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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't ask us brother, pray to Allah, if it's means for you make it swift, if it isnt for you make it easy. My PERSONAL opinion, Love is a word that over-sell nowadays. Some forgot, that Allah are capable to turns someone heart as He likes. So, when you said, you love someone, it means, Allah makes you love that someone. Then comes the test, you love that someone more or you still love Allah. Anyway, despite whatever happen between you and your parents, don't forget akhlaq, that what separates people apart. Maybe (MAYBE) you can tell your mom," look mom, maybe your mom feel the same
  2. Salam Brother and Sister, I hope my experience could help. My daughter ask me about soul once, back when she was 5 or 6. I had a chat with a friend who happen to be a psychologist who have expertise with children education. She told me, at that stage, children needs a concrete example, so less abstract explanation. Once they grow up a little, we can add more comprehensive on top what we already told them, like expanding the knowledge. So i told her," do you familiar with Cellphone?" she said yes, (please put in mind, this is the most simple explanation i came up for a 5-6 years old k
  3. Salam All, Sorry, i just quickly read the posts, as usual. One quick question, This Girl in question, she had nikah (that what i got from Islamically marriage) with some guy, has she divorced (Islamically divorce) then? If she hasn't, leave. If she divorced, check the fiqh or your marja, married girl but not ... how do you put it... had **x in whatever form... does she have Iddah or not (the time frame where someone cannot married someone else, usually apply to Women). If not, good, move to next step, if she have, great, wait for couple of months, just to be sure she's not carrying s
  4. Salam Brothers & Sisters, This is my perspective on the topic; You're destined to meet someone who hate shia, it's up to you whether you want to do taqqiyah or not. If you're destined to die on the meeting, any option you took it got it's own measurement on the scale. You have Al-Qur'an in your home, it's up to you whether you want to read it or not. You're destined to read Al-Qur'an, it's up to you whether you want to purify yourself before read it or not. You're destined to have a heart problem, it's up to you to take wine, other medicine, or get a surgery.
  5. I'm playing PlanetSide 2, those who looking an epic MMOFPS, try this one if you havent. and, Guild Wars 2... a bit too late...
  6. (salam), My one advice, Marry because you want to complete your religion. Specification? already in the Al-Qur'an. Wassalam.
  7. (salam) Brothers & Sisters, I'd say we lock this discussion since it'll create turmoil in Islamic world. Lets think about our brothers and sisters who lived in non-shia-friendly country for awhile. This kind of discussion can threaten their life, although i'm more then willing to sell my soul for Rasulullah and The Imams.... If you're want to pursue this discussion, take it off the book. Taqqiyah is difficult brothers, not able to express and exercise your faith openly... please don't add more fuel to the fire. And please dont bring our great scholars by their name... sooner or la
  8. Apparently there's a miss-translation... when i mean Al-Ghaeebee ... i mean Al-Ghayb or Al-Ghaib or Al-Ghaybee or Al-Ghaibi...
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Please note, my question may sounds sufi. But, what i'm truly means is; after studying Fiqh, i want to study about Allah, the ghaeebe part of Allah. 1) Is there such thing in Shi'ism? 2) if yes, what should i read? or where should i ask? After spending some time in ShiaChat's chatting room, i found out that shi'ism is aware of Ma'rifat. Where in Sufi, Ma'rifat were a stage after Syar'i (studying Fiqh, if i'm not mistaken), and the next stage is Tarekat. The top would be Hakekat. I apologise on how i structured the question, because, honestly, i dont know what to as
  10. (wasalam) I'm happy now you're working. These are my advices bro, its not necessarily in order. And PLEASE NOTE, its not you-culture-wise. So, it's like... this what i would've done. 1st of All... taxes brother. Have you include that into that? or does the company already paid it for you? 2nd of all... does your parents required you that much? i mean this measurement (you get 67 euros), are these from your parent or not? 3rd of all... savings. you do want to get married in the future right? like it or not, sometime to attract the opposite gender, requires some capital. get yourself a new
  11. Salam brother, I am looking for an Indonesian shia. please let me know if I can email you. thank you

  12. (bismillah) (salam) Brothers & Sisters, With the recent event that happened in France, the world's now focus on Islam. In my Facebook, Whatsapp, Path, etc. i'm seeing increasing broadcast activity stating that we're allow to kill someone who slander/ humiliate Rasulullah (pbuhahp). Some quoting a hadith, some quoting ayah from Al-Qur'an. Although, my logical argument would be," if the ummah are allowed to kill whoever humiliate Rasulullah (pbuhahp), then, 1/2 to 3/4 of Mecca's citizen would be killed during Rasulullah (pbuhahp) era". Anyway, could someone help me with "
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Just got this from my "general islamic" majelis couple days ago. Although i haven't check it with my marja or general shi'ism practice, but i think (with my limitation) is good to know. When i mention The Imam or Imam, i refer to Prayer's Imam or General human being who leading a prayer, not THE Imams (as). The Imam must know and well-practiced the Rukn of Salat. Rukn means the wajib things to do in Salat. Astounding Al-Qur'an recitation. at least Al-Fatiha. By astounding, i means, know all the laws such tajweed and such. It's recommended that at least 1-2 person fr
  14. (salam) Providing examples for OP to get a better understanding on Bidah. Another famous bid'ah... Congregation in Salat Taraweeh, furthermore salat taraweeh it self is new and never heard-of during the life-time of Rasulullah (pbuh&hp).Another would be Salat Dhuha... The based of Dhuha was "someone" thought it was called "salat dhuha"... Rasulullah (pbuh&hp), please correct me if i'm wrong, never mentioned any mustahab prayer called dhuha. Another, fasting on 10 of Muharram. The story i got was; Someone came to Rasulullah (pbuh&hp) saying, the jews are fasting during on 10th of
  15. Don't do anything more brother. You remind him, and that's it. The worst thing is, if you continue this act, it might hurt him. When someone hurt, no matter how much respect you shows, it still hurts. If i were you, first i apologise to him. Second, put the parfume anywhere he can see and tell him," look if you want to try it, here it is. If in 2 months you still refuse, i'd give it to someone else that might benefit for them". Third, after 2 months, don't forget to send the perfume to brother Khalillah or me.
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