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  1. Dubai. If you're rich. UK. If you're not. (unemployment benefits). These are the greatest countries in the context of my personally purely subjective opinion and experience. But if I have to pick one then, yes, Dubai. It's the Las Vegas of Muslim Town. Your turn. (inspired by Propaganda)
  2. We have a proclivity to label all non-Muslims as 'Kafir'. Is this word really accurate? Not at all. A kafir is someone who deliberately covers the truth. Who does that nowadays? Is there anyone you know personally that actually does this? Of course not. Why? Because no one chooses to disbelieve in something unless that have solid reasoning as to why they reject it, or they simply reject it due to plain ignorance or lack of understanding. Other than this, most people are not Kafir because they don't actually disbelieve on purpose, or even 'opt' for disbelief, such as the stance that the arrogant pre-islamic pagans adopted and those who fought against the message. So this word doesn't even apply to, at least, the majority of non-muslim people across the world. I don't refer to Jews and Christians because I know they're called the 'People of the Book' (even though such a phrasing is extremely baffling for the followers of those religions in this day and age), but all the other religions that people subscribe to, or are just born into, aren't supposed to be labelled as 'kafirs', let alone 'disbelievers'. It's an outright misplaced term and erroneous lingo expression type.
  3. I have a feeling it'll be me in the future, but which Shia is currently top dollar?
  4. Read these two paragraphs below carefully: Ayatullah Sistani Current Legal Issues BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICE Lottery Tickets (ii) Giving the money is done without expecting a return on it. That is donating it for a good cause, such as building a school or a bridge, etc., with no intention of winning a prize or making a profit. If this was the case, there is no harm in it. However, if he won a prize, there is no objection that he received it, and could have the right of disposal over the its money, after consultation with the Marji’ to finding a legitimate way of making it good. This should be the case if the company was owned by the government. Otherwise, there should be no need for obtaining the permission of the Marji’. ------ In other words, your intention for buying lottery tickets can be for charitable causes, in the idea that part of the pound you're paying for a lotto ticket goes towards a good cause. This is permissible. But if you win the prize, you can keep the prize money if you legitimize it by perhaps giving an ample percentage of the money towards charity. So, you see, it doesn't matter how many times you play it, as long as your intention is right. Then, if you win the jackpot, you're able to keep the money after fulfilling the conditions of making it good. Therefore, in a sense, doing the lottery is Halal if you really think about it.
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