. (salam) I don't see anything wrong with it. My maternal aunt(Iraqi) married a Persian man...my mother's uncle(Iraqi) married a Moroccan woman...my two paternal uncles(Iraqis) married Kuwaiti women. And as many members already mentioned, our Imams married from both their own culture and from other cultures.
  8. (salam) I guess one can tell only after the first child, how many kids they want. Once you manage to handle one kid and experience it only then you can decide whether you want more and how many. As for wishes, we all have some in mind and mine is to have 2 kids , a boy and a girl. Kids are a huge responsibility on our shoulders so though emotionally speaking people like to have many, rationally speaking it's a bit different. That's what I think, I might be wrong.
  9. (salam) Generally speaking women prefer men older than them (by 2-5 years or so) and I'm one of them, however I don't see anything wrong if some women prefer to marry men younger than them. It's really a matter of preference which depends both on the expectations and contentment of the couple and obviously on the maturity level of that younger man. As far as I remember we read that the maturity of a 9 years old girl equals the maturity of a 14 years old boy.Now I don't know how authentic is that but I've noticed that it is pretty true in real life. Yes, when this very girl reaches the age of 21 and this 14 years old boy reaches 20 perhaps the maturity level would be very close but again if you ask me, personally I would not prefer marrying a younger man. If a friend were to ask me for advice about this matter I would say: If both sides(the woman and the man) really want each other and see themselves compatible and all, age shall not be an obstacle in their way(unless its a big gap).
  10. lol,hala noor..soon your 'gobba' will become Uni like me and you'll have no choice but to tin7abssin...good luck..

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