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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I also heard stories saying that all mankind will eventualy enter Paradise, shall it be after many many years of burning in hell they will all be forgiven at one point and enter paradise.. As the story sounded very sweet and represented Allah's SWT mercy on his creations, I doubt that it is true. Just wanted to say that I also heard about that :)
  2. Salam I understand what you mean, but I don't agree that "permission" is equal to "free will" (in this case atleast). Allah (SWT) has clearly allowed Iblis to persuade people in exchange of his past good deeds. However, if you have some kind of source, or solid proof that Iblis is committing sin of some sort by persuading, then I'd like to see it. Or else this debate won't go far hehe.
  3. I am not sorry to say so: -If someone calls himself a sunni muslim, but believes in ahl-albayt, the quran, the prophets, then he could of simply called himself a Muslim. That person will probably calls himself a sunni simply because he was raised this way, there is no difference. In this case it is only a word. -But, if someone calls himself a sunni muslim, and knows about ahl-albayt (but doesn't believe in their importance or their higher rank, and doesn't care about Imam Ali (as) and how he was supposed to become the "khalifa", correct me if I'm wrong), the quran, and the prophets, he is nor a sunni muslim nor a muslim period. Because he has abandonned prophet Mohammad's (saws) commands. And the commands of our beloved Prophet (saws) are directed from Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Especialy if they know what happened in Karbala, oh Karbala, oh Karbala... And take sides with the aggressors of Imam Hussain (as), that sweet, pure imam, then he is NOT a muslim. -In other cases, some people will call themselves sunni muslim, but will not know the difference, and do not know about ahl albayt, karbala, etc. These people are muslims and haven't completed their religion yet. They simply need to discover the history of Islam in detail. Inshallah, they will be guided. Inshallah we will all be guided. In fact, there are 2 kinds of people. Muslims, and non-Muslims. Answering a simple question as "Are you a sunni or a shia?" doesn't reveal someone's real faith or belief. You must ask this person about the quran, ahl albait, and the prophets. Anyways, I am nothing but a slave, I am nothing infront of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, he is the one who judges us. I am simply sharing my opinion, based on my knowledge and understanding of the religion of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. However, I still encourage peace and love between all mankind, shall it be Muslim or not, even though we must encourage the righteous path, we should always be kind hearted.
  4. Salam, Can you explain to me how will Iblis be punished for something that Allah (swt) has specificaly and clearly allowed him to do, as Allah swt is the most just? It is not giving him free will, as Allah swt has already given to Jin (Iblis) and Man. It is giving him the permission to commit a specific act. I agree with you, that he "exchanged" his worship agains't a "special ability", so he is left with no good deeds left. But performing an act that was clearly allowed (halal) by Allah swt, is not committing a sin, it is a neutral action in this case, nor good or bad.
  5. I think you're right. We are free in some cases and we aren't in others. There is no point to question absolutely everything hen God was clear in his messages about how we should behave. We should simply obey to him, and all should be good nshallah. Knowing exactly how everything functions doesn't affect the outcome.
  6. You're very right about Iblis being a jinn, but how does that make it different? What is the difference between jin and angels? lol here's another discussion :wacko: And man have free will, but do jinns or angels have it too?
  7. In the holy Quran, as Hajj Hassanain has quoted, Iblis is cursed and damned UNTIL the day of judgement. UNTIL. From the beggining, Iblis has worshiped God swt for 6000 years. That is more Hassanet than any human could even get close to. After having disobeyed to Allah swt, Iblis asked for one thing in return, and that is the permission.....PERMISSION!!!!!... to influence mankind towards evil. And Allah swt has Allowed, and Agreed to this proposition, then ALL the things that Iblis has whispered to mankind is NOT a sin, it is all Halal for his case and is permitted by Allah swt the greatest! Therefor, the only sin that Iblis has ever done, is to disobey to Allah's swt command once, one single time. Tell me, how many times do we disobey to Allah swt? and we are FAR from praying 6000 years! Yet Allah swt still gives us the possibility to be forgiven and go to heaven. Subhan Allah, can you see God's great mercy? So merciful... If Iblis decides to repent and bow down to prophet Adam (as) at the final final moment before the day of judgement, then he will be freed...He has prayed Allah swt for 6000 years, let's not forget that. Finaly, I imagine that Iblis WILL repent at the final moment for one reason, one specific reason. And that is so that ALL the people who would have fell for his temptations will be devastated to see that the one who has "lead" them astray will go to heaven, but not them. It will be their first "3azab" before entering Hell, the total destruction of their arrogance. All of this within God's swt will. Also, I'd like to add that Allah swt is the most Just. God would never create something simply to throw it into hell. He would not create Iblis, simply to watch him burn, after having him pray to him for 6000 years. This is all a lesson brother and sisters. God is showing us that we are responsible of our actions, and Not iblis. He is also showing us how merciful he can be. He sent Iblis for one purpose, to Test our faith, to Test our purity.
  8. Your "mise en scene" is very interesting and helpful I think. Thank you Person "X" had the free will to kill person "Y", he has taken the decision to do so, he has chosen to do so. But it did not happen, since Allah (swt) did now allow it to happen, for reasons only he knows. Maybe person "Y" wasn't ready to die yet? Had a mission he needed to complete before leaving this world. Or that person "X" would of been in too much trouble to have killed the other and has been saved by Allah (swt) from Hell, as person "X" might repent during the rest of his life. Subhan Allah Ta3ala, such a magnificent world we live in, so perfectly designed. No one can intervene in God's (swt) plans, yet we are free. How amazing can that be? God (swt) does whatever he wishes to do, he chose to make us free, being free does not mean his power does not reach us anymore, but it means that we are responsible of our actions.
  9. Thank you again for your time, (For the part that Darkness doesn't exist, it is only the absence of Light, I totally agree, the same way that Cold doesn't exist, it is the absence of Heat.) But here, we have an angel (Iblis), who does not have emotions, nor desires, nor fantasies. Angels are very different than Man. They do not need an appetite, wordly desires, temptations to survive, they are eternal (by God's will). They do not depend on food or rest to survive, their survival depends uniquely on God, it is God's will that prevents them from vanishing, the same way that God's will prevents the world from collapsing as he hold's the heavens separated from the earth at all times. Also, angels know Nothing, absolutely Nothing more than what God (swt) teaches them. ((As we can see when God (swt) asks the angels to recite all the things that he teached prophet Adam (as), the angels couldn't answer such a question since God (swt) never teached them these things, so he asked them to bow to Adam (as), so they all did except Iblis)). So how did Iblis even Think of not obeying God (swt) if the concept of disobeying God (swt) never existed inside him? Iblis, or any angel, or person, Cannot manifest anything that does not come from God ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, for they will now know of that thing. How can Iblis disobey God (swt) if God had not allowed him to? He is an angel, he does not have free will. As I am typing this, a thought has entered my mind "Allah (swt) is so great and mighty, that only he could allow and create such a thing as Free Will. Only he has the power/mercy/kindness/greatness to allow mankind, to decide for their own sake without interfering with his greatness." Maybe it is true, that mankind is free, that Allah (swt) has given us the gift of freedom and the ability to differentiate between the Good and the Bad by ourselves. But all the glory belongs to God. Kheir inshallah
  10. Thank you for your time, According to what you are saying, Karbala was man's creation? God created Karbala such a shocking event so that it would be forever spoken of and remembered, so the Essence of the story is understood, that Imam Hussain (as) stood with his life and all that is precious to him for the sake of Islam (God) and never surrendered to what is wrong. The same way that God (swt) utilises prophetic stories in the Quran to make us understand the Essence/Principle which the story is leaning towards. I am not saying that the people who committed these atrocities are not to be punished. I am simply saying that maybe God (swt) is the "architect" and "creator" of the events that behold in life (dunia). However, As i was doing research on Karbala just now (subhan Allah ta3ala), I discovered these sayings by Zaynab (as) the daughter of Imam Ali (as): "The praise is exclusively attributed to Allah. And greetings to my father (grand father), Muhammad, and to his pure and benevolent family. And then, Oh people of Kufa! Oh deceitful and reneger people! Do you weep? So let tears not be dried and let groans not be finished. ... Beware, such a bad preparation you have made for yourself that Allah became furious of you and you will be at punishment forever. Do you weep and cry? Yes, by Allah, do weep numerously and do laugh less! Since you brought its shame and fault on yourself and you will not be able to cleanse it forever. ..." 1 You see that part in bold? She (as) is speaking of their Responsibility of their actions, and the preparation (hellfire) that THEY have brought to themselves. So this really goes towards freewill. 1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Karbala
  11. Thank you for responding with such care, as this question has been on my mind for some days now. I don't dare to argue against the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as). Basically; -no action is complete without God's approval, -man has the power(gift from God) to choose between different paths and take specific decisions depending on his reasoning and faith, -it is by our good and sincere actions that we will eventually be guided by God However, I thought that the same way that God created the Evil (by creating Iblis to become an arrogant adversary) he would create Good, He would in the same manner, create good and bad people, because let's face it, some people are simply Good, and others simply Bad, they could both come from the same background. In that way, God would make us go through life so that WE learn from it, and acknowledge that he is the one and only, creator of all, but not to see if we chose the right path, he already knows that, he isn't bound by time, he doesn't need us to go through life to see which ones of us as good or bad, he CREATED us as we are. Kheir inshallah
  12. It is very important to understand God's power at this point, to understand this question. Obviously God's power is so great, we cannot imagine it, not only because we are intellectually limited, but because it is TOO great. We are constantly under the power of God, nothing in this world or in any existence can move or react, or think or grow, or live or die, without God's will (God's power). So how are you saying that we are choosing paths, taking decisions, moving around and learning things, without God's intervention? That is impossible. Without God we are nothing. We cannot think that God has created us, then left us to dwell in life as we wish. To conclude, if God has complete power over us, are we really free? God is the one to be thanked if someone has found the right path, because in fact, it is God that has fixed that individual to follow that specific path. Without God there is no path. If God has created all the paths and has power over all of these, how can we dare to receive credit for following a specific path? God is the almighty, and only by his permission do we move, think, and react, he is the controller, it is not our intelligence that drives us towards the right path. It is God's power,
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