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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This kind of problems against Sadaat arent new. Actually this virus is an old one, it showed itself first time in the saqifah (why Ali and Ahlul Bayt...why not others). This is what Banu Umayyah and Banu Abbas got extreme on. The history repeats itself. 1. You said a lot of bad things against Hazrat Imamzada Sayyid Jafar Al-Zakki (عليه السلام) Ayatullah Sayyid Shahabuddin Mar`ashi Najafi (رضي الله عنه) were one of the biggest "heavyweights" and experts in the field of ilm ul-ansaab. And the Sayyid clearly said that Hazrat Sayyid Jafar (عليه السلام) NEVER claimed Imamah. This was all propaganda and fake claims made by Banu Abbas against the Children of RasulAllah (S) So it is a bigtime lie what you are saying about the children of Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) 2. You are saying it isnt a caste system. Right but beeing the bloodline of the Prophet (S) is NOT a part of the Hindu castsystem. don’t you even know that? The SHARIAH itself is making difference between Sadaat and non Sadaat by forbidding Sadaqah on Sadaat from non Sadaat. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) Himself had made a difference. And by the way…. this prohibiton of Sadaqah is NOT only regarding the pious Sayyids. A pious or non pious… sadaqah from a non Sayyid is haraam. 3. In books of traditions you will find many traditions.. Sahih traditions regarding the respect and honour of Sadaat. It is a part of Islamic faith. 4. If you are against Aale Muhammad (عليه السلام) why do you send Peace and blessings on Them inside your very daily prayer? You should fear Allah and show at least some respect to the children of the Prophet (S) who thought you the purpouse of life.
  2. Salamo Aleykom This is the words of the website of Ayatollah Sistani about the limits of obeying parents in Islam. The first to points are clear. But the the last two aren`t. First he lists up a bunch of things where a grown up human hardly have any freedom of action at all, and then Sistani ends it up by saying that obeying them (parents) in their personal commands isn`t wajib anyway. (Strong contradiction to be honest!) Lets see the text first: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulThe duty of a child towards his parents is of two kinds:The First: To be kind towards them by providing for them, if they are in need. To provide for their day-to-day needs. To respond to their requests that are related to their daily lives at a level that is normal and usual for a human being, in the sense that if he refuses to fulfill them, it would be regarded as “not being good to them” — and that would differ depending on whether they are healthy and strong or ill and weak. The Second: To behave towards them kindly, by not offending them in word or action, even if they are unjust to him. In some religious text, it says, “And if they hit you, do not shun them; instead say, ‘May Allãh forgive you.’” This is as far as it relates to the parents’ situation. As for those issues concerning the affairs of the child himself by which he could offend one of the parents, these are of two kinds:The First: If the parent’s distress results from his concern for the child, it is forbidden for the child to do something that would distress his parent, irrespective of whether or not the parent has prevented him from it.The Second: If the parent’s distress results from of his own evil characteristics (for example, dislike for the good of this world or the hereafter for his child), this kind of distress has no bearing on the child, thus, it is not obligatory on the child to submit to this kind of desires. It becomes clear from this that, on its own, obeying the parents in their personal commands is not obligatory. And Allãh knows the best." (End of the Words by Sistani) Now if we take a look at this. First he tells us that if a parent`s distress results from his concern for the child it is FORBIDDEN for the child to do something that would distress his parent. Well all the parents almost every time claim that even their injustice is because of the love and consern for the child. Thousand of parents have for example forced their children into unbearable marriages using this consern and love word. So according to Sistani it is haram to do anything against their will, as going against their will more or less always "hurt" their feelings. Now if we read further he says that if the parent`s distress results from his own evil characteristics, for example dislike for the good of this world or the hereafter for the child, now this kind of distress has no bearing on the child, thus it is not oblibatory on the child to submit to this kind of desires. If we wait a bit here: So here is he now saying that disobeying them (in other words hurting their feelings) isn`t haram anyway in the case where they are doing it because of evil traits. Someone may say that this is in case where the parents are evil. But even in those cases the parents still claim that what they are ordering the child to do is because of the connsern and love. And in the end he turn against all what he said above by say: "It becomes clear that obeying the parents in their personal commands is not obligatory." Well? I thought he just said above that: "it is forbidden for the child to do something that would distress his parent, irrespective of whether or not the parent has prevented him from it." Should not a marja at that high Level manage to explain this ruling in a more clear and simple way? Very poor quality of explanation here…..
  3. Thanx for reply brother. About some of the marjas. What a shame! Some of them are still living in stone ages yet. Great injustice against the Message of Imam Hussain (as) They will have to answer Allah for this zolm.
  4. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Allahumma Suallialaa Muhammadin Wa Aali Muhammad, Wa ajjil Farajahum Salamo Aleykom all you Believers and Lovers of Ahlulbayt (as) We know that in 1400 years, the evil clans of Banu Umayyah and Banu Abbas (May Allah curse the evildors of them all) used all their power and might to stop the name of our Master Amir Al-Mominin Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) But they failed to do so. The fallowers of Ahlulbayt (as) used to give their lives, blood and sacrifice to spread the Message. They use to hold hidden small gatherings (Majaalis) of Aba Abdillah (As) They used respected Holy symbols like Alam, Mehendi and marked Muharram to show their deepes love and service to the Message of Islam and the Message of Imam Hussain as. Alhamdolillah today most people of the world have the chance to read about Shia-Islam online. The world have the chance to know about this message. They have this Devine Message of Ahlulbayt (as) right infront of them on their laptops. Many many people are converting to Islam, and the urge to find the right School of thought is also increasing among the converting muslims globally. We have to admit that a good quality movie can both give deep and useful knowledge of a historical incident, and also make huge masses of the watchers familiar with the emotions, pain and love connected with that incident. A good example here is the christian movie "Passion of the Christ" which changed live of tens of thousands of people around the world. In 2014, I was very pleased to hear that Iran was making a movie on the tradegy of Karbala. A momin film produser Ahmed Reza Darvish dedicated 10 years of his life to tell the world about our Mawla, Imam Al-Al-Hussain (AS) Even trailers of this wonderful movie was released online and many many persons started waiting for this movie to be released. BUT ofcourse… some people from inside started demonstrating and literally caused this Devine Message to be banned. The reason they used was that the face of Hazrat Abal Fadhl (as) was been shown in the movie. I understand this respect, but this problem could finely be solved by modern movie editing by the produser if the Leader had supported this. The ironic thing is that the same people who demonstrate against Islamic movieslike this often use to respect symbols like Alam Mubarak, Mehendi (Hand of Hazrat Abbas as) in Muharram. All these symboles have been used to SPREAD the Message of Karbala. And when the golden chance came to really spread this message all over the world.... these people caused it to be stoppet and banned. A really heartcrushing thing for every believer and a GREAT loss to the Jafari School in Islam. Later even another movie on the Prophet of Islam (S) was made by Iran, this one was also banned. What the hell is going on here? Such ignorance??! This jahalah is really damaging Islam. Don`t they really understand this importance? I have the opinion that even the money of khums should be used to produce toplevel movies on the lives of Imams (as) as this is the modern requirement for the service of Islam and Ahlulbayt as. By modern technology its fully possible to hide the face by light. Its all about having the will to serve of Sahib Al-Zaman (AJ) Would like to hear the words of mominin/mominat on this topic, as I am sure many out there are missing a TOP QUALITY movie on Karbala. And also on other topics like the Tradegy of Fakh, Percecution of the earlies Fallowers of Ahlubayt (as) Good movie on life after death and so on. Such online service of Islam alone can bring tousands of people into the path of Haqq by the help of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى May Allah hasten the reappearence of our beloved Imam (AJ)
  5. Salamo Aleykom Many Kazmi Syeds migrated from AMBALA India into Pakistan. Most of them came to Gujranwala and settled there. In Ambala before migration this community belonged to an Imambargah named Imambargah Gulistane Marfat. And after coming to Gujranwala, they started this Imambargah with the same name in Gujranwala. So in short: Contact the administration of Imambargah Gulistaane Marfat Gujranwala and ask about ur shajra from the eldest admim there. He is a Kazmi himself. They have the record of Kazmi sadat who migrated from Ambala. Remember me in ur dua
  6. Thanx. Any contact info? Phone number of him?
  7. No he can not. A sunni male is not allowed to marry even a non-syedah shia female according to sistani: Q9) Can a Shi'i girl marry a Sunni boy? A9) If there is a fear of being misled, it is not permissible.
  8. Salamo Aleykom everyone! Name of this Sayyid is Sayyid Sabaah Shabbar. Im now good in arabic therefore I am having probs finding his office. Could anyone be helpful with telling me if this Sayyid is in Iraq og iran? Any contact info for his office? Thanx may Allah reward u
  9. In the name of Allah the most gracious the most Merciful DEDICATED TO THE IMAM OF TIME, HAZRAT BAQIYYATULLAH (aj.) The time is approaching the extremely sorrowful, soul-inspiring and especially instructive month of Muharram. The grief in the memory of Imam Hussain (as.) gives us a powerful message. A message of love for our beloved Imam Hussain (as.) but also the motivation towards working for the great visions Imam gave his noble life for. This message teaches us to reject /avoid all injustice in the world, and to support the truth. This grief is a spiritual power! If understood correctly, is it the spiritual force that strengthens, charges, and helps our souls in the journey towards Allah (swt.) by servicing The Imam of Time: Imam Al-Mahdi (God hasten his coming) Ziyarat Ashura is a prayer for Salaam and blessing to Prophet Muhammad's beloved grandson and the Leader of the youths in paradise Imam Al-Hussain (as.) This ziyarat is known in the accounts as directly being the words of Allah swt. (hadith al-qudsi). It contains powerful lessons for life and is also known for fulfillment of desires (hajaat.) According to the 6th Imam of Ahl al-Bayt; Imam Jafar Sadiq (as.) the salaam presented by the believer reachs directly to Imam Hussain as. without any barriers. There are countless events narrated by famous Islamic scholars who have seen miraculous results in their lives by reciting this blessed ziyara. JOIN IT NOW ON FACEBOOK(Aj.) This year all the believers around the world are invited to recite this Holy ziyara during the 10 days of Muharram 2014. Let all of us inshAllah start our recitation the first eve of Muharram to tie our souls to our beloved Mawla Imam al-Hussain as. All recitation will be done with intention (niya) to recite it in niyabat/hadya to The Imam of Time, Imam Mehdi (aj.) Let our wish behind this recitation be to ask Allah swt. to help us all to actively work for the Re-apprearance of Our belived Imam, Imam Mahdi (aj) (Everyone is encouraged to at least once go through the translation of this Blessed Ziyara so we can understand what we saying to Our Imam Hussain as. during the recitation. To recognize the Yazid of this Time, and to support the Hussain of Time, Imam Saahib Az-Zamaan!) https://www.facebook.com/events/1528926517350373/?notif_t=plan_user_joined
  10. Heard that ayatullah bahjat used the diet of dates, youghurt, olive and milk.... Anyone have ideas for other good Food for spiritual wayfearing? Like light bread and so on? Lets share tips :)
  11. ok 1. Its prefered to guard ones tongue. But now in these days, a great part of communiction is taking place on social media like facebook, whatssapp and so on. Will this point in this case mean not to sin in communication right? 2. In one of Your post u mentioned "the elite of God guiding you". How does this take place?
  12. True.. not always easy but yes thats better than destroying ones own temper and doing anything which makes one regret later. 1. Sometimes one do not sin by fighting someone, but the imagination is running its own way. "If he had said that, I would have knocked his teeth out!" and one is seeing this "film" playing. Is that also a sin? Will this also effect the spirituality or will it do so only after acting upon it? 2. Whats the best way of destroying a habit. F example a habit of procastination? 3. What should a wayfearer ask for in his duas after praying for the Imam of Time? 4. What is the marifah of God? Is it knowing His Names? Or how His laws are functioning? Or is it by feelin His Presence? Are these Things the main goal which increases in the path or is it something else?
  13. What about revenge and anger. Let me give an example: Someone are doing injustice to you, or having a low-manner behaviour. Now by not taking "revenge" og not setting a stop to it. Maybe the other part thinks that one is weak. For a person who is working to know God. Whats the solution? To take revenge, or just ignore it? its for sure that by taking revenge one cannot always be exact in holding the "justice" Level and to exactly the same amount like the other one did. And that can make one become a unjust person one self. But by completely ignoring it...the other one can become more arrogant. I know what to do in a "normal" state. but if one is interested in spiritual wayfearing... whats the best thing to do?
  14. By not doing anything .. what about being free from any kind of unjustice done to them? Anyway.. lets forget it.
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