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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    :Sami got a reaction from monad in Holding Your Wifes Hand In Public?   
    It's not possible , you only have two hands , and you must give equal treatment to all your wives .
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    :Sami got a reaction from A1 BOSS in 2012 Hadith Timeframe, Possible Alignment   
    the prostitute :Queen-Herodya. ordered to the killing of :Yahya. (as),and his head served on a plate.
    :Yazid.(L) the son of a prostitute :Maysun., did the same to :Hussain. (as).
    (may :Allah. (swt) curse the enemies of :Hussain. (as))
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    :Sami got a reaction from A1 BOSS in Hidden Facts About Jesus (peace Be Upon Him)   
    Hello Christianlady
    Thanks for your reply to my post .
    However I was replying to my brother/sister in faith and correcting a wrong and making it right , which is one of the fundamentals of being a :Shia.
    :Islam. has been infiltrated by many disinformation and misinformation agents , just like other :Deens.[religion] prior to it.
    You see many :Muslim. leaders are being deceived by the english language.
    Many of them are ignorant of the fact that this language has been created for a very specific purpose.
    It is a language created for the fiction ,Nom de guerre , corporate world of business and contracts.
    It is an adverb , verb , language , deprived of syntax correct sentence structure .
    Therefore when you translate a perfectly syntax structured truth language like the :Quranic-Arabic. not only does it lose its real meaning but takes it to the fiction corporate world, of dead entities , and gives it the opposite meaning.
    Which is what's happened to the Bible and Torah.
    Please note that when I say the BIBLE and TORAH , I am not referring to the holy scriptures of :Injeel. and the :Tawrat.
    They are two different books, created by different authors .
    So we as :Muslims. cannot use these words to mean certain people, events and teachings in the holy :Quran.
    This will be an insult to our :Creator., :Allahسبحانه وتعالى. who is not GOD, but our :Creator., as GOD amongst many things mean Governance Ordinance Department.
    GOD could also be spelt backwards to say DOG, or you can add ess to make it female, etc etc etc , hence we as :Muslims. should not use GOD.
    This is the craziness of the english language , and this has been done on purpose to mislead people into modern debt slavery.
    We as muslims do not believe in a RELIGION also , as RELIGION actually means no closeness to creator/GOD.
    You see in the world of the dead corporate entities , these things cannot live, love, have faith and believe, therefore a language was needed to interface the living with the dead , and that is english.
    Many :Muslim. people including many leaders are not aware of this .
    Some followers of truth from [Christian} backgrounds have discovered this and have proven everything that I'm saying .
    The study of this english language is called Quantum english.
    This plot according to these talented researchers and truthers have revealed the corruption and deception found in the english language.
    Therefore anything written in the english language is void of facts(nouns) , which has been unfortunately done to the BIBLE, and have mislead many well intentioned good loving people like yourself.
    :Alhamdoolila. we have the perfect :Quran. still in it's original perfect language correct syntax structure.
    As I also mentioned I have researched that there exists over 20 types of JESUS characters.
    there's the :(please note, when I refer to the word JESUS, it does not refer to :Nabi-Isa-Ibn-Mariam(as).
    loving nice JESUS , I think this is the one you like from your other posts.
    The angry , violent , war loving JESUS , the Bush's and the Cheneys like this one.
    You have the black Jesus , i have seen a picture of a black JESUS , no kidding.
    An occult JESUS , the vatican loves this one
    The jewish JESUS
    The gay JESUS
    the JESUS married with kids
    Baby JESUS ( my personal favourite as he is so cute.)
    the Feminist JESUS , many ladies love this one today
    The politically correct JESUS
    the entrepreneurial business JESUS, the corporate evangelist love this one.
    there's even an alien JESUS , that the modern new age spiritualist have a identity with .
    and many more JESUS's.

    There is a JESUS to please any market , in which to profit from.
    So I am really stretching out to my brothers and sisters in faith and sharing my research as :Iblis.[Lucifer] is a very cunning mischief maker.(naughty naughty)
    This job of letting people know of the TRUTH is not easy , as I have been called all sorts of things here, like crazy , "conspiracy nutter", in need of therapy , one who entertains wild fantasies and so on.
    But this doesn't deter me , because I believe in the only truth that exists ,in :Allahسبحانه وتعالى, his beloved :Nabi-Muhammad. (as) and the amazing :Ahylul-Bayt. (as). and the perfect :Holy-Quran.(:Subhan-Allah.)
    With the best of intentions ,I wish you a good day and :Shalom.(peace).
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    :Sami got a reaction from Livia in When Is One Ready For Marriage?   
    When he's ready to follow orders.
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    :Sami got a reaction from Tonks in Holding Your Wifes Hand In Public?   
    It's not possible , you only have two hands , and you must give equal treatment to all your wives .
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    :Sami got a reaction from Haji 2003 in How Do I Gain Weight?   
    get married , and the pounds will never leave you
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    :Sami got a reaction from guest2k16 in How Do I Gain Weight?   
    get married , and the pounds will never leave you
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    :Sami got a reaction from :Ruffles in Editing Problem   
    how do you add bismilla salaam, ws on your posts in arabic like yours
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    :Sami got a reaction from :Ruffles in Editing Problem   
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    :Sami got a reaction from hussain abass 98 in My Husband And I Met A Man From Iran Last Sat.   
    Hello People ,
    I am so shocked and appalled at how you all can participate in such a thread that makes a mockery of something serious that I am trying to achieve in my thread.
    Please for the sake of love , peace and humanity , stop this barbaric act of ridiculing me.
    I am a peace loving person , with best of intentions to show you all to the truth and light .
    I believe mexican people can live in peace and harmony.
    But they must hear my message and plea , so no more nachos can be wasted .
    For God's sake , I beg you .
    Do not mock me .
    Please show mercy .
    God bless you all .

    "My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is.


    Gay lady 1:9887
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    :Sami got a reaction from Wizdom in Nation Of Islam   
    I love the movie
    Malcolm X

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    :Sami got a reaction from aliasghark in What Race Is Imam Mahdi?   
    his mother was a Roman princess , therefore a lighter skin , brown/olive perhaps ?
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    :Sami got a reaction from Hameedeh in Shiachat Anonymous   

    Are you feeling you cannot start your day without logging on this site ?
    Do you feel the urge to search through endless past threads to see if one will give you hope?
    Are you starting to lose your appetite , or perhaps you are gaining weight from not exercising anymore?
    Are you happy when you see a WIFi sign , as you eagerly check your posts?
    Is your husband or wife divorcing you for being away too long?
    Have your kids have all grown up and left you ?
    Are the only times you leave this site is to offer your :Salaat.
    Maybe you are thinking that if you 're on Shiachat , that you are "forbidding evil, and enjoining good "?
    perhaps you think spending 22 hours /day on this site is ok.

    Don't worry brothers and sisters , you are not alone , here on SCA (Shiachat Anonymous), we will treat you like family and share these challenges before it starts to control us , and before it's too late.
    So drop in and have some chai and samosa , share your experiences with us .
    Don't be afraid , do it while you still have internet .
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    :Sami got a reaction from Naruto in My Wives And I Met Someone From The Us Last Sat   
    Hello Lady Vanilla ,
    May I remind you as the lamb of god , we do not use LOL , as it stands for "Lucifer our Lord ".
    so please refrain from such remarks , as you will thrown into the hellfire .
    And while I'm here let me add some irrelevant quote from the good book that has nothing to do with this topic
    "to be or not to be ...."
    God bless you when you sneeze.
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    :Sami got a reaction from Al-Hassan in Love And Marriage - A New Question   
    I am blessed to have love and be in love in my marriages.
    They have given me many beautiful kids and grandkids .
    It takes very special women to be with a man like me , I'm not the norm.
    I'm very different in my approach to life , and most will never understand me , but my wives do.
    we have been through much , the good and the bad .
    They are my best friends .
    they are the only people that put up with me .
    I had a rare autism condition when I was young , like the "rainman" syndrome , so at times I go into these calculating moods , and i'll tell them about every variant in all their actions , all probabilities , causes and effects.
    Can you imagine putting up with that , especially when you're doing the washing and I will let them know the spin cycle with volume of water , and pieces of clothing will not be sufficient cleansing with the amount of washing powder they are using .
    Or when the kids have played with their toys and they are all over the place , I will spend hours putting them in order .
    Or when there is a sock missing , I will spend hours looking for that sock , as order was my day.
    And we have become better people , and I am thankful to :Allah (swt) that such women still exist .:Alhamdoolila.
    :Inshallah I will find more .
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    :Sami got a reaction from :Ruffles in Illuminati   
    there's a crazy old dude that talk of such things here on SC , keep away from him ... he's not all there :cry:
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    :Sami got a reaction from guest021313 in Do Not Be Lazy.   
    when are you converting to :Shia , and joining our :Imam's (as) army , there is still time .so be quick ...
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    :Sami got a reaction from guest021313 in Do Not Be Lazy.   
    he sounds like one , anyone that doesn't remind us of the importance of the :Ahylul-bayt (as) has no idea of real remembrance .

    now , this is the real thing sister
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    :Sami got a reaction from brbrkrr in What Race Is Imam Mahdi?   
    thanks bro for the references ,
    I seem to go with the roman one , as she being the decedent of :Nabi-Isa (as) , ties the loop and connects both the genealogies of the great :Prophets (as) of :Ismael (as) and :Ishaq (as) .
    I believe this gene mix is more compatible with his universal mission .
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    :Sami got a reaction from brbrkrr in What Race Is Imam Mahdi?   
    his mother was a Roman princess , therefore a lighter skin , brown/olive perhaps ?
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    :Sami got a reaction from Hameedeh in I Have A Question.   
    now you know sister , and you have many willing brothers here with heaps of patience and good knowledge to share with you about your :Deen.
    they are good people unlike me .
    so stay on SC and absorb as much as you can
    and ask about all the 12 :Imams (as)
    especially the last one who is with us now , probably reading this .
    make him happy .
    forgive me if I was rude to you .
    wa salam
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    :Sami got a reaction from diracdeltafunc in Brothers , Can You Handle A 2Nd, 3Rd Or 4Th Wife?   
    :Inshallah brother , you're the man !
    but let's work on no.1 first for you .
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    :Sami got a reaction from Walkin' Fashion Statement in What Questions Would You Ask A Girl / Boy...   
    I cry fo the youth of today
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    :Sami got a reaction from Gypsy in Salam And Good Bye .   
    but you must let go child ,
    you cannot hold it forever
    everyone must go one day
    it's ok
    i'll be back in SC heaven
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    :Sami got a reaction from peace seeker in Salam And Good Bye .   
    Dear brothers and sisters , it has come time for me to leave you all.
    I am going back into the wilderness in which I have come from .
    I will miss you all very much.
    Please forgive me for any wrongs I have done to you and I forgive you all , except the salafis and wahabis here.
    And the bahai , Ahamdis etc .
    I will miss you very much and I want to thank the SC admin and mods for putting up with me.
    I wish you all success in this world and the hereafter.;Inshallah.
    I will at times when I do get internet will check in but not often.
    time for this old man to go , and be with my family again before my wives divorce me and my kids start having their grandkids.
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