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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Orlando nightclub shooting: Yet another false flag? By Kevin Barrett on June 12, 2016 It sure walks, talks and quacks like one All spectacular “left-wing” terror during the Cold War was by Operation Gladio; today, almost all “Islamic terror” is by Gladio B By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor They’re calling it “the worst terror attack since 9/11.” A Muslim is being blamed for shooting up a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing more than fifty people. In the recently-published Another French False Flag, former CIA clandestine services officer Robert David Steele – who admits he executed on false flag operation for the Agency – lists ten “key indicators of a modern false flag.” The most important is #10: “Who benefits?” So let’s start there. The entire world just spent the past week celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali – and Ali’s religion, Islam. It was the best PR week Islam ever had. What’s more, we didn’t spend the past week celebrating “house Muslim” Uncle Tom style Islam. We just spent an amazing week cheering for Muhammad Ali, a Muslim fighter, a truth jihadi, a man willing to sacrifice everything for truth and justice…a man who famously cheered on armed Palestinian resistance with the immortal words: “In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.” For the people behind the Islamophobia-based “clash of civilizations” – and the long list of false flags that created it – the past week of Muhammad Ali adulation was the ultimate PR nightmare. Meanwhile, during the exact same week, the Zionists have been panicking, fearing that Obama is going to take his revenge on Netanyahu by helping the Security Council pass a resolution essentially recognizing and officially establishing the State of Palestine within its pre-1967 borders. The usual suspects may have responded with a massive publicity stunt in Orlando designed to make us forget Muhammad Ali … and make it much harder, if not impossible, for Obama to force the Israelis to withdraw from the territory they stole in 1967. In other words, this keeps the Clash of Civilizations going, and Israel expanding. And who benefits from that? No Muslims that I can see. Will the alleged perpetrator be interrogated to find out what he did or did not do, what his motives may have been, and who his associates were? Apparently not. Once again, we see the “perp shot dead, will never be interrogated or tried” syndrome. If international terrorism sponsored by groups like ISIS were really what it is made out to be, obviously live captures of all suspected terrorists would be the top priority, so interrogations could take place and terror networks taken down. Another major indicator of “false flag” is the scale of the carnage. More than 50 dead? Only one shooter? And the guy was not even a special forces professional, but a flaky security guard?! (Who just happened to be on all the National Security radar screens, like so many others now-proven patsies.) Sorry, MSM, that doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s funny how almost all “Muslim terrorists” are either ridiculously ultra-competent supermen able to take down skys[Edited Out]ers and blow up the Pentagon using a couple of package-openers as their only weapons; kill ludicrously large numbers of people in mass shootings without any military training; or otherwise perform amazing feats of mass carnage … or else they are the world’s LEAST competent destruction-wreakers, dufuses who can’t get a match lit to try to blow up their own shoe, or who pack their underwear with sterno camping fuel and no detonator and somehow expect their crotch to explode. Aside from the handful of supermen, practically every wannabe Muslim terrorist in the USA since 9/11 has been a total dufus. As Trevor Aaronson writes in The Terror Factory, almost all of the “Islamic terror plots” in the US since 9/11 have actually been FBI terror plots sold to some hapless patsy – a homeless street person, a retarded teenager – by a professional con artist. Real terrorism usually falls in the middle of the bell curve: A handful of people (if any) get killed, and/or something of fairly modest size gets blown up. This is the pattern with the 94% of terrorist attacks that, according to the FBI, are not committed by Muslims, but rather by radical Jews, hispanics, leftists, animal rights activists, and so on. But Muslims…whoah! They’re either supermen, defying the laws of physics to make skys[Edited Out]ers disappear at free-fall acceleration through the path of most resistance or shooting huge crowds of people with a single Glock pistol…or they’re retarded kids, homeless people, schlemiels who couldn’t succeed in stepping on an ant if the FBI bought them size 20 shoes and released an ant colony next to their feet. Statistically, the odds that Muslims would almost always either be way-too-lethal or else way-too-incompetent, while all other categories of terrorists would fall in the middle of the bell curve, must be about 20 trillion to one. Go ahead, pull up the statistics and do the math. The inescapable conclusion is that most plots and attacks attributed to Muslims are PR stunts concocted by the FBI and the Deep State, respectively. We are told, shortly after the Orlando shooting, that “the shooter had pledged allegiance to ISIS.” Robert David Steele remarks: “The tape pledging allegiance to ISIS is patsy perfect.” And since ISIS is a Western public relations operation, a 4th generation warfare psy-op, that pretty much proves that the shooting was an inside job. (For details, see the section “Who is ISIS” in Another French False Flag.) Mateen’s parents were born in Afghanistan, and he was ‘on the radar’ of U.S. officials for some time, but was not the target of a specific investigation, law enforcement officials told ABC News.” If the deep state had been running him, setting him up for an event like Orlando, he would indeed have been “on the radar” – but his handlers would have made sure he wasn’t targeted by any specific investigation. This is what happened prior to 9/11 when Lt. Col. Anthony Schaeffer of Able Danger was ordered by his superiors to put yellow sticky pads over the faces of Mohammed Atta and other future “9/11 hijackers” and forget he had ever heard of them. So if the carnage in Orlando is real (and I haven’t yet seen any indications that it isn’t) how might it have been produced? The two obvious possibilities include: (1) Professional killers i.e. multiple shooters may have done the damage and/or assisted the patsy, as appears to have been the case in many other false flags including the Fort Hood shooting, the Batman theater shooting, the Sikh Temple shooting, and the more recent Paris and San Bernardino shootings. Robert David Steele remarks: “Multiple shooters are detected by proper forensics on all bullet baths and all spent rounds. I doubt responsible forensics will be done (if 50 real bodies) am pretty sure that if it were, it would identify multiple weapons not found on the scene from the spent round signatures. This is all way too pat.” 2) The patsy may have been given the equivalent of special forces training, perhaps with the aid of MK-Ultra style hypnotherapy, obviating the need for professional assistance. Of course, it’s always possible that yet another Muslim-named super-terrorist just appeared out of nowhere and decided, for unfathomable reasons, to stage a murderous PR stunt that would erase “Muhammad Ali Week” from the public mind and help Netanyahu resist the international push to force Israel to withdraw from the Occupied Territories. But though it’s still to early to know for sure, the above-cited circumstantial evidence suggests that we should place the Orlando nightclub shooting in the “strongly suspected false flag” category.
  2. If you Stand for Allah SWT it matters not who stands against you. if i may add my 2 cents, we can not live in fear no matter what comes, it is better to speak truth and work towards sharing it with others, Islam was built on sharing the truth and trusting people to do and stand for what is right and just, for those who hate us out of ignorance are simple i too once hated all muslims, but it was through acts of kindness from both sunni and shia that i came to Islam, so stand with the truth speak the truth and without a doubt follow the Ahlulbayt (AS) in all their actions.
  3. salaam bro. hope you are well hows the fitness going, another 10 push ups
  4. i have no proof it is only a thought and speculation. im also going on what i have seen and heard, 911 boston bombing etc.
  5. Salaams Most def my brother, however i think this is a false flag op to create more hate and dislike towards muslims, must have been planned and created for an agenda, i could be wrong.
  6. Salam bro see you going strong man, keep it up, lets go for 100 push ups tomorrow lol throw in a sit ups and pull ups hehehe all the best bro @Abbas
  7. Salaams I did my Shahada with him wen i was 18, was a Christian that became Muslim(Shia), since then i have meet it him a few times at my former inlaws, he is always smiling and a kind soul as most brothers i have met. May Allah be pleased with him InshAllah, may he be blessed
  8. @Abbas. this is really awesome idea bro. will def join you on this, so drop and give me 10 bro, hehehehe
  9. Thank you and Shukran all for your posts, they have def shed some light and have been food for thought. i sincerely appreciate all your comments and advise
  10.  Brother, I have reached my pm limit. I will reply as soon as I get it back. :)

  11. indeed and most correct but how does one help. i do not want to force change in another person, as you say it must come from ones self, but there must be away to move forward wit better communication to resolve an issue. i am taking into consideration the past as well as personal issues and so on, but however why should i be punished for the faults of others. are we not to learn the lessons of the past and move forward with the lessons but letting go of it at the same time and starting a new.
  12. Salaam Alykum Brothers and Sisters this is more a question for the sisters, however brother your input is welcome. how do I deal with a woman who is super sensitive who's first action is always to the extreme in the sense of leaving when ever we have a small or irrelevant problem or issue. i know she loves me, but what is the reason for such irrational behavior or thinking, how does one deal with it, how do i change that kinda thinking, how do i get her to engage in healthy conversation so that we can resolve and move forward?
  13. Salaam brothers and Sisters. im hoping that i may get some intel from you with regards to the coming of the Imam. indeed we do not know the actual day month or year, but what is the greatest sign that he is near. what are your thoughts on the matter. thank you(shukran)
  14. (bismillah) Salaam are there any Shia Muslims from South Africa on this Forum thanks
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