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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Where is Wasil now?I need his email address if anybody have?
  2. Asslaam Alaikumm Above mentions narrations are Da'eef (Weak), so truth is that sufis had great love for Ahul Bayat a.s
  3. Does Islam support Socialism, Capitalism and Communism?
  4. Do we have any credentials from Hadhrat Ali which affirm present taraveeh of 20 rukaat? Are those traditions authentic and mo'atbar which are from Hadhrat Ali affirming 20 rukaat taraveeh? Let us dissect those traditions . Clerics of Hanfi Jurisprudence rely on Hadhrat Ali's action for twenty rukaat taraveeh. Albeit author Ibn abi sheeba , Sunan Baihaqqi and in some traditions of Musnad Zaid bin Ali it is mentioned that Hadhrat Ali commanded a group of reciters for 20 rukaat taraveeh. Below in the chapter of taraveeh we are citing traditions from Hadhrat Ali which are posited as evidenc
  5. How many Muslims, Christians and Jews were living in Palestine before 1948 or pre 1948?I know there were plenty of Muslims living in Palestine during the Ottoman Empire and during the English Mandate but It would be nice if someone could give me a figure for the three religions separately. Thanks answer should be in authentic source
  6. Asslaam Alaykumm I have difference of opnions but whatever he is i like his rational approach towards islamic sects, he sticks to quran o ahulbait, he is and will lover of ahulbait. he loves humainty without any religious discrimination . I really respect him. hope he will keep in touch with us, May Allah inrease him in knowledge.
  7. wa alaykum asslaam brother wasil, i agree and please to see you here
  8. Jazak'Allah brother, Pray may Allah increase me in knowledge
  9. didn't you read the entire past? 1st it was about the admiration of Syria and people of Syria and 2nd was to mention the mistake of Sheikh Shoeib alrnot , human is err they may do mistakes
  10. there were contradictions in narrations regarding fish with scales and fish without scales, however according to quranic verse ahul la kum siyyad al bahar 96.5 for you seas food is halal so fish without scales is halal as allama naraqi mentioned in his book 'al-mustanad' that conditioned for halal fish some ullemas have opinion with scales and some have without scales. some ullema like sheikh toosi his book al tahzeeb and in al nahya and al ibtisar and sheikh hilli in his book kafya told about ullema which did not considered the condition of scales neccessary . moreover shahe
  11. Asslaam Alaikumm Research and Dischagre (Takhreej) of a Hadith narrated in excellence/admiration of People of Sham In the books of Hadith Muhaditheen has regular/normal formed chapters from the topic of ''Excellence of Sham '' In which traditions have been narrated in support and virtue of Sham and Its people. Among these traditions one of tradition is quoted by Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal in his Musnad and Imam Abu Dauood al-Sajastaani in his Sunan and Imam Tabrani in his Mu'ajam with this chain. حدثنا حيوة بن شريح الحضرمي، حدثنا بقية، حدثني بحير، عن خالد بن معدان، عن ابن أَبي قتيلة، عن اب
  12. Jazak'Allah Brothers I make this article as useful as possible ; however there may be room for improvement and suggestions in this connection will be most welcome
  13. Sayyed Fadlullah was a great man and great role model for the Islamic World.Even though Sayyed Fadlullah was a Shia he also inspired many Muslims of other Islamic sects and he was also an inspiration to Non-Muslims.Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah was a source of inspiration and a spiritual guide for hundreds of thousands of followers whocould not hold back their tears at the news of his death.His influences extended way beyond Lebanon's borders, extending even toCentral Asia. Sayyed Fadlullah was considered a unique moderate force in thetop ranks of the Shia Religious establi
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