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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. my last post did not come thru why ? I sent in several days ago.
  2. SPECIFIC DISEASES OF SHEEP AND GOATS http://www.fao.org/docrep/003/t0756e/T0756E06.htm United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Handbook
  3. Why are indian "shias" strangely silent on USA killing of their innocent fishermen ? Was it a Kashmiri fisherman ? or a lower caste ?
  4. This is truly amazing progress. I remember well, how the zionist press would bark about pakistan every other day in multiple newspapers. I actually learnt all the secrets of uranium enrichment from the India, Israeli and US papers. I had never heard of krytron and cold-cathode trigger tubes, centrifuge, magnetic bearings, ring magnets and depleted uranium rounds and explosively formed projectiles. Indeed, they were the biggest proliferators. Just the other day, they have uploaded the interview of Dr Khan, how he had such a nice life in Holland, and a loving wife who would kiss him when he left home and kiss him again when he returned home and the family would go every year on vacation with the daughters and so on. Certainly, he was not a spy. It was an event TOTALLY arranged by the All-Mighty. There is certainly going to be a nuclear war on this miserable planet. Most of the responsibility would lie with the yanks, the khazars, the hindu zionists and the jew zionists, the anti-christ fascists who disguise as zionists just the khazars disguise as jews, and the banksters. These groups have never played fair. Whenever, one has tried to deal with them straightforwardly, they have repeatedly acted wicked. As a result, no one trusts the other side. They also perpetrated the communist revolution as well as after the end of the soviet union, cheated it. In addition, misled the serbs into a genocide of serebrenicans, before starting a series of wars on Iraq. Dr Khan was successful, because he was truthful. His wife trusted him because he never lied to her. It is also interesting to note that both Dr Khan and General Aslam Beg have some Mongoloid blood in them as evidenced from the shape of the skull. After the Malhamah, the nuclear war, the population of the planet might be reduced to perhaps, half a billion. In addition, the male chromosome would be damaged permanently from radiation (more so than the plasticizers in the plastics), with the result that the female population would increase abnormally. This would be an insane price, that will result from the dishonesty, ego, and greed of a very few people. These people, instead of honestly solving problems and discussing truth have actually engaged in a series of deceptions and false-flags. The hadith predictions are beginning to make sense in terms of plausible scenarios of war. The zionists also believe that the only way they can rule the world is by reducing its population as they did in rhodesia by the invention of machine gun, now with the use of WMDs. Their ascent to power has been based on making the others fight.
  5. Dajjal is trying to provoke Shia-Sunni Civil War http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMKpvctDr7c
  6. Anyone know what is giving the same sized agni so much range ? cryogenic ? liquid fuel ? high energy propellant ?
  7. I hope pakistan can develop a supersonic missile but it is now very poor and China would be too afraid from both USA and India - to help. Imam Mahdi (as) will not come before the Malhama. [Almost certainly, the big nuclear war is coming - between USA and Russia, if not between India and China. I saw the video of President Putin visiting Israel. He was intentionally snubbed by Netanyahu and when Putin failed to be snubbed, Netanyahu's eyes had to be seen, as blood shot. His facial expression told a lot about his heart. All you can read in these games is the body language of the players.] The wars of courage will be faught without the satellites and air forces. All the electronics would have been fried by the electromagnetic pulse (EMP). It will be hand to hand and with swords and bayonets. Next, the bird flu will kill the gog and magog because there wont be the medical infrastructure and electronics anymore in required quantities. None of the muslim countries have prepared for any nuclear war. None have underground cities and tunnels and food and other storages. With the way the events are going, it is quite possible that nukes would suddenly convert from deterrence to WMDs. Within 30 minutes, the earth would be no more the same.
  8. What this Darth vader, whether he is an israeli or whatever is forgetting that the biggest theif let the truth be told is Zardari, who even sold his wife's murder's investigation and his son the head of the party also sold his mother's investigation, (grand-mother Iranian), and Asif _ALI_ Zardari, a shia himself is the biggest crook in pakistan. It is really foolish to make an issue shia-sunni, and I am just replying the other side. There are generally uncharismatic clerics and acolytes who try to enhance popularity by recourse to SECTARIANISM. Those times have really ended because both bad shias and bad sunnis are selling their mothers for money or Good shias and Good sunnis are uniting together in the defense of Islam and Muslims. The disunity suits enemies of muslims, and foreign agents are now adept in many languages and cultures and aggressively operational over-time on the internet to SUBTLY create schisms and make us disenchanted from each other and deepening the differences when they exist and creating, when they dont exist. One more thing. The Afghan Jihad was correct. USSR was known to invade Iran also because it had done so in the past also. Iran was vulnerable after the revolution. Iran was invaded by Iraq which was the ally of USSR. This double dealing is not fair to Pakistan and its people to say that Afghan Jihad was a mistake. It was a correct decision at that time. Now USSR is no more. Its Russia without khazar influence. It can be a friend to Pakistan. The yanks are ever more submissively following the khazars so it has taken the role of the USSR. Iran has never directly faced israel. It has only done by proxy or passively. Iran also bought weapons from Israel at one time. We should remember all the facts.
  9. This is a valid point. Ahle Sunna have high regard for the Iranian revolution and its leaders as well as for Hezbollah, whom they have gradually becoming familiar with. Slowly with time, they shall become familiar with the Fiqh Jafaria. Things take time. The conditions in pakistan are different and what works in Iran may not work in Pakistan.
  10. Pakistani Shias And Iranian-agenda - The Mechanics of Healing Islam is a rational religion sent by the Almighty. When there is a wound or a cut, it cannot be healed by putting salt on it. It cannot be healed by constantly disturbing it. It cannot be healed by constantly scratching it. it is healed by placing a proper ointment bandaging, so it does not disturb and by taking a rest. In addition, add rational discourse, true analysis, patience, and love, as well as the fact that ALL LOSSES for the TRUE believers are TOTALLY TRANSIENT and TEMPORARY !!! Note to the MOD please leave this as a separate topic but it was inspired by the other thread In pakistan, there is a VERY EVIL conspiracy in the last few years which surface when Chief Justice kicked out his son from the court and took Suo Moto notice and made a case against his own son and then removed himself from the bench on that case. We must put a little sugar, each one of us, when we are discussing our problems. and be aware of enemies, internal and external.
  11. I care because your comment creates a perception that shia only care about Indian lives and not that of Pakistani lives . You should have said in the same breath about the lives of the kashmiris, the lives of the Afghan Mujahideen dying from CRIMINAL drone operations, and the lives of all the innocent victims. At the least juxtapose the two sides. crying shia are dying is going to make us greater target because this deepens sectarianism and ethnic divisions and victimization mindset . The love that you write in your religion - has to be extended to both sides. I quote below behayaat Member Advanced Members 213 posts Location:NY Religion:love Interests:I'm a people's person; which serves all interests. I will remind you how BANGLADESH was broken. Loong before 1971, India sent an agent, dressed as a Mulla, who started a mosque in a village, and would broadcast hatred and sectarianism. He had a transmitter to Indian RAW. This is a well known fact. Anyone writing things that INVITES sectarianism to any muslim, shia or divisions, or encourages unbalanced external respose to shia or muslims or encourages a practice of discrimination would be an enemy of Islam, or shia, or ahle-sunna, no matter what the length of the bread, the color of the garb, and the make up on the face. Right now, Pakistan is the TARGET of all the ANTI-ISLAMIC forces.
  12. And what about your love for the muslims - shia or non-shia ? without bigotry ? I did not see you say anything in the same breath about the DRONE ATTACKS of the YANKS and the innocent afghans or pathans dying ????? !!!!!!!!! It would be better if you act balance. Otherwise, the hate that I see here against the pathans and also owning the lie that is regarding SHAIKH Osama Bin Laden, even though Ahmadinejad himself said that 9-11 is false-flag, when many members of european tribes left the UN General Assembly. There is a growing perception that SHIA seem to be ANTI-PAKISTAN. and IRAN is PRO-INDIA.
  13. Perhaps, the best inspiration is to apply the teaching of Imam Ali (as) daily lives. Stop corruption from our hands and those of others - irrespective of the ethnic or sectarian affiliation of others.
  14. Iranians as usual playing hardball with everyone, including - pakistanis and arabs, except kissing the feet of INDIA, both secular and religious iranians - and pakistani shias also. Wonder why people are against the shia in pakistan. The bad shia sowing seeds of hatred that innocent shias reaping. There is certainly a fascist segment of the shia who are willing to sacrifice their own bretheren, or I may say that there are satans in the garb of shia skin and dress and manner of talk but at heart, the followers of the devil. hope this sincere advice passes the censors of this forum.
  15. As you can note that I threw the challenge on her well before the she made the decision on the GILLANI case. She has FAILED. Her SHIA faith has FAILED her. Although she is a very good shia, just because of the rich family able to afford education, and thus not getting RADICALIZED by the HATE ideology in KARACHI. If this forum permit me to post as they have ongoing censorship on my posts, I see the text below every time i login "This post will need approval from a moderator before this post is shown." I will show you shia involved in HEINOUS crimes in pakistan. and they are not small or on small posts. They are in very important posts and very PROMINENT posts - and a very "sweet" and "good" EXAMPLES for our ITHNASHARI SHIA community.
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