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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Was it the Puppy-Monkey-Baby? I hope not. I was planning to exterminate that thing.
  2. Who is Ayatollah Khomenei? Is he a cross between Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei? Or is he someone else all together?
  3. (salam) I would really like to get together with a few friends and start up a small ranching operation. I would like to see a small sheep ranch, which would InshaAllah grow. The 10,000 would really help with that, but no way in hell could I be completely dependent on that figure. That's where friends come in. But I assure you bruh, that the 10,000 would be the largest investment out of all of them. Therefore, nobody can rule out the fact that I deserve it. :)
  4. (bismillah) (salam) I was wondering about this for a while. Does Sayed Sistani teach Bahath Kharij? I heard he offers private lesson to his sons and close associates, but I really don't know. If he does not, how would someone who wishes to study directly under him go about doing so? Would there be any way for someone to meet with the Sayed a few times to discuss issues which are regularly discussed in Kharij lectures? Anyway, one can just ask questions days on end. The main thing is does he teach? By the way, who teaches from the pulpit of Sayed Khoei?
  5. From Salt Lake City here. What can I help you with?
  6. (salam) I think some brothers have misunderstood one of the arguments put forward. The one where we say you must accept the previous 11 Imams to accept Imam Mahdi. Either some people are just angry or they legitimately don't understand.. It goes something along these lines: 'Ali is Imam. He passes the Imamate on to Hasan. Hasan passes it on to Husayn. Husayn passes it on to Sajjad. Sajjad passes it on to Baqir. Baqir passes it on to Sadiq. Sadiq passes it on to Kadhim. Kadhim passes it on to Ridha. Ridha passes it on to Jawad. Jawad passes it on to Hadi. Hadi passes it on to 'Askari. 'Askari passes it on to Mahdi. So for those who say to prove the existence and/or Imamate of Mahdi, they do not accept the word of 'Askari, because he is passing the Imamate on to Mahdi. Therefore, if you disregard the Imamate of Mahdi, you are disregarding the Imamate of 'Askari. By disregarding 'Askari, you are disregarding Hadi. By doing that you are disregarding Jawad and by that you are disregarding Ridha. By doing that you are disregarding Kadhim and by that you are disregarding Sadiq and by that you are disregarding Baqir. By that you are disregarding Sajjad and by that you disregard Husayn and by that you disregard Hasan, and you end up disregarding the Imamate of 'Ali. So the discussion should be about the Imamate of 'Ali. Once the Imamate of 'Ali is accepted and understood, the Imamate of Hasan will be as well. When the Imamate of Hasan is accepted and understood, the Imamate of Husayn will be. When his imamate is understood then Sajjad will be. When his imamate is understood then Baqir will be. When his Imamate is understood then Sadiq will be. When his Imamate is understood then Kadhim will be. When his is understood then Ridha will be. When his is understood then Jawad will be. When his is understood then Hadi will be. When his Imamate is understood then the Imamate of 'Askari will be. When the Imamate of 'Askari will be understood then the Imamate of Mahdi will be as well. So it all stems from accepting and understanding the Imamate of 'Ali. This post was not to dive into the argument, even though that will probably end up happening. I just wanted to clear up what the argument was, as some people seemed to be confused about what it meant. I tried to put it very clearly, and I hope I have done so in such a manner that people can understand. Again, only explaining what the argument is....not trying to dive into this whole discussion....just so you cool cats understand.
  7. (salam) After ejaculation, in order to to ascertain that nothing is left, one should urinate and do Istibra. Istibra is done by pushing the middle finger of the left hand in the area between the scrotum and the anus, thereafter taking the thumb and index finger of the left hand and pulling from the base of the penis to the head. Then, the head of the penis is to be jerked three times. If Istibra is done, then any unknown liquid emitted will be pure. However, if after ejaculating, one urinates but does not perform Istibra, the unknown liquid will be deemed as urine and not semen and must be washed, rather than Ghusl. If he does not urinate, the unknown liquid will be deemed as semen, and Ghusl must be repeated. The best thing to do is to do Istibra after every urination, and to urinate every time after ejaculation, this way no repetition of any Ghusl is required. In fact, if one does Istibra after urinating, then he does Wudhu, then an unknown liquid is emitted, his Wudhu is still valid and he need not repeat anything.
  8. Is it Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan, who was also a wife of RasoolAllah (pbuh) ?
  9. (salam) Does the name Ummul Hakam refer to Zaynab bint Jahsh, one of the wives of Rasoolullah (pbuh), or does it refer to the grandmother of Marwan ibn Hakam? If it refers to Zaynab bint Jahsh, what is the reason behind having a not so pleasant view about her? Thanks peeps.
  10. (salam) The Ahlul Sunnah brothers praise Qa'Qaa' and say his voice was worth 1,000 men. All I could find about this man is that he was a soldier in the army of 'Umar ibn Khattab. He supposedly tried to mediate between A'isha and Imam 'Ali (as) during the battle of Jamal. He was also supposedly exiled by Mu'awiyah to Jerusalem. I want to know the opinion of the Ahlul Tashayyu' on this guy. Who was he really? If he was exiled, why? Saddam Al Taghoot named his massive weapons facility after him. I just got very curious. Why him? Who is he to them? Who is he to us?
  11. (salam) Maybe we should vote. The Admins should have the right to choose who of the advanced members gets to vote. They are given a list of 10 candidates. These selected people, 51 in number, (the electoral college if you will) continues to change election after election. All members are free to PM the electoral college and give them their opinions. At the end of the day, they vote. The top five become Mods. A Mod remains in office for 1 year and 6 months, whereupon we re-elect. A Mod may run for office as many times as he or she wishes. We should also add another office, lower than Mod (Maybe called "Police", but name doesn't matter). These remain in office for 6 months. There should be 25 total, 5 for each Mod. They will report to the Mods. They have no right to suspend or ban or lock threads, however, they may delete and edit certain posts. In order to suspend, ban, or lock a thread, they must contact the Mods. Each Mod has five "Police", upon the idea of banning a member or locking a thread, at least 3 of them must agree. After 3 have agreed, they will contact the Mod they are assigned to and he will carry out the action. Where do the Admins come in? In my humble opinion, there should be 3 Admins. The Mods report to them. The Admins have the power to "impeach" a Mod. 2/3 Must agree to the impeachment. The reason I have included odd numbers is to make the elections easier. This way, we will not have to go through tie breakers. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome.
  12. (salam) A nephew of mine, very near and dear to me, wishes to pursue Hawza. He is 16 and got his GED. He plans to go to Najaf the summer of this year. I am very happy about this and support him all the way. The reason he got his GED was because he does not plan to have any career other than the Hawza, therefore, pursuing anything else would just be a waste of time and money. If he does decide to come back after 10-15 years, he has a GED so he can still go to any college of his choice. I strongly agree with him. Anyway, at a family gathering the other day, he was asked about his studies. He told them what he did and his plan. Everyone was disappointed in him. They tried to convince him to not pursue Hawza before earning a bachelor's degree, even though he does not want any other career. Most of our family is Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah, especially his mother's, my sister-in-law's side. They often tend to start arguments with us and my nephew and I, as a team, always end up refuting them. Many times they have testified that he has a lot of knowledge-more than them- even about their school of thought. They told him that he will be poor in the Hawza. They said that no one ever listens to a "poor mullah". This really hurt him. They said he will barely be able to eat, let alone provide for his family. He felt very bad because of this and I can't cheer him up. He still plans to go to Hawza, and he realizes the financial difficulty, but he is hurt. They said that no one will ever respect him and that he doesn't need to leave the United States for such education. They have also said that Hawza is a waste of time and that he should take advantage of this country as much as possible. These things are beginning to hurt me as well. The only people that support him are my brother (his other uncle, who is a strong alcoholic and drug addict), and I. Even his father did not want him to go, but we talked him into it. What are your respected opinions on this issue. I am not only asking about this specific case. I realize that there must be thousands of people wishing to go to Hawza who have no support from the people they need. What can be done about this? We need to allow people with passion to pursue Islamic education. Only people who are truly passionate about it will be able to serve it completely, no?
  13. (salam) We found out that pregnant ladies aren't affected by solar or lunar eclipses! Drinks on me!
  14. (salam) First off, we should all just chill. Questions are okay to ask. Damn, this site is not what it used to be. Second off, I found this on the subject. Questions and answers are in Roman Urdu. It says eclipses have no affect (effect? I never know which one) on pregnant women or their children. Now let's all just calm down. For the record, my dear brothers, I don't think it is advised in Islam to refer to books like the Vedas or Bhaghavad Gita and whatnot for Islamic matters. But hey, whatever floats your boat. By the way, when I had a Islamic question about Ghusl, the first book I opened was the Book of Mormon.
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