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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I just say this to give hope to those that are hopeless , Thanks bro , good luck to you too and all the best with you . ws hey bro , can you delete me now , do it i can't take anymore , the pain is killing me pull the plug please for ;Allah's sake let me enjoy my last moments here . ok I'm ready do it !! (wasalam)
  2. but you must let go child , you cannot hold it forever everyone must go one day it's ok i'll be back in SC heaven
  3. nephew , I must go , for if I not go , he shall not come ... obviously you haven't met my mother in laws ... thanks sis , you've been very entertaining too for a shia sis , and I'm not gay by the way , but my boyfriend is .. wel technically :Sami is not alive and it 's not possible for an internet account to have kids. I don't really exist , except on some electronic algorithm platform . thanks bro , good luck with you too , ;Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì protect you and keep you safe . my young enlightened bro , time has come for you to take on my footst
  4. thanks brother , you too and remember me in yours ws Inshallah bro , all the best (wasalam)
  5. how did you know sis ? thanks you too , i bet you just graduated too . I wish you all the best too sister , and my offer still stands , if you need support with you know who ? keep in touch , you have my daughters email ok. Fi amanillah wa salam sup tik he , humre email he phil merhengea thanks bro , and you're a typical teacher , all the best to you too . please don't cry , now you making me cry
  6. thanks sweet princess
  7. (bismillah) (salam) Dear brothers and sisters , it has come time for me to leave you all. I am going back into the wilderness in which I have come from . I will miss you all very much. Please forgive me for any wrongs I have done to you and I forgive you all , except the salafis and wahabis here. And the bahai , Ahamdis etc . I will miss you very much and I want to thank the SC admin and mods for putting up with me. I wish you all success in this world and the hereafter.;Inshallah. I will at times when I do get internet will check in but not often. time for this old man to go , and be with my
  8. unbelievable , I have wasted nine months on SC , and not a single :Shia understand their plight . Funny how slaves these days do not see them as slaves anymore , and use some excuse of exploitation and injustice and define it as something different . I say good bye brothers and sisters , my time is up here . ws
  9. trophy wife what ?? try gold medal wife they hang around your neck , strangle the life from you and only loves gold .
  10. dude you're already owned , look at your birth certificate , they created a live birth document and claimed you with your blood (DNA ) and your parents consent at the hospital .
  11. you do realise you're all slaves to the current system
  12. especially the one that starts with :S
  13. spoken like someone who has never been married I assume . show off ?? every time I mention I have many wives to people they go What the hell !!!...Are you crazy or something ?? It's no status symbol having multiple :Muslim wives. We are talking about :Islamic polygamy here . there's no glamour in it . picture women in hijab following you around in a mall , shopping. they go this way and that , and spend all your money . 17 kids screaming and running a muck. this is not prestige as for variety , dude , they're a wife ,where's the variety in that . the same face you see every second morning do
  14. these people have honour in their dealings believe it or not , it's all kosher according to them they follow strict protocols and bookkeeping very shrewd and cunning almost brilliant but :Shaitan is like this yes ?
  15. 16 ?? you're joking try 600 ++ they will never , that's the whole plan so the assets will be seized and fire sale of all resources and lands . they do this all the time
  16. now you know sister , and you have many willing brothers here with heaps of patience and good knowledge to share with you about your :Deen. they are good people unlike me . so stay on SC and absorb as much as you can and ask about all the 12 :Imams (as) especially the last one who is with us now , probably reading this . make him happy . forgive me if I was rude to you . wa salam
  17. through your birth certificate , your existence is used as security to guarantee the loans of your country . they also securitise your citizenship and marriage contracts and use the whole family as security. your birth certificate is traded as a bond in the financial markets , at times it could be worth $400 M + . Guess how many bombs that can buy ?
  18. Federal reserve only prints money with you as the guarantor . as for America (A -no, meri - mercy, ca- sheep , no mercy for the sheep ), is a private corporation with it sole purpose as the war machine of this world. The muslims hypocrite countries are under America as a registered private company. All the same thing bro. praise :Allah (swt) for your guidance bro, and yes I will get some sleep now , this SC is like a drug
  19. stop funding the wars in the first place through your taxes . your citizenship contract marriage contracts and birth registration with these enemy states.
  20. sister with all due respect to you , you call yourself a muslim and you don't know who yazid (la)is . he was the most evil man in this world , just like his father Muawiya (may :Allah curse him ) and his father Abu-Sufiyan (la). This evil monster took the head of the grandson's and paraded it , and whipped it . the same lips that was kissed by our beloved :prophet (as) . how could you not know this . the :Quran you read and love to hear , it was the head of :Hussein (as) that made it possible. The oxygen you breathe is only possible through the love and sacrifice this grandson of our :Prophet
  21. you guys can [Edited Out] foot around with your political correctness shia version, while our brothers and sisters get slaughtered at the hands of sunnis. these sunnis come on shia sites shoving their salafi brand of islam. I tell the truth , the whole truth. These sunni come in here with the standard package questions . what's next , let me guess , Mutah ?? you people have missed the whole point of the real :Islam and focus on trivial matters. And you these so called [Edited Out] foot shia men , making excuses for the acts that required real men to perform. What is wrong with you young brothe
  22. Your Caliph slaughtered the beloved grandson of your :Prophet (as) , together with his 72 family members and close companions . He ordered the ruthless slaughter of his 6 month old great grandson. He abused and violated the sanctity of the women of the household of your :Prophet (as) . Your Caliph did all this for his own selfish gains and to avenge the deaths of his forefathers , the enemies of :islam. He did all this so you and many others like you have to ask such questions and be lost from the true :Islam. And after all this , people like you can only focus on such things and miss the whol
  23. they will never publish real stats like these , it's not good for their corporate interests . having men and women living in some fairy tale existence serves the purposes of their masters . they don't want the sheep to be awakened to the realities . are you kidding me bro , send your pakistani brothers with their turbans to drive taxis in these western cities and they will be jumping on every "white trash" , (excuse the words) which most of them refer to . yes dear bro , :Islam has the answers , but I have not seen many :Muslims use it in the right way . Polygamy is a duty and responsibility
  24. From the 1,000 men I have known in my lifetime I have known and witnessed 3 that had only 1 wife/woman in their lives. the other 997 , had multiple wives/women . Most of their wives/partners were unaware of such things . from the above 997 polygamous relations , I have seen only 1 that I can say was :Islamic. every woman likes to think they have the 3 men which gives them a 0.3% chance . in reality , the chances are they have a polygamous man , 99.7% chance . And from such so called polygamous arrangements only 0.1% is :Halal. Would brothers and sisters agree/disagree with the above stats and
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