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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My PM, Email, Chat not working. What's wrong with it? How can I get it working? I'm an advanced member with more than 50 posts. Can someone help me out here? Thank you.
  2. hey, just wanted to let you know that email isn't working. I can't seem to see my inbox or outbox. is that being fixed?
  3. There's nothing about a nice try here. Its about having your question answered or not. This isn't a game or competition. This is about fairness and respect.
  4. How do you know if Allah accepts the recitations of your Prayers and Duas? Is there a certain feeling? Or are they signs? If so, what kinds are they?
  5. If a person goes for a medical test and they want to pass the medical test, which Dua is Best to recite as well as beseech Allah's Mercy and Love? Is there any kind of a Mantha (Wish) Dua you can make?
  6. Is this Dua below very powerful for all kinds of illnesses? http://www.duas.org/sajjadiya/s15.htm Does anyone else know any powerful Dua that is guaranteed to remove all illnesses from the body as well?
  7. Dear ShiaChat, How are you? I hope you're all fine. I just want to pass you all a message so that we all mutually agree and respect each other. Sometimes, we all make mistakes unintentionally. It hurts when people do things to you and you don't know what the reason was for. People leave you in the dark, and then you're all thrown into that loophole of anger and anxiety. Its always good to have a good "reasoning" when discussing with others of the problems you might have, or what arose. That is why, I strongly suggest, that all members in this beautiful and respected site share insights with ea
  8. I appreciate your answer, but I don't appreciate the way you write your answer. That's very rude of you. Have respect when you answer a question.
  9. I want the answer only once. Unfortunately, there were a few replies that didn't really answer the question. And I never said I never trusted you. Don't try jumping into conclusions about someone else. Its just that I never got a clear answer in the first few replies at all.
  10. okay guys, now i'm not talking about anything with relationships to cousins or stuff like that. you guys have mentioned things way beyond my question, that is really bothering totally! my question was pretty much simple so let me re-phrase it again: Is it allowed for a sister in law not to wear hijab infront of her brother in law since they live in the same house? I just want answers to that. I don't want any answers about anything else. Thanks.
  11. salaams, thank you for sending the link. however, its either in another language that i can't read, or i don't see the relevant point to the question.. basically, my question is...if you have a sister in law who lives with you, is it required by Ayatullah Seestani to wear Hijab at all times in the house? or is there an exception to this? any answers will be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  12. Salaams, I just wanted to know what Ayatullah Seestani's view point is about hijab wearing among brother-in-laws/sister-in-laws all living in the same house. Is it mandatory for them to wear hijab? or are they exceptions?
  13. Hi. My account was just re-instated by another mod. I want that mod responsible for who suspended my account before and abused my polls calling them "stupid and trashy".

  14. Salaams Ali, my account was suspended without notice by a mod who abused me and called my polls "stupid and trashy". I would like a full-review on that mod who did all this to me.

  15. I want you to now review the mod who suspended my account. They did that without any fore-warning and also abused me by calling my polls "stupid and trashy". I want you to review all that happened.

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